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If the street lights to change the annual energy savings equivalent to three Three Gorges power station

Jun 17, 2017

The use of energy-saving products is to promote energy-saving emission reduction of the favorable measures, and China is currently in the use of energy-saving products, there is still much room.


"If all the lights are replaced by LED lights, the annual savings of electricity equivalent to three power generation capacity of the Three Gorges power plant." Ou Pu lighting company general manager Xu Bin recently in the 2017 National Energy Conservation Week key energy-saving technology briefing said.


Statistics show that in 2006 - 2016, China's total energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by 37.3%, to achieve energy-saving 1.8 billion tons of standard coal, equivalent to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 4 billion tons. World Bank research shows that nearly two decades, China accounted for more than half of the world's total energy savings, is the world's largest energy-saving country.


Micro energy saving: 

China is a coal consuming country. National Bureau of Statistics released the "2016 National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin" shows that the initial accounting, China's total energy consumption in 2016 43.6 billion tons of standard coal, an increase of 1.4% over 2015. Among them, coal consumption accounted for 62% of total energy consumption.


Such as energy consumption in the production of coal consumption and the production of energy-efficient products, no doubt, will be an effective way to protect the environment.


However, according to the statistics of the relevant departments, China's end-use products, the refrigerator market share of about 420 million units, new sales of 32 million units, energy-saving products accounted for about 30%; air-conditioning market share of 360 million units, the new Increase sales of 51 million units, energy-saving products accounted for about 20%; motor market holdings of more than 2 billion kilowatts, the new sales of about 200 million kilowatts, energy-saving products accounted for about 25%.


"China's central air-conditioning market reached a year to reach 70 billion yuan, but the energy-saving central air conditioning (to achieve the national level of energy efficiency) accounted for about 3%, not more than 5%." Haier Group Air Conditioning Products Group Central Air Conditioning Division Manager Yang Baolin said in an interview with the first financial interview.


The reason is that although the energy-saving central air-conditioning can save 50%, but its high cost. For each enterprise, the early investment will be carefully considered.


"Our magnetic suspension centrifugal central air conditioning (hereinafter referred to as" magnetic levitation central air conditioning ") cost 0.7 yuan -0.8 yuan / card, the cost of ordinary central air conditioning 0.4-0.5 yuan / card.That is, the magnetic levitation air conditioning ratio The cost of ordinary air conditioning is nearly half of the cost of pre-investment is a huge difference.But the use of the latter part of the process, energy efficiency is also very impressive, in the first three years, the cost of energy savings can be compensated for more The cost. "Yang Baolin said.


It is precisely because of this market awareness, Haier's magnetic suspension in central air conditioning in 2006 after the birth, and not in full swing in the market. The 11-year-old energy-saving central air conditioning, until this year began to show its market value. 2017 Haier's central air-conditioning sales increased by 50%, magnetic suspension central air-conditioning is up 200%.


"Central air conditioning began a large-scale application is in 2000, the recent increase in awareness of energy conservation with the whole society, coupled with the central air conditioning life in 15 years to 20 years, now has to update, so we now Most of the cases are updated. "Yang Baolin said.


Yang Baolin said that a five-star hotel in Zhuhai, the use of magnetic levitation heat recovery energy-saving solutions, the annual electricity consumption of 50.4 million kwh, saving electricity 43 million. "The 43 million is pure profit." Yang Baolin laments, "the hotel's central air-conditioning energy consumption accounted for 40% -60% of hotel energy consumption, and electricity costs accounted for 30% of operating costs - central air-conditioning electricity on the hotel's income It is vital that these savings are the hotel 's net profit.


With the development of the real estate industry, not just central air conditioning, including home air conditioning, are faced with the spring of spring.


System-wide energy saving:

CCHP is a total energy system that integrates refrigeration, heating (including heating and heating water) and power generation processes. The biggest feature is the cascade utilization of energy for different qualities - the higher the temperature, Large energy can be used to generate electricity; low temperature low-grade heat is used to heat or cooling. COGC not only improves the efficiency of energy use, but also reduces the emissions of carbides and harmful gases.


Yuanda Energy Utilization Management Co., Ltd. Regional Energy Director Ma Gan introduction, Shanghai Qingpu Tencent cloud data center gas distribution energy project using efficient, energy-saving distributed energy system, saving air conditioning annual energy consumption 955 tons of oil equivalent, the annual air conditioning operating costs 445 million, carbon dioxide emissions of 3008 tons, equivalent to 16.4 million trees.


Although the energy-saving effect is obvious, but because of energy costs, natural gas distributed energy projects often face "energy saving money" situation.


The first financial through combing found that the current only Shanghai, Qingdao, Changsha and a few cities have introduced a number of natural gas distributed energy subsidies, of which the highest subsidy in Shanghai.


Released in January this year, "Shanghai natural gas distributed energy supply system and gas air conditioning development special support measures" proposed, the natural gas distributed energy supply projects, in accordance with 1,000 yuan / kW to give equipment investment subsidies. The annual average energy efficiency of 70% and above and the use of hours in 2000 hours and above the natural gas distributed energy supply projects, to give 2,000 yuan / kW of energy subsidies; on the average annual energy efficiency of 80% and above And the use of hours in 3000 hours and above the natural gas distributed energy supply projects, and then give 500 yuan / kW of energy subsidies. Each project to enjoy the maximum amount of subsidies not more than 50 million yuan.


The power of an ETC:

Since the realization of the national highway ETC network in 2015, ETC's energy-saving emission reduction effect is remarkable.


Ministry of Transport spokesman Wu Chungeng said recently that the national ETC network operation since 18 months, saving about 120,000 tons of fuel vehicles, energy conservation benefits of about 1.09 billion yuan, reducing nitrogen emissions of about 304 tons, the release of about 1013 tons of carbon monoxide emissions of about 38,000 tons.


The data show that each motor vehicle through the artificial lane so 14 seconds, and through the ETC only 3 seconds. According to this calculation, 3.8 billion vehicles accumulated through the ETC lane can save waiting time 11.61 million hours.


According to China's traffic news network news, as of the end of April this year, the national highway ETC users have exceeded 50 million, the main line toll station ETC lane coverage of more than 98%.


Production of ETC hardware related business people on the first financial, said ETC has formed the world's largest payment network, it is not purely Internet behavior, but the real economy to bring the payment extension. ETC network running since 18 months, only the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions this one, equivalent to 1.2 million 1.6L displacement of the domestic car less open 4 months.

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