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Canadian lighting exhibition in 2017

Jun 19, 2017

Exhibition time November 29-30, 2017

Location Canada, Toronto




IIDEXCanada-Light Canada Expo has successfully held 32 sessions, co-sponsored by the Canadian Ontario Decorative Design Association (ARIDO) and the US MMPI. Canadian lighting exhibition, whether from the exhibitors or the number of viewers from the number of views can be comparable with the United States LIGHTFAIR. In addition to the exhibition held in Canada Green Building Exhibition, Architectural Design Conference, home design exhibition. 2016 exhibition visitors to more than 30,000 people, of which more than 15,000 international buyers, exhibitors a total of 416 exhibitors around the world exhibitors, exhibition area of 200,000 square feet, held over the same period more than 50 forums. One of the world's leading brands are: CREE, Beta LED, GE Lighting Canada, Global Lighting, Kramer Lighting, LED City Toronto, LED Linear, Lightform, National LED, Oligo Lighting, Osram Sylvania, Philips Lighting. According to the organizers' survey data, 63% of the buyers have participated in the exhibition for four consecutive years, 60% of the audience intended to find new products at the show. In order to ensure the effect of exhibitors, the organizing committee of North American professional buyers reimbursement of traffic accommodation costs. The 33rd Canada International Lighting Fair looks forward to your participation!


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Market opportunity

The Canadian Federal Government on January 1, 2014 prohibits the use of inefficient bulbs began to take effect, is expected to promote energy efficiency higher lighting products (such as LED lights) in Canada's popularity.


Toronto City is expected to use ten years to complete the urban LED lighting transformation, to achieve 50% energy saving goals, to create LED energy-efficient lighting city.


In order to save energy, the Canadian government said that there are plans for some urban community street transformation, street lamps to replace the new energy-saving light bulbs, from the old high-pressure sodium bulb (HPS), changed to LED bulbs, the initial estimate can save up to 55% Electricity, as well as lower maintenance costs, but also for the community residents and the streets to bring a higher quality lighting system. Only the Canadian card city in the city to install up to 80,000 LED bulbs, then the entire Canadian market is a big business can not be ignored.


With the LED lighting applications gradually expanded, LED biological lighting to support the greenhouse cultivation and production of the key to improving revenue. Canada LED bio-lighting ushered in sales of more than 1.1 billion US dollars business opportunities.


in the international market under the influence of energy crisis, the world has gradually entered the "energy-saving era." Now in the government and the market under the dual impetus to environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction targets LED lighting in the field of public lighting quickly spread to commercial lighting, office lighting, home lighting market positive penetration, which also prompted LED in the global lighting The field of rising share, quickly into the LED lighting era. The United States and Canada to promote the implementation of LED subsidies policy the most successful, as long as the LED lighting products to the Energy Star certification, consumers can directly enjoy the purchase price of subsidies.


Market Overview

Sino-Canadian trade: Sino-Canadian trade in 2013 amounted to 54.5 billion US dollars, China's total investment plus more than 50 billion US dollars. China is the second largest trading partner, the second largest source of imports and the second largest export market, plus China is the second largest destination for overseas investment. China is also the largest investment destination in Asia.


Radiation Markets: The United States, Canada and Mexico form NAFTA North American Free Trade Area. In 2012, NAFTA covered the North American economy totaled about 19.2 trillion US dollars, the total trade between members amounted to 1.16 trillion Canadian dollars. Among them, the trade between Canada and the United States and Mexico amounted to $ 638.2 billion.

Canadian economy: Canada is one of the seven major industrial countries in the West, with economies of scale ranked ninth in the world. The economy is generally well run and has achieved economic growth for 16 consecutive years and has achieved a balanced budget for the last 11 years and has achieved fiscal surplus for 10 consecutive years. World Economic Forum "2007-2008 Global Competitiveness Report" shows that Canada in the world's most competitive 131 countries, ranked 13th. Canada is on the verge of three oceans, across six time zones, is the world's second largest country.


Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America, behind Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, Canada's largest city, financial center and industrial and commercial center, known as the Canadian economy. Toronto is the main gateway to North America, in the heart of North America's fastest growing economy, near the eastern United States industrial developed areas. Convenient international transport, five million people live in Toronto and the surrounding one-hour drive, just 90 minutes of aircraft voyage, from Toronto to reach 65% of North America living in cities and regions.


Range of exhibition

Home lighting, commercial lighting, decorative lighting, outdoor lighting, LED lighting, industrial lighting, solar lighting, environmental lighting, urban energy-efficient lighting, lighting accessories and switches, lighting control systems, installation technology and protection systems, lighting products, electronic components

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