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2017 Brazil International Green Building Materials and Lighting Fair

Jun 17, 2017

Exhibition time: November 16-21, 2017

Venue: Sao Paulo North Exhibition Center, Brazil

Sponsor: Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of the People 's Republic of China


Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd


China (Brazil) Investment and Development Trade Center

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Brazil market: 

In order to encourage bilateral trade and investment in the field of services, Brazilian Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services Marcos Pereira and Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng signed a memorandum of understanding on October 10, 2016, which is also Brazilian Presidential Rice The first document signed by the two governments since the appointment of the company.


From 2010 to 2015, South American lighting market consumption increased by about 35.6%, of which the Brazilian market grew by 24.6% in 2015 Brazilian lighting sales totaled 1.79 billion US dollars, the next five years is expected to remain at an annual rate of growth of more than 4% The


2016 Rio Olympic lighting LED victory, then we are the most Chinese enterprises have the right to speak, such as NVC lighting for the diving venues to provide lighting services and programs, Li Yade, Chau Ming Technology, China Star Optoelectronics, etc. For the Olympic Games to provide an LED display, etc. In addition, there are a large number of Chinese enterprises with the Olympic Games into the Brazilian market, the Chinese manufacturing completely broke the past OEM OEM impression, but also to foreign users to re-understand the Chinese strength.


We China's lighting equipment suppliers in the "Olympic shopping malls" on the victory, but also several factors:


First of all, the fundamental reason is to attach importance to the core technology research and development investment and intellectual property protection;


Second, the layout of the whole industry chain is also a major advantage, the Chinese lighting companies from production to sales to control their own, attention to product safety, long-term and reliability;


Third, the Chinese lighting business products to meet the Brazilian local differentiation needs, such as to meet the public areas, indoor and outdoor lighting and special sports lighting needs;


Fourth, compared with the European and American enterprises, Chinese manufacturing or have a certain labor cost advantage.


In recent years, in the "one by one" initiative, driven by more and more Chinese LED lighting business has not only aimed at the traditional Europe and the United States, but more for Brazil and other emerging markets, and participate in the global market To come in competition Then Brazil as a "market star", of course, Chinese enterprises will not miss the opportunity to cut off the "big cake."


It is understood that 2016 January to June, the national lighting industry to Brazil to complete the cumulative export of 236 million US dollars. (Light bulbs) to complete the cumulative export volume of $ 089 million (37.83%); self-powered lighting equipment and its parts to complete the cumulative export value of $ 21 million ($ 52 million), the total output of lighting lamps, (8.8%); discharge lamp or discharge tube with ballast to complete the cumulative export volume of 0.01 billion US dollars (0.5%).


Brazil LED lighting products demand: 

According to the Brazilian Electricity Association analysis, the next five years, LED will be the primary procurement of light sources in Brazil, 95% of Brazilian LED lights from China, and the total is still growing. Brazil's LED lighting market is showing attractive charm, especially its huge LED commercial market space. Brazilian media "globo" reported that LED lighting in the Brazilian market has a huge market space. Brazilian companies are keen to LED lighting to save energy, its commercial market space is huge.


According to reports, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, LED lighting products are being used for a variety of road lighting and tunnel lighting. Moreover, after the Brazilian government promulgated a decree, by 2017 will be replaced by LED and other incandescent bulbs.


Marco Poli, president of the Brazilian lighting industry association (Abilux), said that many supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping malls and so on in Brazil are now changing lighting products for LED products, which is a huge trend.

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Building materials:

As the largest country in South America, Brazil is the central market of South American countries, only Sao Paulo has 22 million people. Brazil has strong radiation and industrial leadership in neighboring countries and regions. Brazil's construction market accounts for nearly half of the Latin American market share, in the past few years the Brazilian construction industry to 20% annual rate of increase.


Brazilians on the desire to decorate much higher than the Chinese people, almost every 3 years will be re-decorated some of the room, it is this city plastic surgery and living habits of the demand, the formation of the Brazilian building materials market special supply and demand. Brazilian building materials prices to be higher than the Chinese products several times, and product quality is less than China's building materials products, so from China's exports to Brazil's sanitary ware, stone and other products by local consumers.


As an important emerging country, the Brazilian building materials market is huge and growing faster. Brazil's construction industry has a total annual output of more than 49 billion bakhts, US $ 1650, employing 11 million; Brazilian building materials total sales of 178 billion taels, equivalent to about $ 50 billion in US dollars, of which construction equipment sales accounted for 11.1% to 198 Billion bargames, sales of building materials accounted for 88.9%, 85% of domestic materials, imports accounted for 15%.


Brazil imported nearly $ 7 billion in building materials and construction equipment in 2015, mainly involving cement, coatings, building ceramics, cables, pipes, hardware and so on. Compared with 2015, 2016, although Brazil's overall economic situation is not stable, but in the building materials industry, architectural coatings increased by 10%, bathroom equipment increased by 4%, metal ceramic tiles, etc. to maintain a steady growth. According to the Brazilian Association of Building Materials (Anamaco) statistics, in 2016 Brazilian market construction materials retail sales growth of 5% over last year, 2017 15% of enterprises want to hire more employees, 38% of enterprises want to increase investment.


At present, Brazil's major banks are providing low-interest loans to the purchase of building materials, according to Anamaco analysis, the first half of next year, Brazilian building materials market is expected to grow not less than 3% in the second half will reach more than 6%, the overall market outlook optimistic.


South America is the focus of China's export products, China's construction ceramics, stone, construction hardware, sanitary ware and other products in the international market with reliable quality and low prices have achieved a high reputation and market share. In the past, China's hardware and building materials exports mainly concentrated in the European and North American markets, in Europe and the United States market is relatively saturated, competitive situation, the choice has not yet fully developed, the potential of the South American market is China's building materials business market development Good policy.


Exhibition Scope: 

Lamps and lanterns,Building materials,


1, doors and windows: door frames, window frames, aluminum, glass, curtains, etc .;


2, indoor and outdoor decoration: marble, rock, granite, tiles, flooring, wallpaper, ceramic coating, paint, wood flooring, furniture veneer, partitions, ceilings, wood flooring, carpets, furniture, roof coverings, Walls, waterproof products and systems, insulation panels, and so on;


3, hardware tools: cutting tools, hand tools, power tools, small processing machinery, daily hardware, architectural hardware, decorative hardware, barbed wire, construction drill, fasteners, screens, maintenance tools, valves and various accessories


4, the main project and other: anti-theft system, safety stairs, construction management equipment and software, building peripherals and shields, construction machinery, cement, asphalt;


5, outdoor gardening supplies: users and garden furniture, outdoor gardening lamps, gardening hardware tools, gardening supplies and accessories, awnings, wooden board, barbecue, planting supplies, plant flowers, mowing equipment, artificial lawn, sports venues, swimming pool Equipment and so on;

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