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Light Asia Exhibition: Intelligent Heat behind the industry thinking

Jun 17, 2017

June 9 to 12, 2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the light Asia Exhibition) in the China Import and Export Fair held successfully. It is understood that the exhibition from a total of 21 countries and regions, a total of 2428 exhibitors come to the exhibition, the total exhibition area of 180,000 square meters, covering 17 pavilions, large scale. A variety of industry buyers to purchase all kinds of cutting-edge lighting equipment and LED products, and leading manufacturers to understand the latest developments in the lighting industry trends and concepts. In addition, many Chinese and foreign lighting experts in this exhibition in-depth analysis of the Internet under the lighting industry, including the industry, including intelligent lighting, smart city, large data intelligent control and other latest technological achievements, leading the industry new thinking.

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Smart heat behind the industry thinking


June 9, the world's leading manufacturer of intelligent lighting sengled Health Di announced to enter the field of intelligent commercial lighting, for high-end business users launched sengled Health Di business Rui wisdom business solutions. This is also the first domestic cloud intelligent lighting system, will help businesses all-round build intelligent Internet lighting system. Sengled Shen Di founder Shen Jinxiang said: "Through intelligent lighting products and the combination of modern business, expand the broader application of intelligent lighting products, will also provide users with a better intelligent lighting experience.

With the development of smart city, intelligent lighting has become a huge market prospects for many enterprises competing layout of the blue ocean. In 2016, the international giants to open strategic cross-border cooperation, well-known domestic enterprises have joined the development of intelligent lighting, big action frequency is. According to the relevant authority to predict, is expected in 2018 the global smart lighting market is expected to exceed 70 billion US dollars, the smart lighting market will be further released.


In recent years, various cross-border industries with different technologies, equipment and industrial areas of integration, many of the innovative solutions are more and more in-depth, reflecting the arrival of the Internet and the digital age. At the same time, the technological revolution has brought more efficient, more functional lighting equipment, providing more possibilities for lighting.


Obviously, intelligent lighting is the trend of the times. However, intelligent lighting is still in the growth period, difficult to scale. Industry standards are not unified, the lack of user experience to control, cost control are not allowed, the product appears "pseudo-intelligence", the lack of a sound service system and other issues are still restricting the development of the industry, and Internet of Things + era, but also for the development of the industry to provide a new The power to bring a new market vitality.


Philips Lighting Greater China Marketing Manager Shen Xiaohui pointed out that the process of urbanization facing a variety of challenges, following the LED, the lighting and usher in a new round of change. Many lighting manufacturers should think about a problem - the future wisdom of urban construction in the lighting of what role to play.


Regardless of whether the future of intelligent lighting will open up new market segments or new applications, the lighting industry must be from a number of dimensions of comprehensive thinking, mutual cooperation, in order to usher in the healthy development of the industry prospects. Ou Pu Lighting Co., Ltd., director and deputy general manager, chief technology officer Qi Xiaoming said, LED as a subversive light source technology, has completely replaced the traditional lighting technology. Lighting companies need to explore the new value of LED lighting products in order to avoid falling into the price of shopping in the Red Sea.


Intelligent lights open a new chapter


With the deepening of the wisdom of urban construction work, street lighting system as an important infrastructure for municipal construction, has long been no longer a simple lighting project, but the city of things port, will play a greater "complex" role, so that Smart city building is better landing. In this light Asia Exhibition, many companies with the latest smart street program dressed.


It is reported that the software in the city of China Software Co., Ltd. released the first "smart city Internet of things large data management platform", but also the wisdom of the city in the construction of new projects - the wisdom of the Internet to promote the light pole. If the "wisdom platform" is the wisdom of the city in the wisdom of the city in the construction of software technology achievements, the wisdom of the Internet of Things is the hardware design in the scene of the application of the embodiment. This new type of networking light pole not only has the function of intelligent lights, while integrating the car charging pile, public Wi-Fi, miniature weather station, camera security and other hardware equipment. It is worth noting that the various parts of the modular approach to integration, according to the different scenes of flexible configuration, and then through the "smart platform" to achieve integrated management.

