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Embedded smart switch will lead the switch market trend

Jun 08, 2017

Recently, Wang Min, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce, released the "2013 China Pan-household industry research report", the report pointed out that with the deepening of intelligent home, intelligent switch development prospects attractive.


At present, the limitations of the traditional light switch has been exposed, with the improvement of living standards, consumers have a great demand for the quality of life, in the face of such market demand, convenient smart switch to replace the traditional switch has become a general trend.


The emergence of wireless technology to meet people's longing for the free smart switch, and the future of intelligent city construction will lay the foundation for faster popularization of intelligent switches, mobile Internet remote control to achieve home intelligent. The use of computer, wireless communication data transmission technology to achieve home lighting telemetry, remote control, remote control system, can achieve intelligent control of lighting equipment, with the intensity of light intensity adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene settings And other functions; and to achieve safety, energy saving, comfortable and efficient features.


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This year, you can wear equipment, cloud computing, large data, etc. have been as the hotspot of science and technology, by the market continues to pursue. The smart home covers the intelligent terminal, networking and other related technologies, and consumer life are closely related to the market prospects.


Intelligent switch is the basis of intelligent home applications, a direct impact on the daily lives of the majority of residents, has a broad market prospects. Data show that the rapid development of smart switching industry, the annual rate of 20% increase in 2010 industry output value of 96 billion yuan, is expected to reach 125 billion yuan by 2015. In view of the smart home belongs to the sunrise industry, the current industry in the initial stage, then involved in the market for the entrepreneur is undoubtedly the right time, the sooner the market to take the initiative, the future will have more bumper harvest.

Smart switch into the first step in home intelligent


Home intelligence is a trend, just as the early nineties of last century, has a mobile communication tool is a minority of patents, so then called "Big Brother". And now with the cost reduction and product popularity, many people hold a mobile phone is a common thing. Therefore, with the development of the times and scientific and technological progress, smart home development and popularization in China is only a matter of time. In order to promote the development of smart home in China, many domestic and foreign enterprises, scientific research institutions have begun a positive attempt.


To the beginning of this century, smart home in the United States, Europe and other economically developed countries to develop rapidly. In China, smart home is still in the embryonic stage. At present, many domestic people have a lot of people do not even have the basic type, even more comfortable type, intelligent. Some luxury villas and star hotels in the country have begun to do intelligent attempt, but because of the relatively high-end smart technology, and did not form a certain scale, so the cost and cost are quite high.


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The next five years, China's intelligent community will grow at a rate of 30%, by 2012 China's large and medium-sized cities in 70% of residential to achieve intelligent. Experts believe that with the rapid development of China's intelligent building market, whether it is intelligent home or building automation systems, fire systems, security systems, radio systems, vehicle management system, there will be an unprecedented market demand. Intelligent switch is home, the district to achieve the first step of intelligent.


Smart home products in the process of continuous improvement and breakthrough in order to be invincible in the market, especially in the economic and social development of modern society. Domestic demand for electric power equipment market is growing, only the smart switch and other new power equipment research and development, production are in place, and the market synchronization, in order to effectively meet the needs of the majority of users, which is the meaning of intelligent switch upgrade. Science and technology more and more for our emphasis, it is the power of science and technology, the achievements of the smart switching industry and the entire modern power industry development and prosperity.


Based on the current smart home and the rapid development of Internet of things, while smart home appliances for high prices of reality, Nanjing Zhuoli European Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. introduced embedded series of intelligent switch products, and that "not to subvert the traditional, just want Let science and technology service life faster "design concept.


Built-in zero line of fire switch is Nanjing Zhuo Li European Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. developed the Hey sleep brand smart Wi-Fi switch, the first domestic "embedded in the eight six boxes of retrofit installation" concept, compatible with national standards in all eight or six cassette. In addition to the traditional wall mechanical switch / socket function, but also has a remote control, timing, cycle timing, delay, a key to share, WeChat control, scene linkage and other functions, easy to achieve the traditional wall switches, It is mentioned that the original mechanical switch function is not affected.

How to understand the smart home? The following two dimensions from the interpretation.


One is: app or WeChat platform is only triggered by the load path only, can not rely on it, even if the late voice input as the control of the main entrance, it is only a trigger path only.


People care about is the load is not the right time to open the correct time to shut down and the right time to do the right thing, and this process is less artificial intervention is the more intelligent (such as Baidu's future business center AI), not too dependent on the trigger tool, In fact, there is no difference between the app and the mechanical switch!


The second is: now is an intelligent, Internet of things, smart home and other concepts of the era of flooding, in fact, the concept of the embryonic form has long been in 1995 Bill Gates made smart home conception, until today, his mansion is smart A model of the home industry. There are several reasons to be respected, the most important of which is to solve a lot of people around the convenience of life. For example, some people will start the security system, the trajectory will be transmitted to the data center, while the identity of the visitors will be identified in the system information, and then plan to match the life of the scene, which applied a lot of advanced technology.


Although we ordinary people can not like the top rich as there is such a high-end smart home life, but also can enjoy the rapid development of the Internet of things to bring all the convenience.


For the intelligent transformation of home equipment will need to solve two problems


One is the problem of integration with the equipment (that is, installation), that is, can not destroy the original home style; the second general problem, the family load a lot, not only lamps, such as hot water bottles, water heaters, batteries, etc., these loads Can be divided into three categories for the resistive, capacitive and inductive load, and most of the three combinations, for such a complex load environment, the need to use a switch to complete the intelligent control, there are technical barriers.


To this end, Nanjing Zhuoli European Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. put forward a series of solutions.


First, the product will be applied to the 86 box, to seize the box that was wasted territory, product attributes for the embedded switch, how to do easy to put into the cartridge, involving a lot of technical difficulties, which is a lot of smart switch business Prohibitive reason;


Second, a variety of conventional load carrying test test, with the test data to guide the optimization of the program. For most of the smart switch on the market (referring to the non-embedded switch, embedded switch is currently the basic domestic blank market), according to our analysis of data, a lot of load connected to varying degrees of various bugs.


For the family of conventional load application scenarios (here can be customized according to personal preferences DIY)


Mobile phone charge every night is common for everyone, not knowing that some mobile phones have overcharge protection (filled, the amount of power will be like a trickle, will not constitute any harm to the phone), and some do not This function, the harm is a serious impact on battery life, while the news reported inside the Samsung mobile phone bombings as. Therefore, when you do not know your mobile phone does not have anti-overcharge function, it is best to have a fixed timer protection switch, to avoid personal safety damage.


Battery car charging all night is often something. Overcharge will also lead to reduced battery life and the risk of explosion. Therefore, with the timing delay function of the intelligent embedded switch is a better choice.


One day life smart customization


Life scene 1: After getting up in the morning, always want to be able to slowly open the curtains, bathroom lights open, able to wash the hot bath, can drink warm water (hot water will destroy the human oral mucosa, is caused by cancer incentives ). All this can be embedded through the smart switch to achieve, but also support all kinds of scenes diy.


Life scene two: vacation, the need for home equipment cycle work, especially lighting, simulation of someone at home the illusion, so that the disciples discouraged.


Life scene three: family load to our embedded switch life scenes, play your creative arbitrary DIY, enjoy life quality.

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