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2017 Middle East Dubai City, Architecture and Commercial Lighting Exhibition

Jun 18, 2017

2017 Middle East (Dubai) International City, Architecture and Commercial Lighting Exhibition

Show time: October 17-17, 2017

Venue: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center

Sponsor: Frankfurt (Dubai) Exhibition Company

China Group Exhibition: Shanghai Ying Yue Exhibition Services Limited

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Exhibition description:

     The annual Middle East (Dubai) International Lighting Exhibition (Light Middle East) is the exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany

One of the company's most well-known brand exhibition, but also the world's architectural lighting lighting industry, the largest and most influential, the most right

One of the professional exhibitions. The exhibition is held every year in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, during which a large number of lighting industry professionals to attend the exhibition or Visit.

 After the economic crisis, with the real estate recovery, increasing demand for building materials, lighting is particularly evident, the Dubai lighting industry is in the

High-speed development stage, in 2009 also took some of the ancient town of Zhongshan to visit the Dubai lighting market, when the Dubai lighting as long as the concentration

In the wood to Baza Street shop, now the Dragon City, wood to Bazaar, Sharjah Building Materials Street, Achiman and other markets have opened a lot of lighting shops.

There are more and more domestic enterprises to participate in the lighting industry in Dubai. It is reported that Dubai around the country, in recent years the development of real estate

Quickly, especially Saudi Arabia, construction projects have been more than Dubai, building materials products demand the most, and Saudi Arabia procurement lighting, most of them

Dubai move, interested in looking for cheap products of the Saudis, often back to Dubai's Long City, and wood to Bazaar, Sharjah and so on.

Last review:

    Dubai International Lighting Fair held for the annual session of the year, 2015 exhibition attracted a total of more than 300 exhibitors, of which China

Enterprises are still the most important exhibitors participating countries, exhibition area of nearly 500 square meters. In recent years, with the buyers of Chinese products recognized

More and more high degree of knowledge, the Chinese exhibitors of the product is also increasing the degree of popularity, including LED, interior lighting products

very popular. With the continuous increase in the number of professional visitors, the organizing committee is committed to the development of the Dubai Lighting Fair

Frankfurt lighting, the Guangzhou Lighting Fair in Guangzhou and other well-known lighting exhibition after another brand exhibition.


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