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Urban road lighting management often encountered six confusion

Jun 08, 2017

In recent years, the lighting industry, there are many popular vocabulary, such as "urban lighting" "saving priority", "green low-carbon" "LED industry" "ten city ten thousand" "contract energy" and "sustainable development" Multi-stakeholder attention. However, with the extensive application of LED lighting products, LED market has become huge and complex, good and bad products


In recent years, the lighting industry, there are many popular vocabulary, such as "urban lighting" "saving priority", "green low-carbon" "LED industry" "ten city ten thousand" "contract energy" and "sustainable development" Multi-stakeholder attention. However, with the extensive application of LED lighting products, LED market has become large and complex, good and bad products, not only LED excellent energy-saving features did not get a good embodiment, and even people on the LED lighting products have misunderstood. What kind of products can meet the technical needs of the owners to meet the lighting manager's maintenance and management needs to meet the existing production capacity of enterprises?


March 28, "and light with the way" city and light road lighting LED technology seminar held in Changzhou grand. At the meeting, Changzhou City Lighting Management Director Ma Weimin first expressed as the city road lighting industry in the end what needs? Expressed their views.


Mai Weimin said that by 2005 - 2013 on the country's 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities, a total of 977 urban lighting management unit feedback data, in 2011, LED lighting in the national urban road lighting The proportion of light applications is only 4% in 2013 only 8.3%, we may be very dissatisfied, of course, today the data may be increased, but I would like to express is that as a unit of our good products for the product has been positive Attitude.


At the same time, Mai Weimin also stressed that the lamp maintenance-free, does not mean that the lighting system maintenance-free! In the city lighting management work, including distribution, pipe, cable, hand hole covers, foundation, light pole, lamps (32), lamp maintenance Only 10%, so we need more stable and reliable products to support our work. And in recent years, we in the personnel funds, inadequate conservation of the case, stable and reliable lighting so that our demands, we must be actively promoted. As a street management unit, we are also actively promoting the LED part.


However, from the beginning of LED road lighting applications until today, as urban road lighting managers are still confused. In this regard, Mai Weimin expressed his work in the actual encounter confusion:


Confused one: LED street lamps lamps varied, no wonder no. So that our staff used to high-altitude operations, accustomed to 32 years of warm high-pressure sodium lamp warm color, we used to the standard single, simple structure, low maintenance cost of traditional lamps. For the rapid development of LED lighting structure, we in the end what kind of structure, we can get a stable and reliable lighting quality. Which maintenance-free, is the whole light or chip?

Confused two: often listen to 200W LED lights can replace the 400W high pressure sodium lamp, this data is how to calculate, is not the new LED lamps and lamps used for many years to compare, this comparison is scientific? Are you Light energy efficiency 140lm / w compared with the energy efficiency of the entire lamp.


From the light source point of view, in the end how many watts of LED lights can replace 400W, 250W, 150W high pressure sodium lamp? In other words, how do we scientifically how to evaluate the energy efficiency?


Confused three: Changzhou City in 2007 has already started to use LED lights, for example: Changzhou City Road construction in 2007, has been basically all the damage, lamp replacement rate of 90%; even if we all replaced the high pressure sodium lamp, the cost is already far Far more than the market cost of 40 times). Changzhou City * * * construction in 2010, there is a serious color drift; damage rate of 20%; Changzhou City in 2013 construction, light decay rate of 15%, but the damage to the lamp or let us more satisfied.

We also often hear the LED life of 50,000 hours! Is the high pressure sodium lamp life of 2.5 times. But any part of the LED lighting products or parts of the defects will lead to the overall performance of LED lamps to reduce.


Through these practical projects, but also let us rethink about the life of the whole lamp and maintenance doubled the relationship between the maintenance costs of government funds to consider the capital investment is an important factor.


Puzzled four: we talked about too much color temperature, we say LED is 6000 LED color temperature, 13 years we use 4000K color temperature, 14 years we use 3000K color temperature, we use 3000K color temperature to our community and public green space. We in the end what kind of light color the most appropriate? Do you want to see the lighting installation of the road properties?


Confusion five: from the actual tender results, in 2007 we LED tender is 40 yuan / W, 2014 is 15 yuan / W, but the price of high pressure sodium lamp per watt has been at a low level, the current price of LED is still the price of sodium 2.5 times. According to the lamp life cycle of 50,000 hours to count, LED street lamp prices and high pressure sodium lamp price balance where? What kind of price we can accept the full life cycle: LED replacement sodium lamp price balance point is how much?


Puzzles six: LED stresses too much light distribution, all kinds of lights with a variety of light distribution, but also talk about the quality of different lamps, different technical parameters, but in the end we have to meet the Ministry of Housing and Urban For our street management unit requirements, To meet the different levels of roads to meet the "urban road lighting design standards" (CJJ45-2006) assessment criteria. For a variety of light distribution, the tender, how to judge the final result in our practical application to achieve the desired effect

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