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“Linear beauty ", leading the new trend of office lighting design

Jun 12, 2017

As a kind of design style rising in recent years, minimalism has become a new attitude towards life. From everyone for the "MUJI" wind and "IKEA" in the pursuit of the wind can be seen. Of course, lighting design is no exception, to create a comfortable, simple and efficient lighting environment has become a new trend, for office space, especially so. The rise of the use of linear lamps, lighting design in the simplicity of the show more thoroughly.

Indoor line lights are often able to install along the indoor line, in the space to hide the lamp body, create a simple and bright, clean and transparent feeling.

BBDO advertising agency Indonesia office space design

BBDO Global Network is the world's number one of the most creative advertising company, under the world's largest communications group Omnicom Group. The global branch of the distribution of 77 countries, the annual turnover of up to 14.9 billion US dollars. Its branch offices in Indonesia use the Indonesian native elements, philosophical thinking, lighting design, etc. to create a unique, as if the flow of space.

The lobby uses a line lamp to lay out a wave shape that gives the image into the space as a step-by-step entry into the rigorous office process.

linear lamps.jpg

linear light for office.jpg

Full use of the line, after a special arrangement, so that the lights become office space chic decoration. Ceiling installed on the line of light is not just a monotonous straight line, but criss-cross, so rigorous, organized office atmosphere to increase the number of lively.

Russian news site Gazeta.ru office space design

Gazeta.ru is a famous Russian news website. Gazeta.ru office for the installation of linear lamps are also very reference. Line liters and lines between the seemingly messy arrangement of the real patchwork, a simple office environment for the finishing touch.

As for the domestic, talking about the ultimate combination of linear light, the most famous than in Shanghai SOHO glass office space.

luxsky lighting led linear system :

LS-11-LLB-1.2M Series Linear lamp looks simple but grand; it seems easy but professional; it seems common but unique design, it is not one lamp, but it is a perfect linear lighting system. Germany clients like it very much and give a thumbs-up for this design.

1200mm dreamline Linear lights are used in the places of Office Lighting, Commercial Lighting, meeting rooms, office rooms, supermarkets, halls, shops, workshops, warehouse, etc.

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