The same "smart street network to build a smart city" new image exhibitors light Asia Exhibition Shanghai Feile Audio Co., Ltd., also by the industry and many viewers attention. Feiyu audio The display of the "Willow series of intelligent street light", with a stylish appearance of simple, while set LED lighting, intelligent security, public broadcasting, new energy car charging, wireless wifi, PM2.5 air detection, Traffic lights, positioning technology and flow monitoring and other functions in one.


Feile audio intelligent street light network


Feile audio display intelligent street light network with multi-functional technology advantages, the intelligent street with wireless communication / 4G and other modern information technology and sensor technology, the formation of information sensing and transmission network; i-stack smart city operating system for the management of the background , To achieve large data interactive environment, intelligent lighting, intelligent security, intelligent transportation, wireless city, information release and other intelligent city management core functions for the wisdom of the city to provide value-added services. Feixiang audio general manager Zhuang Shenan said that this exhibition's flagship smart street network is a platform technology, integration technology, it is the wisdom of the city's all functions, data collection terminal layout to the street, in order to achieve cloud computing and large data, and ultimately Intelligent city, the needs of the public and the needs of the government to manage the city.

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Chau Ming display street lamp products


Speaking of wisdom lights, you have to mention Chau Ming. As a well-known supplier of road lighting field, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chau Ming Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong Chau-ching Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. to bring "million lights interconnection, the future of wisdom," the wisdom of the street lights and other stunning debut light Asia Exhibition.


Guangdong Ching Ming general manager Wang Rongli said, Chau Ching-chi is a set of intelligent energy-saving, intelligent positioning, security monitoring, WIFI hotspot (embedded communication micro-base station), information video, voice broadcast, charging pile and other seven functions in one Of the Internet of things products. "A multi-purpose lights," the wisdom of street lights as a port of things, with its unique advantages, the wisdom of the city to build the best place to build.


Intelligent street lights are distributed in the city's most extensive and most uniform Internet of Things, its meaning extraordinary, I believe that through the wisdom of street lights in the information, automation system construction, to enable the wisdom of the city quickly upstart.


Dr. Zhou Wu, chief technology officer of Huawei's network product line, believes that although street lights exist in the city for more than a thousand years, it is rarely considered as a function other than lighting. One of the unique features of street lamps is its geographical location, it is like blood vessels and nerves covered the city's body, and with the development of the city continue to extend.


Telensa Taiwan sales director Chen Luo You also said that the integration of intelligent street lights and the Internet of things is the trend, intelligent street lighting will become the main backbone of the future structure of wisdom.

Smart home is still hot


Intelligent will become the future trend of the industry, many companies are also to the direction of intelligent development, there are some enterprises have begun to taste the results.

June 10, Ali smart and Hongyan electrical appliances held in Guangzhou, "the whole house intelligent solutions new conference", the program will be remote control, a key deployment, self-induction start and so on in the science fiction film to see the sense of skills , No violation and sense of integration into the family life, so that the audience eye-opener. This is also following last September signed a smart home strategic cooperation agreement since the two sides to create a "whole house smart" products debut.


WULIAN show smart home system


WULIAN, who has been landing for four consecutive years, has brought intelligent lighting and smart home systems based on leading networking technologies. At the show, not only have color, dimming, cold light and other intelligent lights, earlier through the German TUV Rheinland CB global certification, relying on WULIAN unique technology of the world's intelligent switch series also completed the show debut. The series of intelligent switches are divided into a variety of, mainly for lighting and curtains and other equipment control, the biggest innovation is that the industry for the first time to solve the cartridge single-zero train alignment compatibility problems, to achieve the global cabling system automatically adapt, The development of the switch has taken a key step, representing the highest level of the smart switch.

"Smart" has become a standard enterprise display


However, for intelligent lighting products, surveyed exhibitors generally believe that the short term is difficult to achieve full coverage of the degree, even if there are companies have research and development results, but more still in the exploratory stage. After all, intelligence is the software category, the fixture belongs to the hardware category, the hardware foundation has already been laid, also need time to explore the intelligent software.


Overall, intelligent lighting has not yet formed a large-scale market, and intelligence is a system, not every enterprise has the strength of the development of intelligent systems, at this stage in the industry most of the lighting companies are matching other enterprises smart system. Therefore, the lighting industry to achieve all the intelligent, but also "long way to go."

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