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"China - ASEAN Green Lighting Promotion Union" formally established standard Unicom "area along the way"

Jun 08, 2017

Overseas market development, the standard docking must go in front. March 30, by the China Standardization Research Institute, Xiaolan Town People's Government co-sponsored the "China - ASEAN Green Lighting Cooperation and Development Forum" held in Crowne Plaza Xiaolan Hotel. At the meeting, "China - ASEAN Green Lighting Promotion Union" was formally established.


It is understood that the Union by the China Energy Conservation Association, China Institute of Standardization, Zhongshan City, the semiconductor industry associations and a number of institutions co-sponsored the establishment. After the establishment of the alliance, will promote China and ASEAN countries in the led lighting standards mutual recognition, technology research and development, product testing play an important role.


The forum, the alliance members also signed the "China - ASEAN Green Lighting Cooperation Memorandum". In May, the "China-ASEAN Green Lighting Cooperation Agreement" will be formally signed with the ASEAN countries in the China International Forum on Standardization.

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