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Ten years ups and downs, Shenzhen LED industry is ushered in warmer and new students?

Jun 09, 2017

LED market in Shenzhen LED market experience in recent years after the reshuffle, will go where?

LED electro-optical conversion efficiency, with energy saving, environmental protection, low power consumption and other characteristics, can be widely used in a variety of instructions, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and other fields.

Shenzhen LED industry was once synonymous with China's LED, it has a perfect industrial chain, the largest domestic LED packaging and display production base, as well as the country's largest LED listed companies cluster.

In 2009, Shenzhen took the lead in the domestic release of the first LED industry development special plan, proposed to Shenzhen "built the country and the world's major LED industry R & D and production base" by 2015 the industry scale of more than 130 billion yuan.

In 2016, the city's LED production value of the initial statistics exceeded 170 billion yuan, ranking first in the country, the output value in 2007 is only 18 billion yuan. Last year, the national LED output value of 521.6 billion yuan, Shenzhen's output accounted for nearly 1/3

Ten years ups and downs, Shenzhen LED industry is ushered in warmer and new students?

But before that, Shenzhen LED companies have experienced pains. In 2013, the above industrial planning was suddenly abolished. In the industry there are signs of excess, repeated cases of business failures, the Shenzhen LED industry was once cast a shadow.

After nearly a decade ups and downs, Shenzhen LED industry is ushered in the warmer and newborn?

The 21st century economic reporter interviewed practitioners said that last year's situation is good, this year's downstream products have appeared several price cuts, but the overall pre-judgment, the market has experienced the adjustment of the past few years, the future will be more stable. Business is still the way out of continuous innovation, get rid of homogeneous competition.

At the same time, Shenzhen has also been equipped with the conditions of LED industry spillover. LED network research director Wang Fei told the 21st century economic reporter, Shenzhen as a national innovation city, seeking per capita GDP to improve the future of Shenzhen should become the LED industry headquarters and research and development base.

Shuffle the end of the market

According to incomplete statistics, Shenzhen currently has nearly 2,300 LED lighting-related enterprises, accounting for half of Guangdong Province.

In 2014, it was predicted that the macroeconomic environment, especially the real estate (residential and commercial real estate) market volatility, the rapid decline in the price of all aspects of the industrial chain, LED lighting output base of the rapid growth of electricity, electricity and other low-cost channel effects and other factors , The next three years the industry output growth rate will slow down.

But in 2016, Shenzhen LED industry ushered in a "small spring", the output value exceeded 170 billion yuan, compared to the output value of 18 billion in 2007, the past decade this figure increased more than 8 times, was explosive growth.

The rapid development of industry momentum, the performance of the enterprise can be seen in the performance. Earlier this year, in Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association annual meeting, the Secretary-General Zhao Fei said that the Shenzhen LED industry A-share listed companies gratifying performance, the new three board listed companies active high, the average performance of listed companies increased by more than 30% The

Among them, the Shenzhen joint profit in 2016 operating income of 297 million yuan, up 118% over the same period last year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 24.2765 million yuan, up 100% over the same period last year. The company's main products that are LED outdoor full color display, indoor full color display, traffic information guide screen, sports events screen.

Over the same period, Shenzhen Electric Science and Technology's annual operating income of 108 million yuan, up 42% over the same period last year; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 15,518,300 yuan, up 171% over the same period last year.

LED network research director Wang Fei told the 21st century economic report reporter, LED demand in the past year to pick up, the supply did not over-expansion, product prices in 2016 to maintain a good level.

Zhao Fei pointed out that the Shenzhen LED market segments to form a certain competitive barriers, special lighting, track lighting, medical lighting, creative display and other products to obtain a higher market premium.

For the 2017 market trend, in the lighting and display engineering industry association annual meeting, Zhao Fei said that by the upstream chip manufacturers and raw material factors, LED prices, but the overall price increase power shortage, the price war urgent need to value war Transformation. It is expected that in 2017, some enterprises will still close or transition.

Reporters from the LED business people to understand the latest situation is that raw material prices are rising, but the LED product prices have declined.

Experienced a few years ago the industry reshuffle, Shenzhen LED market rebounded last year, some companies gross margin rose from 10% to more than 20%. In the excellent situation, the enterprise plus equipment, on the production capacity, the downstream display, lighting companies in this year began to appear part of the price war.

Shenzhen Sheng large photoelectric general manager Li Guoxin told reporters from the big trend to judge, the market has ushered in the warmer, go up the inflection point. If the past few years is the shuffle period, frequency is the price war, the market will be more stable in 2017.

Shenzhen LED industry outward radiation

From the Shenzhen LED industry structure point of view, most of the enterprises gathered in the lower barriers to downstream LED, relatively homogeneous competition also led to industry in the supply and demand imbalance between experienced "shock".

2009, "Shenzhen LED industry development plan (2009 - 2015)" has been pointed out that the Shenzhen LED enterprises, in the downstream application of products enterprises, packaging enterprises, supporting enterprises accounted for about 33%, epitaxial chips, etc. Upstream companies account for only 1%. In addition, from the industrial structure, the packaging, application and ancillary products accounted for about 30% of sales, 60% and 9%, while in the upper reaches of the extension and chip share is less than 1%.

In 2013, Shenzhen to the "Government Gazette" in the form of the abolition of the LED industry planning. At that time, LED manufacturers believe that Shenzhen has gradually 100 million yuan LED business failures, the actual LED industry has emerged overcapacity, worried about the LED industry to become the second photovoltaic industry, perhaps the abolition of the Shenzhen government "planning" an important reason.

This industry should be handed over to the market to regulate, even if the government really want to support, it should be to encourage research and development, rather than subsidize the market.

Price war urgent need to change the value of war ", it is hoped that LED enterprises in Shenzhen to strengthen research and development and innovation.

Shenzhen LED enterprise scientific and technological innovation capacity in the rising, a number of enterprises to assume the provincial and municipal scientific and technological innovation issues, and actively concerned about laser lighting, deep ultraviolet, CSP, intelligent lighting and other new applications.

Shenzhen, a senior LED industry analysts also told reporters that in the general lighting, home and other fields, LED has long been to enter the competition of the Red Sea, companies should pay attention to the new application scenarios.

The increase in the cost of production factors is also forcing enterprises to innovate. Li Guoxin told reporters that after the adjustment since 2013, the survival of the LED business in Shenzhen are basically more competitive, mostly known for the product, mainly for Europe and the United States high-end market, product innovation and patent applications have a certain Advantage.

From the national situation, including Nanchang, Yiwu, Xiamen, Huizhou, including a number of layout LED industry areas, is increasing efforts to develop. To Nanchang, for example, its 2017 government work report, Nanchang to build a national influential LED industry base.

The aforementioned analysts told reporters that in the land resources, factor costs and support policies and other factors under the influence of the LED industry will be some capacity transfer. But he also pointed out that the advantage of Shenzhen is that each industry has a relatively fair environment, Shenzhen is still the focus of the national LED industry. "There are some companies that will be in other places on the project, but basically the headquarters will remain in Shenzhen."

Shenzhen market is active, is here to get cutting-edge information, recruit high-end talent, to participate in high-quality industry exchange activities. Many LED companies will not really out of this environment, but may be a national layout.

"This is the resources of Shenzhen, talent radiation, for the Shenzhen and industrial spill areas, are a good thing."

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