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2017 Malaysia LED lighting exhibition

Jun 18, 2017

Exhibition date 2017-07-27 to 2017-07-30

Exhibition of cities in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Exhibition address Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Hall name Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Organizer Guangzhou Zhongxing Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd



Malaysia LED lighting exhibition has been recognized by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Trade Development logo. In 2016, exhibitors from Malaysia, Indonesia, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong and Taiwan exhibited the most advanced products. The previous exhibition received a total of 9627 professional trade visitors from all over Malaysia, Southeast Asian countries and the Middle East, up 25% from the previous year, and 90% of the exhibitors achieved satisfactory results. In 2016, we organized 33 exhibitors from China, 86% of the enterprises achieved good results, and exhibitors scheduled the next booth. 2017 will be South Korea, China, Taiwan and other international pavilions exhibitors, but also by the internationally renowned brands OSRAM, PHILIPS, Panasonic, GE's strong support, 2016 Malaysia LED lighting exhibition will be the lighting industry in Southeast Asia festival.


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Market Overview

2015, the whole horse started the LED lighting renovation project, plans to completely eliminate the traditional lighting products before 2018, is expected before 2020 will be all domestic lights replaced by LED light source, while the new rural transformation project in Malaysia, Malaysia Into the energy-saving era of environmental protection out of an important step. Selangor and other state governments even introduced a decree, from the beginning of this year, the new building within the mandatory use of LED products as a light source. At present, Malaysia LED lighting product applications are still in its infancy, the local use rate of less than 5%, LED industry as a whole did not scale, market space and can develop a huge space.


The Malaysian government is very welcome to China's LED companies to participate in the entire plan. If the Chinese enterprises set up factories in Malaysia, the state government is willing to provide 5 - 10 years of preferential tax policies, and to help enterprises to establish bonded warehouses. Thanks to the large support from government departments, the Malaysian LED lighting market has continued to grow rapidly in recent years.


According to GSC Research, from January to August 2015, China's exports of LED lighting products to Malaysia totaled $ 375 million, making it the sixth largest market for LED lighting exports in China, behind the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, the UK and Japan. In 2015, Malaysia is actively encouraging the improvement of infrastructure, focusing on the development of high-tech industries, environmental protection industries, including green lighting has been listed as the focus on the development of industry and promotional content. Malaysia LED market demand will be further expanded.


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[Trade in Malaysia]

Malaysia is a founding member of ASEAN, in 2002 ASEAN countries began to start the construction of free trade zone, within the region to achieve zero trade tariffs. Malaysia has signed a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with Japan, Pakistan, New Zealand, India, Chile and Australia by 2013. As a member of ASEAN, Malaysia has signed regional free trade agreements with China, Japan, Korea, India and New Zealand, Australia.


Malaysia is "an area along the way" the development of an important node, is the "21st century Maritime Silk Road" important along the country, according to the core of Southeast Asia. In 2014, Malaysia's total trade with China reached 102 billion US dollars, and Malaysia maintained China's largest trading partner status in ASEAN countries for seven consecutive years. Malaysia has become Japan and South Korea after the bilateral trade volume with China exceeded 100 billion US dollars of the third Asian countries.


Malaysia as a transit trade country, in Southeast Asia and ASEAN's position plays a decisive role, and West Asia, South Asia and Europe and the United States, Africa, the distance is relatively close, more closely linked. In addition, close to the "golden waterway" Malacca Strait also makes Malaysia has a unique advantage of traffic. Malaysia as a transit base for trade, its market radiation is more conducive to Chinese enterprises to go out to explore the international market.


Range of exhibition

commercial lighting, decorative lighting, outdoor lighting, home lighting, professional and industrial lighting (stage lights / tunnel lights / medical lighting / car), environmental lighting, roads, workshops, backlight, other lighting;


LED lighting, LED display and application products, LED components / accessories and raw materials, LED manufacturing equipment / machinery and related products, LED drivers and power supply, LED related products.


lighting equipment: LED, OLED, FEL, inorganic EL and other lighting equipment;


lighting manufacturing: lighting accessories and parts, lighting raw materials, lighting equipment and related manufacturing equipment, lighting modules and other related equipment;


inspection / testing / testing / evaluation equipment, components and materials, optical parts, power supply, cooling solutions

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