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Intelligent lighting cross - border innovation into the smart home

Jun 09, 2017

In recent years, intelligent lighting has become a large number of capital hunting beasts. With the development of the Internet and information technology, the future of lighting must be intelligent interconnection. The introduction of intelligent lighting concept, will affect the future of home areas, the global smart home market will undoubtedly be affected by this storm.

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Recently, McKinsey several partners pointed out that within ten years to homebot as the core of the wisdom of the family will be "everywhere." Smart city in China is facing unprecedented opportunities for development. In the past year, the wisdom of the city is thriving, smart home, intelligent transportation, intelligent government, all things have been gradually from the imagination into reality. In this context, the wisdom of the city is expected to leveraging the trillion market opportunities for economic restructuring and upgrading to add momentum.


Thanks to the increasing number of smart home hardware products in the market and growing popularity in the consumer market, China's smart home scale has grown significantly. With the improvement of intelligent home from infrastructure to midrange hardware, smart home products will be consumed by the consumer market accept.


According to statistics, it is expected that the global smart lighting market in 2018 is expected to exceed 70 billion US dollars, the smart lighting market will be further released. At the same time, as an indispensable part of the smart home, if there is no way to master the intelligent lighting technology, for other intelligent home applications is undoubtedly a "incomplete."


LED industry development, in recent years with the strongest speed bolted, people seem to have been accustomed to the "plan can not keep up with change." Microsoft, IBM, Ali, Huawei, millet, Tencent and many other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have cross-border into the field of intelligent lighting, to seize the smart lighting industry, intelligent city, intelligent city is an indispensable part of the smart city Intelligent lighting industry outlet is the best witness. Only through cross-border interaction to achieve lighting and hardware and the combination of things in order to achieve a truly human life of intelligent home.


Home to the trend of intelligent, driven intelligent lighting technology and market growth together. At present, intelligent lighting has been a strong occupation of the home market, one of the criteria for the future of wisdom, cited numerous heroes competing waist.


Recently, NVC lighting and the Chinese Academy of Sciences cloud computing center officially signed, and actively promote the wisdom of lighting cooperation. Earlier, Op and Huawei jointly signed a smart home strategic cooperation agreement, showing its ambitions in intelligent lighting. In China, Philips and millet alliance, that the road of intelligent lighting development needs such a millet hardware manufacturers to do support. In addition, Philips and automation technology group ABB also have cooperation, the two sides jointly announced that the Philips Hue intelligent home lighting system and ABBi- home intelligent home control system seamless integration, to provide consumers with integrated intelligent home lighting control program. In addition, Philips has also cooperated with Ericsson.


The use of cross-border innovation of light industry has increasingly become the LED industry to explore the future trend. In the smart home, the lighting has been achieved with the civilian security, digital and other industries cross-border innovation, and the integration of the current hot "Internet +" spirit: large data, cloud platform, intelligent computing, Internet of things, to achieve intelligent lighting, Guardianship, intelligent interaction of the diversity of functions.

Wake up life, smart home scene to achieve


With the development of artificial intelligence, lighting systems have more intelligent and intelligent prospects.


In the smart home, the scene is undoubtedly the core value of lighting solutions. Intelligent lighting, to solve the user how to use the scene of the scene, and lighting design, has become a specific application scenarios for lighting design to solve the scene of the weapons.


The development of lighting control technology enriches the degree of lighting scene in the same space. In the life of the user, you can use the intelligent lighting control system, from the initial single demand (light) single scene (light and off), to the overall control of the loop, to the current single point of control dimming, the lamp as A point, any re-build a lighting scene, which fit the single-space multi-purpose multi-scene application requirements.


At present, the technology to promote the Friends of the lighting technology, communication technology, control technology, IT technology and LED technology. Among them, LED lamps and lanterns are not only lights, but also intelligent perception and network services node, is the wisdom of home nerve endings, the development of intelligent lighting ultimately to the scene to the application.


Intelligent dimming, life more convenient


For a long time, intelligent lighting control has been neglected in the country, especially in the smart home did not appear when most of the residential still follow the traditional lighting control. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard, people put forward new requirements for the lighting system of living environment. In order to meet the basic lighting demand, it also requires intelligent control, simple operation and energy saving. At this time, Lighting control is playing a pivotal role.


In order to make our living space structure perfect adaptation, intelligent lighting control system can be considered from a number of aspects: the appropriate illumination, interior decoration and light color, indoor brightness reasonable distribution. According to the different functions of the room, the required value of the illumination is also changing, in doing lighting design, can not be generalized.


In the traditional lighting era, a key to a lamp lighting control mode is too mechanical, and can not be intelligent adjustment of brightness, resource waste serious. In contrast, intelligent lighting control system can be flexible, intelligent control to achieve the perfect lighting effects, the obvious advantages.


Intelligent interconnection lighting, to achieve localized interaction


Intelligent lighting may no longer be lighting industry internal things, it is actually part of the Internet of Things, the future of all things connected to the community, intelligent lighting can not exist alone, it will interact with other things and mutual influence.


Intelligent Internet lighting era, the core is to highlight the intelligent, integrated, information and health lighting concept. Intelligent lighting is not a simple light bulb, but the system solution is due to different lighting environment varies from intelligent lighting system. In the intelligent lighting system, not only through the phone to control the color and switch lights at home, according to mobile phone positioning automatic switch lights, and even home security suite and other third-party hardware and software combined to provide people with convenient, comfortable and safe home life.


In solving the problem of energy saving and specific needs, so that lamps and people through a specific action to communicate and become the future. Further, the emphasis on the user experience, the real wisdom of the future wisdom of home. Intelligent system using the user's useful information automatically adjusted, making intelligent lighting towards the high value of the direction of development.


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In the future, light is not only used for lighting, but also can convey information, express emotions, protect your home. Needless to say, technology has always been the core of corporate competition. Especially in large data, Internet of things and other emerging technologies "generation" of the moment, companies need to pay attention to the accumulation and upgrading of technology. At the same time, the future among the manufacturers is not only a technological breakthrough, more importantly, is able to accurately hit the needs of consumers and the use of the scene, in order to smart lighting products into the intelligent home terminal applications, so that the ecosystem stand up.


Lighting, smart home large-scale expansion of the new opportunities


In the face of changing markets, mature consumers and more adept to meet the market opponents, in the current wave of the development of smart home, lighting companies should think about is how to use light to provide efficient energy saving, to provide a more humane environment. Intelligent lighting may no longer be lighting industry internal things, it is actually part of the Internet of things, the future of all things social intelligent lighting can not exist alone, it will interact with other things and mutual influence.

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