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2017 Singapore Asia LED and Lighting Fair

Jun 19, 2017

2017 Singapore Asia LED and Lighting Fair

Exhibition time: October 10, 2017

Venue: Singapore Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Center

Exhibition area: 10000 square meters

Number of Exhibitors: 250 (from more than 20 countries)

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Exhibition description:

Singapore LED and lighting industry professional exhibition

    2017 Asia LED and Lighting Fair will be held in 2017 with the Singapore Architectural Lighting + Design Conference held in the same period. 2016 Asia LED and Lighting Fair will be fully committed to the Singapore LED / OLED industry. During the show, many industry professionals will be on this platform to release the industry is very new technology, and provide a variety of opportunities to develop the international market, get to know important customers. The conference will be the perfect combination with the Singapore Architectural Lighting and Design Conference to achieve better results.

Southeast Asia LED / OLED industry, the ideal platform for the development

    Singapore is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. Here, LED and lighting industry is developing rapidly, is to expand overseas business and seek international cooperation opportunities in the market.

Green growth technology is the ultimate destination

   As a very attractive ASEAN area LED / OLED exhibition, Asia LED and Lighting Fair will provide an important technology platform for sustainable energy and energy saving lighting.

Scope of Exhibits:

Lighting Fixtures: Architectural Lighting Decorative Lighting Emergency Lighting Exterior Lighting Industrial Lighting Interior Lighting Landscape Lighting Performance Lighting Road Lighting Traffic Lighting Tunnel Lighting

Digital Display: Backlight Module Digital Logo System Display LED TV Flat Media Display Mobile Image Video Display Wall

Other: Automation Concise and General Lighting Fixtures Lighting Lighting Buildings Lighting Lighting Fixtures Lighting Incandescent Lamps and Halogen Lamps Intelligent Control Systems Lighting Electronics, Control and Solutions Lighting Fixtures Lighting Solutions Outdoor Lighting Stage Lighting Water Surface Lighting

Audience type:

    Architects Architects Associates Buildings Construction Contractors Construction Companies Distributors Electrical Engineers Facilities Managers Government Departments and Related Organizations Importers and Exporters Industry End Users Indoor and Outdoor Designers LED / OLED Manufacturers Lighting Consultants Researchers Retailers Experimental Agencies Wholesalers

The rise of the ASEAN Economic Community

    In December 2015, the ASEAN countries formally decided to set up the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). This represents the investment in the ASEAN countries into prime time. In the ASEAN region, there is a common market with 6.25 billion people. In 2014, consolidated gross domestic product (GDP) reached $ 2.6 trillion. At present, the ASEAN Economic Community has become the world's seventh largest economic community, Asia ranked third.

The total trade in the ASEAN region surged by $ 1 trillion from 2007 to 2014, most of which came from partners of the ASEAN Economic Community. At present, ASEAN has also become an investment destination, only in 2014, the region attracted a total of 136 billion US dollars of investment. It is expected that in 2050, the ASEAN Economic Community will be upgraded from the seventh to the fourth largest economic community.

best selling products:

1.2 Meters Continuous Line Lighting System For Supermarket Warehouse 130lm/W LED Continuous Linear Lighting System

1.2m High Brightness Seamless-joint Office Linear Module Lighting Fixtures

1.5M High Lumen and Unique Design Commercial Linear Pendant Lighting System