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2017 the 17th Iran International Lighting Technology Exhibition

Jun 19, 2017

Exhibition description

2017 the 17th Iran International Lighting Technology Exhibition

Time: November 4, 2017 Venue: Tehran International Exhibition Center

Europe and the United States announced the lifting of sanctions against Iran, welcome to participate in 2017

Middle East's largest Iranian international lighting technology exhibition

(This exhibition through the International Exhibition Alliance authority certification)


Iranian Department of Energy

Iranian Illuminations Association

- China Exclusive Agent -

  Guangzhou Bai Sheng Exhibition Services Limited



Exhibition description:

The Iranian International Lighting & Technology Exhibition is held annually by the Iranian Ministry of Energy and the Iranian Lighting Association. The total exhibition area of the largest exhibition in Iran, the largest exhibition area in 2016, is about 55,000 square meters. There are 12 museums , Exhibitors more than 800, gathered in Iran almost all well-known local lighting business, the national pavilions will include China, Germany, South Korea, India, Turkey, South Korea, 2017 China exhibition area of 1500 square meters, the Chinese exhibitors well-known Lighting companies, including Op and NVC lighting more than 40 companies, from more than 20 countries and regions around the world about 100000 spectators to visit, the Iranian Minister of Energy and lighting association Secretary-General attends this exhibition every year, the previous China Enterprises to participate in this exhibition have achieved good results, the exhibition site crowded, 80% exhibitors said they would continue to participate in this exhibition.




Market analysis:

 Middle East is rich in resources, high level of economic development. In recent years, the Middle East investment in infrastructure construction heat, forming a huge purchasing power, LED product market demand is also a substantial increase. Among them, Iran is China's LED lighting products in the Middle East's important export market.


The Middle East, with more than 300 million people, more than 650 million square kilometers of regional area, GDP total over 300 million US dollars, rich in resources, higher levels of economic development. In recent years, the Middle East investment in infrastructure investment, LED products market demand explosive growth.


The Middle East, including Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Israel and other countries, has a wealth of oil resources, well-funded, coupled with its strong demand for infrastructure investment, forming a huge purchasing power. Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries per capita GDP far more than China, such as Qatar 2014 per capita GDP ranked third in the world, Kuwait ranked second in the world, the UAE ranked the world 19, etc., this part of the country really called "rich oil." Often known as a variety of "trenches" in the middle of the prince who is indeed a wayward attitude in the public in the eyes of the public.


Since 2014, China's LED products exports in the Middle East year-on-year growth rate of 106.68%


Since 2010, China's LED top ten key areas of the Middle East market, the scale of exports of 273.7 million US dollars, an increase of 106. 68%, 2015 exports are expected to more than 570 million US dollars. LED products exported to the Middle East market are LED lighting, LED display, light-emitting diodes, lighting, spare parts and so on.


From the market in the Middle East, China's largest LED products exports are the Iranian market, export scale of 103 million US dollars, an increase of 178.88%; ranked second in the UAE market, exports of $ 80 million, an increase of 100.77% ; Export Saudi Arabia market $ 43 million, an increase of 54.77%. From the export of LED products in the Middle East countries growth situation, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria and other countries are maintained at 100% growth rate, rapid growth.


Since 2014, China's exports of LED lighting products in the Middle East increased by 210.67%


China's exports to the Middle East in 2014, LED lighting products reached 139 million US dollars, up to 210.67% year on year growth rate. The top three exporting countries were Iran ($ 44 million), the United Arab Emirates ($ 43 million), Saudi Arabia ($ 0.19 billion). From the growth point of view, China's LED lighting products exports to the Middle East market was explosive growth, including Iran (510.73%), Syria (470.23%), the highest growth rate. In addition to Israel, the remaining growth rate of more than 200%.


Middle East, the largest market in Iran - only 11% of LED lighting products from China


Since the Iranian LED lighting market since 2014, although Iran is China's LED lighting products in the Middle East region's largest export market, but China's LED lighting products accounted for only 11.02% of the Iranian market, the German products in the Iranian market share of the largest share of Compared with 66.14%, followed by the United Arab Emirates, China is only Iran's third largest importer, and the import scale is relatively small. Iran's market size is so big, where is the small Chinese partner?


Range of exhibition: 

(Including single-ended, double-ended, reflective, etc.); fluorescent lamps (including straight pipe, ring type, compact, high-grade, light-emitting diodes, (Infrared, etc.); high-frequency electrodeless lamp; neon lights; light-emitting diodes (LED) various types of transportation and signal lights (infrared, etc.); high-intensity discharge lamp (high pressure nano lamp, metal halide lamp, etc.) ;


Lamps and lanterns: flashlight, LED flashlight, LED lighting, industrial lighting, mining lamps, solar lighting, lighting lighting, indoor lighting, air purification and other environmental lights, public places lamps, embedded lamps, marine fluorescent lighting, marine explosion Lamps, road lighting, special vehicle signs lamps, explosion - proof lamps, underwater lighting, emergency lighting;


PCB / PCBA: printed circuit board (single-sided double-board multi-layer board); electronic components SMT


Professional lighting and ancillary equipment (neon lights, stage, film, TV lights): dimming control equipment and various types of light control devices (light control, voice control, infrared sensor devices, dimming table)


Lighting, electrical components supporting components, spare parts: all kinds of switches, wires, cables, relays, ballasts, triggers, transformers, insulation materials, electronic components, lamp holder,


Lighting products for the electrical materials: phosphor, electronic powder, quartz tube, glass tube (shell), electrical grade materials, tungsten wire and other special metal wire;


Outdoor lighting exhibition: outdoor / street lighting, architectural lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting, gym lighting, gardens, public places lighting, explosion-proof, industrial and mining lighting;


LED / OLED lighting: LED commercial lighting, LED building lighting, LED home lighting, LED hotel lighting, LED landscape lighting, LED public places lighting, LED car lighting, solar LED lights, LED drive power and control system

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