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The setting method of light transmission in night lighting(II)

Jun 09, 2017

Combined with internal light and outside cast light

Some of the buildings take the glass curtain wall as the main component of the facade, and there is a wide strip of concrete or metal wall between the glass; and some of the building facades are solid walls, but there are a large number of neat window. Such a facade form, can be used to set the glass window inside the light, the wall or metal frame at the location of the external cast light, both inside and outside echoes, complement each other.

 Panel light outdoor.jpg

The setting method of light transmission in night lighting

The use of this lighting, it should be noted that the coordination of the two lighting practices and contrast, otherwise, internal and external lighting effects will lead to the overall effect of the dull and congestion, and internal and external lighting effects are too large or conflict may lead to the overall effect confusion.


Inside light transmission with architectural contour lighting

If the building has a beautiful outer contour or building facade on some of the more prominent and beautiful components, you can use the line light source or point-like light source to form the connection, outline the outline of the building or components.

 Aluminum profile lighting bar .jpg


The setting method of light transmission in night lighting

At the same time with the building within the light transmission, but also the formation of vivid lighting effects, this time the light should be used to illuminate the entire room in the form, so that the effect can form a better contrast and supplement.

Uniform set of lights and free to open the combination of light transmission

In some buildings, most of the window is not deliberately designed within the light transmission, but each household according to their own needs to open the room lights. In this case, the bright and dark windows of each window, the length of the lighting time and short form a completely random state.


 ceiling mounted light bar.jpg

The setting method of light transmission in night lighting

Therefore, if we are in the construction of some suitable for uniform settings within the light transmission parts, such as stairwells, equipment or public corridors, etc., set some fixed, ordered light inside the light, or in the building of some The actual wall facade or components on the set of some external light lighting, so that the total part of the building to maintain a long time to keep the same lighting, the formation of a striking landscape of the focus, in order to control the construction of colorful dot-like dynamic lights, The formation of dynamic and static combination, orderly and disorderly echo the night landscape effect.



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