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2017 Italy Padua Electronics & Lighting Exhibition

Jun 18, 2017

The 6th Italian International Padova Electronics & Lighting Exhibition

(The only professional LED lighting show)

Exhibition time: October 17-17, October 1717 (one year)

Venue: Padova International Exhibition Center, Italy

Organizer: Consortium Tecnoimprese Exhibition Company



The 5th Italian International Electronic Lighting Show is the most influential lighting exhibition in Italy, held once a year. The scale of the exhibition increased year by year

Large, 2017 show attracted a total of more than 150 from Italy, Germany, Poland, the United States, Britain, France, Spain, Portugal and so on

Exhibitors, and successfully held more than 120 seminars and 60 lectures, attracted a total of more than 7,000 professional visitors, including professional

Buyers and manufacturers accounted for 36%. Local well-known lighting business LUX LIGHTING, LED Italy and Lightcube is every show

Will come to the exhibitors, also said that the prospective of the show.

It is believed that in 2016, the number of exhibitors and exhibitors will be further increased; the exhibition by the famous Consortium in Italy

Tecnoimprese exhibition company, hosted by the Italian Electronics Association and the Italian Lighting Association, also received strong support from the local government

Holding, its display of high quality products, innovative design;

dimming lights .jpg

Market analysis

According to statistics, benefiting from the European part of the country on the high wattage incandescent lamp implementation of the ban on the policy impact of the 2011 European LED photos

Ming market has exceeded 20.8 billion US dollars or more. At the same time, the next few years because of the 2012 EU incandescent bulbs completely prohibited selling

Policy, market growth is expected to rise sharply, LEDinside estimated that the European LED lighting to 2015 will reach 10 billion US dollars

Level, the 2011-2012 annual compound growth rate is estimated at about 38%.

Europe's overall lighting market is relatively mature, but also more willing to pay a higher amount of lighting products, the future of the European LED lighting market will

Will continue to grow fast, for the Asian and European manufacturers and manufacturers strive to land. If you can order in the European exhibition, established

In the lighting product supply chain visibility, the future of LED lighting market can be said to achieve a more stable leading edge.

European LED rapid development, in addition to the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation in Europe, another important factor is the impact of high prices in Europe.

High price for LED lighting is a very important driving force to a traditional 40-watt incandescent bulb to replace the 7-watt LED bulb

For example, if the monthly 8 hours a month (31 days) after the month will save more than 8 degrees of electricity, if the EU-27 price

Representing the use of a monthly LED bulb in the electricity than the traditional incandescent save 2 dollars. If the electricity consumption of higher outdoor lighting

Or commercial lighting will be able to save more costs. High tariffs are already driving Europe to increase the use of energy-saving bulbs, the future is also

Affect the LED lighting penetration of one of the important factors.

[City of Padua]

Padua or Padova is an ancient city of northern Italy, an important business and economy of the Veneto region of Italy.

And traffic hub, agricultural products distribution center, commercial and industrial center. Linbo Qiliao River, 35 km east of Venice. Population of 213,000

(1996). Agricultural Products Distribution Center. Commercial and industrial center, with motor,

Padua has been extended to the Euganean Mountains, where its important geographical location and smooth road rail traffic leads the local tourism and

Enterprise development. Agricultural products distribution center, commercial and industrial center: a motor, electrical appliances, agricultural machinery, motorcycles, chemistry and so on. Railway and the public

Road hub. Padua is just minutes away from the Italian city of Vivienne and is an important industrial and commercial city in the Veneto region.

Economy, culture plays an extremely important role. After the expansion of the EU Schengen area, Padua due to the adjacent border, the location is excellent

The more the wholesale market has great potential for development.

Range of exhibition

1. Commercial and decorative lighting, LED and green lighting, technical lighting aids, outdoor lighting, street lighting, decorative lighting and electronics

Components, LED production and testing equipment, LED raw materials, LED drivers, LED controllers, and so on

2. Renewable energy and optoelectronic systems

3. Intelligent lighting building solutions and building automation

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