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2017 Australian Electricity and Lighting Exhibition

Jun 17, 2017

Exhibition date 2017-07-07 to 2017-07-08

Exhibition of cities in Australia, Melbourne

The address is located in Melbourne, Australia

Hall name Australia, Melbourne

Organizer Guangzhou Zhongxing Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd




E-Power & Lighting as Australia's highly regarded professional industry event, in 2017 the exhibition will be held in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. The organizers will invite the relevant leaders and member units of the National Association of Electricity and Communications (NECA), the Australian Energy Market Authority (AEMO), the Australian Lighting Industry Association (ALIA) and other organizations to participate in the exhibition, hold the forum and display products. In 2016, the Australian Electricity and Lighting Show attracted nearly 100 exhibitors and 1,200 professional visitors from 15 countries including Germany, Japan, New Zealand, India and China. In 2017, the Australian Electric Lighting Fair was held in conjunction with the Solar Energy and Energy Storage Expo in Australia. In the new exhibition, the scale of the exhibition was further expanded and the theme of lighting was added. E-Power & Lighting is a good platform for Chinese companies to enter the Australian and New Zealand markets, thanks to the strength of the organizers, who believe that they will be able to attract exhibitors from all over the world to participate in the exhibition.


Market Overview

Australia's lighting market in 2015 will reach 1.57 billion US dollars, of which about half of the products imported from mainland China, much higher than Germany, the United States, Italy, etc. are single-digit market share. LED-related products, more than half of the import by the Chinese mainland, the future if the Chinese mainland LED lighting technology and further enhance the quality, will have the opportunity to become the main area of imports of LED lighting in Australia. The Australian government has introduced regulations, by 2020 LED to replace all the energy-saving lamps. This is undoubtedly to the major LED lighting suppliers to bring great business opportunities.


Range of exhibition 

Lighting, Switches Products & Technology Systems: Lighting Technology, Architectural Lighting Systems, Commercial / Office Lighting, Parts, Materials & Accessories, Systems & Regulators, Decoration & Special Lighting, Emergency / Industrial Lighting, Floodlights, Industrial Lighting, Outdoor Lighting and street lighting, home lighting, concealed lights, special Ming use Ming, low-voltage electrical appliances and electrical appliances, ballasts, switches and so on.


Electrical equipment, technology and machinery and equipment: power installation, power generation equipment, transmission and distribution equipment, power plant environmental protection products, cables, cable reels and circuit breakers, power grid automation technology and equipment, cable management systems, capacitors, connectors / Control systems, electronic components, transmission and distribution systems, power installation and electronics, measurement and monitoring systems, power supply / battery / uninterruptible power supply systems and converters, power distribution screens / switchgear, transformers, trunk, trunk systems, Metal wire and accessories.

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