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Where is the power of the LED high-power bulb?

Jun 09, 2017

3.LED high power bulb why so expensive?

When it comes to LED high-power bulb marketing, "cost" is definitely not around the topic of the past. Limited by the cost of LED chips and packaging costs, high prices have become an obstacle to the impact of LED high-power bulb demand an important reason, at present, the market high-end LED high-power bulb price of 4 yuan / W, conventional product price 1 -2 yuan / W. In recent years, due to LED chip and packaging costs dropped significantly, LED lights and energy-saving lamps spreads are rapidly narrowing, LED high-power bulb prices also appeared to fall, but to enhance the price is still high-power LED bulb production Business imperative.

But the high price is not hinder the development of LED high-power bulb main reason, the current market is the biggest criticism of the price system confusion. Take 36W LED high power bulb, the price from 40-120 yuan range. In the LED bulb this segment of the market, engineering areas will sometimes specify some brand products, but from the terminal retail level, the brand effect of the product sales support is not large, consumers are more or based on the price to select the product. Therefore, in the case of the industry downturn, fight the price, grab the market to become more and more enterprises in the LED high-power bulb in the field of subdivision, "price war" is also emerging.

But the disorderly price competition to bring the most direct impact is the product quality problems, rough process, timber cut corners, cooling structure unreasonable, and low-cost LED high-power bulb there are many virtual power, quality and other issues without warranty The Which gives consumers the impression of poor use of the effect, and even there are some security risks. These factors will greatly affect the consumer awareness of LED high-power bulb, resulting in LED high-power bulb promotion speed can not be improved, and ultimately affect the development of the entire sub-field.

Price control in 1 yuan / W more reasonable

Now many companies have involved in LED high-power bulb, but either the quality is not satisfactory, or is the virtual standard power, or else the price is high. At present, Shunde is still into the photoelectric LED high-power bulb in the R & D and production achievements, but the product prices slightly higher.

If the future development of LED high-power bulb to ensure a relatively stable product quality, cost-effective to further improve the price control in 1 yuan / w is more reasonable in order to promote the "replacement of high-power energy-saving lamps" action to speed up.

To "source, quality, price" to plan the market

At present, the market power LED bulbs in the field there are many sales messy, at this stage of the market sales of LED products are mixed, uneven product quality. High-power LED bulb luminous flux is insufficient, the product mainly through the aluminum pieces of heat, not suitable for outdoor applications, which is the future to force to solve the problem.

In the growing market competition today, in order to occupy the market must have three elements: source, quality, price. With the development of the market, I believe that the development of high-power LED bulb space will be more and more in the future will be cost-effective products to become market-led.

4. How to "cool down" the LED high power bulb?

LED as a result of high lumen, high luminous efficiency, long life, etc., in the field of professional lighting to show its advantages. With the continuous development of semiconductor lighting industry, will make this new lighting source to replace the traditional lighting source, and drive a new industrial revolution. As the high-power LED bulb is usually used for large area lighting, LED high-power bulb on the chip quality, thermal performance and other aspects of the technical safety requirements are higher, and LED high-power bulb thermal performance is also a large degree On the decision of the use of lighting safety and service life. The LED chip is characterized by a very high amount of heat in a very small volume. The LED itself, the heat capacity is very small, it must be the fastest speed of these heat conduction out, otherwise it will produce a high junction temperature. In order to lead the heat out of the chip as much as possible, lighting companies in the LED chip structure on a lot of improvements. The face of LED high-power bulb heat problem, the main solution to the current measures are as follows:

(1) physical way: enterprises can LED high-power bulb volume bigger, the design of the heat sink shell to better heat;

(2) the use of thermal shell material to improve the cooling efficiency; in order to improve the LED chip itself, the heat, the main improvement is the use of better thermal conductivity of the substrate and shell material. For the heat dissipation material, the closer to pure aluminum, the better the heat dissipation, so most of the current high-power LED bulb shell are selected to use aluminum materials, including die-casting aluminum, aluminum car, high purity aluminum and aluminum plastic materials;

(3) the use of air fluid mechanics, the use of air convection heat. The use of light shell shape, to create convection air, which is lower cost to strengthen the way heat dissipation. For larger power products, such as more than 80W LED bulb, will be installed to promote air circulation fan, but will produce noise and other issues;

(4) insulated thermal plastic instead of aluminum alloy, insulated thermal plastic instead of aluminum alloy heat sink, this LED insulated thermal plastic, while maintaining the cooling capacity and aluminum alloy at the same time, the heat radiation capacity increased by 4-8 times. With this heat dissipation material produced by the LED heat dissipation can greatly enhance the overall cooling effect;

(5) to fundamentally improve the level of power technology to reduce heat. With the development and innovation of technology, the discovery and application of new materials, the gradual reduction of material costs, LED high-power bulb will usher in a more perfect cooling solution to further remove the barriers to occupation of the market.

Technology is more mature price more sensitive

LED high-power bulb market share of a certain proportion of sales, but the technology is not very mature, in the fierce market competition, the product price is particularly sensitive, although the current market share is not large, but with the LED technology mature , LED high-power bulb to replace the energy-saving lamp market speed will gradually accelerate, then the market outlook is even more broad.

Heat is still a big problem

At present, LED high-power bulb heat is a big problem, although some manufacturers will install the fan into the active cooling, but also increased energy consumption, and will produce a certain noise, increased costs.

"Bulb" process still exists a lot of uncertainty

LED high-power bulb on the development of the status quo, the current high-power LED bulb technology has yet to be improved, the market in the sale of many PE products did not meet the requirements of customers, there are still a lot of uncertainty on the process. And other technologies gradually mature, cost-effective gradually increased, the market potential is still very worth the wait.

Cooling structure will greatly affect product life

LED high-power bulb main applications in the plant and warehouse, compared with other LED products, electricity province, wide light area, high luminous efficiency. But the problem of LED high-power bulb is mainly heat dissipation, the cooling structure is unreasonable will greatly affect the life of the whole lamp, there are not many manufacturers can solve this technical problem.

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