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2017 Vietnam International LED Lighting Exhibition

Jun 19, 2017

Exhibition time: 2017 September 28-30 (one year)

Venue: Hanoi ICE Exhibition Center

Supported by: Ho Chi Minh City Government, Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Trade

Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce, Vietnamese Building Association, Vietnam Lighting Association, Vietnam Construction Contractors Association

China Organizer: Shanghai Yueyang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

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Exhibition description:

    Vietnam LED / OLED lighting exhibition is Vietnam's largest lighting exhibition, show the latest technology and development trends. Is expected to attract from South Korea, China, Japan, Germany, France, the United States, India and other 350 exhibitors, 22,000 professional visitors to visit, the amount of transactions will reach 960 million US dollars.

The last show review: more than 20 countries, the number of professional audience of 18,000 people from 18 countries, nearly 250 exhibitors exhibitors. Turnover of $ 750 million.

    The next generation of lighting, especially LED lighting, is constantly improving and developing, these accumulated progress, is accelerating the LED in the daily lighting in the full application. With the development of the industry, more and more rich products, more and more related companies. The purpose of the Vietnam LED lighting exhibition is to discuss and display the latest lighting technology, applications and equipment for the next five years to specify the market direction.

    As the Vietnamese and Chinese institutions are similar, Chinese enterprises have the inherent advantages of the market. Participate in Vietnam Vietnam LED lighting exhibition allows you to close contact with the market, to explore and consolidate customers, to win market opportunities.

Market introduction:

    According to a recent study, geographically, China, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States represent the largest lighting products market, while the strongest annual growth rate is expected to occur in Vietnam (11.3%), even more than the United States (11.1% ).

After 25 years of economic liberalization, Viet Nam has extended its priority to sustainable development, which is threatening its non-renewable resources, leading to an imminent energy shortfall. By 2025 Vietnam is expected to have 70% of the electricity deficit.

Therefore, the government should immediately apply energy-saving technologies to commercial buildings, industrial facilities, street lighting and home lighting applications. With the continuous development of Vietnam, for the light-emitting diode lighting provides a huge potential market. Many new satellite areas are emerging, with the development of commercial areas, residential, hospitals, schools, retail, etc., these new construction projects for multinational manufacturers to provide a huge business opportunities.

    At present, LED and OLED lighting is a global hot industry, with the annual decline in the cost of the government and the strong push, LED lighting market continues to accelerate the pace of penetration and gradually expand the field. Similar to China, Vietnam has also identified energy conservation and emission reduction policies, one of the three most important measures is to develop the next generation of lighting. The Vietnamese government encourages overseas enterprises to invest in energy conservation projects and give incentives and tax incentives; encourage the use of new energy-efficient lighting technologies in new projects. Has been identified in the municipal works, are a considerable ratio of new energy-efficient lighting and lighting decoration needs.

Range of exhibition:

LED indoor and outdoor lighting: LED, OLED lighting landscape / exterior / interior / stage / goods / decorative lights / street / tunnel / emergency lights mining lights, stage lights, display, downlights, spotlights, Light bulbs, light bulbs, LED lights, energy saving lamps, table lamps, kitchen and toilet lights, floor lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, night lights,

LED advertising and signs: LED neon light, three-dimensional luminous characters, signs lights, special lights, etc .;

LED, OLED materials and modules: substrate materials, high purity gas, MO source and other raw materials; phosphor, lead, stent, silicone, lens and other packaging materials; LED epitaxial wafers, LED chips, digital tube, dot matrix LED , Cluster LED, SMD LED, high power LED and so on.

Solar - LED: solar lights, garden lights, lawn lamps, solar photovoltaic modules and components, solar semiconductor lighting efficient, intelligent control system.

LED traffic signal and lighting: traffic lights, pedestrian control lights, change information card, route control lights, subway lights, aviation lights, airport lights, aircraft lights, machine lights, barrier lights, lighthouse lights, safety lights,

LED car lights: car headlights, car rear lights, brake lights, car lights, car side lights, chassis lights, instrument lighting, interior lights, car audio lights, car reading lights,

LED display and backlight applications: LED display, LED backlight LCD display, laptop, LCD TV, etc .; manufacturing and testing equipment

Manufacture and testing equipment: etching / cutting / welding / packaging / washing machines, drinking fountains, detectors, sorting, MOCVD, detectors, detectors

LED industrial equipment exhibition area: MOCVD equipment, dispenser, solid crystal machine, color separation / spectrophotometer, LED cut foot machine, spectrum detector, moisture cabinet, cleaning equipment, clean room, clean clothes / gloves / mask, static Protection devices, air conditioning devices, dust removal equipment, such as LED industrial design and manufacturing and testing equipment.

best selling products:

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