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Intelligent lighting led the LED lead market smart home into a new era

Jun 08, 2017

Domestic intelligent lighting in the field of LED lighting has been hot for many years. However, in the past few years, intelligent lighting is mostly "thunder and small rain", mainly reflected in the domestic smart lighting industry has not yet formed a certain scale, the market acceptance of low, intelligent lighting technology immaturity and other issues. By 2017, this situation has been greatly improved, intelligent lighting is no longer "tepid", standing in the outlet of the intelligent lighting even more "money King unlimited."

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Into the LED era, LED technology continues to upgrade and the market continues to expand, in recent years, LED lighting industry has shown a rapid growth trend. Whether it is LED lighting business or dealers, have been in the past few years tasted the growth of LED lighting industry's new "sweetness." At the same time, with the electronic properties of the LED industry rise, but also to switch and other electrical industry to enhance the relevance of the development of the electrical industry also benefit from them. Such as SOK launched LED bulb, LED ceiling lamp, LED T5 one bracket, LED downlight, LED lights with, LED lighting and a series of LED lighting and lighting products.


However, in recent years, due to LED lighting industry access threshold is low, the influx of LED lighting industry hopes to share a cup of more and more people, LED lighting industry from the past "profiteering" to the present " Product Boli "" market bleak "and other conditions. Large lighting visited the national first-line market was informed that many LED lighting electrician dealers lamented the "business difficult to do."


In this context, LED lighting electric industry dealers from which areas to break through the development dilemma? Who will be LED lighting electric industry "savior"?


Recall that in the past few years, the word "smart" has once become a glorious term for the LED lighting industry. Many LED lighting electrician enterprises have "test the water" intelligent areas, dealers also began to pay attention to "smart products" and its market demand, profitability, the majority of LED lighting manufacturers seem to "sniff" to the intelligent lighting (home) Money "King. Although the LED lighting electrician enterprises to explore and try, but the performance of the more prominent intelligent lighting (home) business did not appear, intelligent lighting (home) market popularity is not satisfactory. But gratifying is that in 2017, the situation has changed, people see: intelligent lighting (home) already stand on the outlet, waiting for soaring!


Undeniably, after years of exploration and try, LED lighting intelligent control technology continues to progress, switches and other electrical products, intelligent also began to show extraordinary scene. Intelligent lighting (home) as a new industry, today's market acceptance of the most concern. Such as Jin Li's brand - SOK, since the establishment of rapid sales growth, the current marketing network has covered the provinces and cities, and the major cities in the country have set up a store, the key cities with flagship store. And by the Chinese electrician ten leading brands and distributors of the most cooperative value of the brand awards.

Intelligent lighting as an integral part of the smart home, similar to the concept of smart home, in the past few years have been fiercely explored. Although many companies are actively involved, but intelligent lighting (home) in practical applications, is still in the initial stage. At the same time, in the manufacturers to explore and promote, despite the intelligent lighting (home) products appear in the market, but its market acceptance is still to be improved. Prior to the large lighting on the national LED lighting dealers to conduct research data show that intelligent lighting (home) market acceptance degree "quite good" accounted for only 24% of the proportion of "unsatisfactory" dealer ratio of 38%, as well as 38% of the dealers bluntly "intelligent lighting (home) market acceptance" is not ideal '".


Intelligent lighting (home) market acceptance is not high, which is due to many reasons:


1, intelligent lighting (home) technology is not mature enough;


2, intelligent lighting (home) market cultivation is not enough;


3, intelligent lighting (home) product prices generally high;


4, intelligent lighting (home) marketing efforts are not enough.


Among them, the "technology is not mature enough" and "market cultivation is not enough" to become intelligent lighting (home) products, the greatest difficulty. In other words, intelligent lighting (home) enterprise technology immaturity and social users of intelligent lighting (home) product awareness is not high, as the past few years, intelligent lighting (home) industry immature and difficult to spread difficult.


A network survey from Tencent appliances show that up to 95.19% of users said they are interested in smart home. But if the users themselves to describe "what kind of life called smart home life", in fact, many people have no way to make it clear. In fact, this is also true in the smart lighting industry. At the same time, intelligent lighting technology is not mature, making smart lighting (home) products only stay in a simple dimming, color "pseudo-intelligent" stage, the user can not really appreciate the so-called intelligent lighting.


