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OSRAM helps Germany Apartimentum apartment build smart home model

Jun 09, 2017

May 16, 2017, OSRAM with its Lightify Pro and other intelligent lighting products and solutions for the Hamburg is located in the future of the future apartment project Apartimentum add luster. As the most ambitious smart residential project in Germany, Apartimentum was developed by Lars Hinrichs, founder of Xing, a German business social networking site, and has far more lives in Europe than in living intelligence and networking.

Many of the advanced technology and networking applications in the Apartimentum apartment provide great convenience for the daily life of the household and a comfortable and personalized experience, while also achieving daytime energy savings. Smartphones can view not only automatic wake-up, air-conditioning and hot water in the bathroom, but also check traffic conditions and provide alternative routes at any time based on congestion, and adjust the wake-up time accordingly. When the owner enters the residential garage, the apartment elevator will automatically down. The system is widely used, households can also control the blinds through APP, air conditioning, lighting and other objects.

As an lighting partner for the Apartimentum apartment, OSRAM ensures that residential homes meet the highest standards and personal needs of households in terms of lighting through innovative products and intelligent solutions. For example, OSRAM's intelligent network lighting technology, Lightify Pro, was applied to the entire building of Apartimentum. Each apartment is equipped with a unique Lightify entrance. According to the people-oriented lighting concept, each household can install Lightify Control App on its tablet device to program, invoke and select the lighting scene separately. Can be adjusted according to the natural daylight brightness and light color sequence of dynamic white light, to create a stunning lighting effect, greatly enhance the residential comfort.

OSRAM Smart LED solutions help Hamburg's smart home house Apartimentum become a model of lighting design.

outdoor lighting.jpg

Source: HGEsch, Hennef

Ultra-thin line Traxon LED lighting system Nano Liner Allegro for the building front projection of a very attractive modern lighting.


Each apartment is equipped with an exclusive Lightify entrance where the user can program and call the lighting scene separately using the control application in its tablet device.

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