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Shanghai international lighting fair Lighting & LED exhibition event

Jun 16, 2017

Time: September 5, 2017 September to September 7

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong)

Exhibition scale: 15,000 square meters

Sponsor: Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd

Convergence industry decision-makers, to build the preferred outdoor lighting project in East China's professional platform


The fourth "Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition" focused on integration

Focus on the 2017!

In recent years, China's current projects in full swing, the value of millions of dollars, for the lighting industry to bring unlimited business opportunities, including East China, Central China, the demand for lighting projects is particularly significant. Yangtze River Delta is one of the fastest growing areas of China's economy, and Shanghai is located in the center of the economic circle, occupying an important area of the national construction market, lighting engineering renovation project is endless, huge business opportunities.



In view of this background, to meet the needs of the market, with twenty-two years of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition successfully held the experience and the world's strongest lighting industry resource advantages, the fourth "Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition" will be September 5-17, In Shanghai New International Expo Center to continue. The exhibition will focus on lighting design, urban and intelligent lighting trends, to promote cross-border cooperation in the lighting industry to help the industry expand the business opportunities for the project!


Efficient platform convergence industry leader brand, gathered at all levels of project decision-makers!


The third "Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition" was held from August 31 to September 2, 2016 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition focused on East China and Huazhong project and green lighting business opportunities, thanks to the government's green energy policy to promote the exhibition successfully gathered more than 100 exhibitors, show a series of industrial, home and business areas of the latest lighting technology. Exhibitors of the well-known brands include CRETOP, Diaz, ERP, wide in the electronics, Ming Wei, rising spectrum, brilliance, the same party, Fen Da, Yong electric lighting,


The international leading companies unveiled at this exhibition to expand the lighting market in East China with the "Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition" platform to explore the implementation of design and project projects and tap the business opportunities of urban projects.


The three-day event attracted more than 11,958 professional visitors from 49 countries and regions, including designers, planners, systems integrators, engineers, construction contractors and other project buyers. High-quality audience flocked, have expressed optimism throughout the lighting market in east China and engineering lighting business opportunities, and the "Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition" praise.

Exhibits diversification, high-end research activities over the same period, close to the latest market dynamics


To help the industry capture more business opportunities, the show will show a wide range of lighting products, technology and solutions, comprehensive coverage of lighting applications, accessories, LED technology and other fields, for designers, planners, system integrators, engineers, architects And other project buyers to provide one-stop procurement platform.


The fourth Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition focuses on urban and road lighting and architectural and landscape lighting two categories, aimed at promoting high-end engineering lighting design and products, to build the East China region lighting industry information exchange, business cooperation and efficient platform for lighting Enterprises to expand the project business opportunities.


2016 "Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition" over the same period brought about the three major theme activities to help the industry insight into market trends and product development trends. More than 50 seminars focus on the core elements of engineering lighting: planning, design, practice and intelligent technology.


LED Linear lamps jpg.jpg

The highlight of the show is the "Lighting Design Marketplace", co-organized by the Chinese Association of Lighting Designers (CLDA) and the International Professional Lighting Advisory Group (IAC). Debuted at the Shanghai International Lighting Fair. The event is divided into three areas: to explore the industry's hot topic of lighting design forum, show cutting-edge lighting products according to art design garden, and by the CLDA selection, poster form of the world's top 100 lighting project lighting design gallery. Internationally renowned brands include Ou Yate, Creative Ligting Asia, Gucci, LED Linear, Lumascape, Technolite, WE-EF and Xicato.


Another focus is the "Aladdin Lighting Forum", organized by Guangzhou Aladdin Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. and China Southern Power Grid - Lighting Research Institute. Designed to discuss intelligent lighting solutions in urban and hotel lighting applications, communication protocols, product development, system integration and other topics.


Another important event is the "China Urban Landscape Lighting Application Forum and the Lighting Award Award Sharing Session", organized by the China Lighting Society, through case sharing and panel discussion, to explore the development trend of urban lighting projects.


"Lighting + Building" linkage, together to build a large platform for urban green lighting


Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition and the "Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition" and "Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition" held in the same period. In 2015, the three exhibition covers a total of three exhibition halls, with a total area of 40,000 square meters, to jointly build a large green building platform for the city, to provide buyers with innovative lighting solutions, smart home, integrated solar energy products and other energy efficient technologies and solutions , To enhance the synergies of the exhibition, so that more exhibitors benefit from the one-stop platform. This platform attracts more project audiences, enabling exhibitors to get more information, while promoting lighting manufacturers and intelligent building manufacturers to establish partnerships and jointly explore more business opportunities.


Show date schedule: 

Booth Exhibition time: September 3, 2017 to 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Exhibition time: September 9, 2017 to 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

September 9, 2017, from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm

Date of dismantling: September 7, 2017 at 2:30 pm


Lighting Exhibits: 

1) professional lighting

2) decorative lighting

3) LED technology

4) professional lighting

5) light source

6) Light accessories

7) lighting control system, management, measurement

8) lighting production equipment, equipment

LED Exhibits:

1) LED materials, chips, epitaxial wafers and components

2) LED packaging, modules, appliances and finished products

3) LED equipment, equipment

4) LED drive control and power supply

5) LED lighting applications

6) LED display, backlight


Audience from industry:

Industry related: architects, designers, planners / engineers, real estate developers, building / property management agencies, construction contractors / decoration companies, power companies, advertising, landscape engineering, association

Trade-related: importers, exporters, wholesalers / distributors, retailers, manufacturers, agents, chain stores, department stores, purchasing offices, online retailers, industry end users (such as hotels, performance venues, sports venues , Shopping malls, banks, stations, restaurants, etc.)

Government departments: construction / planning / technology / trade / municipal / development and reform departments, procurement departments

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