Intelligent lighting products to accept the degree of unhappy, but at the same time the market demand is also expanding. According to market research reports released by global market research and consulting firm Markets and Market, it is expected that by 2020, the total smart lighting market is expected to reach $ 8.14 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.07% between 2015 and 2020. It is foreseeable that the future smart lighting (home) market share remains to be explored.

To this end, over the years, the majority of enterprises to concentrate on improving intelligent lighting technology, and actively cultivate intelligent lighting market and enhance the user intelligent lighting experience, dealers and intelligent lighting (home) product recognition and acceptance is also gradually increased. Today, such as Huawei, Haier, millet and other cross-border brands cut into the field of intelligent lighting, Hongyan, Op, NVC, Jin Li and other power lighting brand in the smart lighting (home) field performance more and more prominent. Such as Jin Li's two brands - Manke and SOK, have been involved in the field of intelligent lighting. 2012 Manke large-scale into the LED lighting industry, and in the following year to extend the "electrical value of the model" tradition, put forward the "replacement pioneer" slogan, through technological innovation, continuous improvement of quality, reduce costs and serve the community.


Industry veteran said, intelligent lighting gradually mature, mainly reflected in two aspects: 1, cross-border cooperation, intelligent lighting technology to mature, intelligent areas there are more possibilities; 2, the majority of LED lighting dealers began to focus on intelligent lighting ( Home), and even gradually try to upgrade, hoping to profit through intelligent lighting.


First of all, in the intelligent lighting enterprise level, the majority of enterprises to the intelligent lighting (home) transformation. In 2015, the State Council issued the "Made in China 2025", clearly pointed out to co-ordinate the layout and promote intelligent lighting appliances and other product development and industrialization, indicating that intelligent lighting (home) will usher in the "Blue Ocean."


2017, "Internet +" has quickly become the LED lighting electrical industry transformation and upgrading of the tool, while under great market potential, such as Huawei, Haier, the United States, millet and other cross-border giant cut into the field of intelligent lighting (home), and attract A lot of capital and innovative technology, intelligent lighting (home) quickly mature.


In addition, in the LED lighting industry, Hongyan, Op, NVC, three male Aurora, Jin Li and other traditional giants enterprises actively layout intelligent lighting (home) industry, these enterprises in the original advantages of LED lighting on the basis of more focused intelligent lighting technology Research and development, now has been standing in the forefront of intelligent lighting (home) development.


Second, in the terminal sales market level, dealers began to recognize the development prospects of intelligent lighting, and try to upgrade the upgrade. Large lighting National Smart Lighting (home) market research data show that more than 67% of LED lighting electrician dealers began to consider agents and sales of intelligent lighting (home) products, and expressed willingness to further contact and understand such as Hongyan electrical appliances, Op lighting and other enterprises Intelligent lighting (home) products. Many LED lighting dealers already aware of the importance of intelligent lighting (home), and even "anxious enterprises urgently," hope that both manufacturers can do a good job of intelligent lighting products marketing and popularization. Such as SOK gradually intelligent home and its LED products, the introduction of home intelligent series, Haoyue series, elegant series, L9 Range Rover series, V2.0 series, V2.1 series.


In the smart lighting (home) national market research, Jiangsu Europe to send lighting chairman Xue Hongdu said, willing to further contact with intelligent lighting (home) products, but the current technology is not mature, intelligent lighting products is also difficult to sell well. Jiangsu Luting lighting chairman Gu Zhixuan introduction, the current intelligent lighting (home) market acceptance is not high, enterprises should start from the fundamental knowledge. Jiangsu Yancheng Siemens Electric General Manager Cao Jin believes that the current business of intelligent lighting (home) this is not too much attention, intelligent lighting (home) the future may be consumers like, but the current consumer acceptance is not high, there are still many The problem requires the media and business to help popularize.


Intelligent lighting (home) industry or has gradually entered the "development of fast lane", which many domestic lighting electrician enterprises play a leading role. The future, whether business or distributors, in the field of intelligent lighting (home) will have more opportunities for development and space.

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