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The 8th China (Yiwu) International LED Lighting Exhibition

Jun 20, 2017

Eighth 2017 China (Yiwu) International LED Lighting Exhibition


Time: September 28, 2017 - 30 days Venue: Yiwu International Expo Center


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Approved by: Yiwu Exhibition Management Office


Sponsor: Zhejiang Institute of lighting


Yiwu win - win Advertising Co., Ltd


Supported by: Yiwu Lighting & Lighting Industry Association


Acknowledgments Unit: Yiwu European Chamber of Commerce, Yiwu Korean Chamber of Commerce, Yiwu Arab Chamber of Commerce


Sponsor: Yiwu win-win Advertising Co., Ltd., Shanghai grid Germany Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Support media


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Exhibition background

  Yiwu market is the interpretation of Chinese business myth, the first half of 2015 Yiwu import and export volume contrarian growth of 42% year on year, can be described as thriving. Commodity Ocean, shopper paradise. Yiwu International Trade City market is one of the most advanced professional market, business of about 80,000, employing more than 20 million, daily traffic flow of 210,000 people. From around the world more than 10 million production enterprises more than 6,000 well-known brands here to show. Is the Chinese goods to the world and the world of goods to China's bridge. By the United Nations, the World Bank and other authoritative institutions as the world's largest small commodity wholesale market. Resident foreign businessmen more than 20,000 people, more than 3,000 foreign trade institutions, foreign entry and exit has reached 420,000 passengers / year. Commodities have been exported to the world 209 countries and regions. Yiwu City, the rise of commercial enterprises has become China's urban brand-name, the provinces and municipalities in Yiwu, the establishment of trade associations and trade agencies, product distribution throughout the country.


Wonderful Review

The last exhibition was held in Yiwu International Expo Center from March 27 to 20, 2016, and more than 1,000 kinds of new products from 283 enterprises in 13 provinces and cities in China and Taiwan and Hong Kong. Kyrgyzstan on the photoelectric, NVC, the Star Optoelectronics, OSRAM, Buddha, Yaming, Athena, Fielding, Epstein and other industry giants have debut. Three days of the show, received a total of 18,362 from home and abroad, of which 1106 foreign investors. The exhibition has been widely recognized by the industry, 83% of the exhibitors expressed their intention to participate in the next show.




 Exhibition: September 26-21, 2017


 Exhibition: September 28, 2017 - 30 days


 Retirement: September 30, 2017 afternoon

 Audience organization: 

We focus on the invitation of the professional audience will come from: the world's foreign trade organizations living in Yiwu representative office, the national foreign trade companies, provinces and municipalities Yiwu Chamber of Commerce, traders / import and export, agents / marketers, manufacturers and urban construction, transportation, urban lighting project Units, advertising production, real estate home improvement company, and other industries.


Printed 200,000 tickets through the organization to establish a domestic and foreign professional buyers database, sent to the hands of professionals, and in the national professional exhibitions and large professional market distribution, invited exhibitors to visit. The use of telephone, fax, e-mail, text messages and visit the form of peer-to-peer invitation to the professional audience; to television, newspapers, magazines, websites and outdoor billboards and other promotional media on the exhibition for a full range of publicity reports.


Range of exhibition

LED lighting products: LED chip, LED lamp beads, LED outdoor lighting, LED indoor lighting, LED flat lights, LED bulb, LED stage lights, LED display, LED advertising light, LED light logo, LED light bar, LED Lamp cups, LED modules, LED power supply and control systems, LED packaging and testing equipment;


outdoor lighting: street lamps, solar lights, solar lights, public places lamps, architectural lighting, mining lamps, tunnel lights, garden lights, lawn lights, landscape lights, guardrail lights, explosion-proof lights, floodlights, buried lights, Wind energy lighting, urban lighting monitoring and management system;


interior lighting: hotel lighting, commercial lighting, energy saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, crystal lamps, downlights, spotlights, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, grille lights, cast light, lamp, craft lights, kitchen lights, , Light bar, etc .;


various types of light: LED LED, fluorescent energy-saving lamps, high and low frequency electrodeless lamps, halogen lamps, high-intensity discharge lamp, laser lights,


stage lighting: laser lights, moving head lights, projection lamps, film and television lighting, light control devices and dimming equipment;


(Metal, ceramic, plastic, crystal) accessories, glass tube (shell), various parts (hardware, ceramics, plastic, crystal) accessories, glass tube (shell), all kinds of hardware, , Electrical grade lighting related electrical products;


production equipment: LED packaging and testing equipment (Mounter, dispenser, solid crystal machine, wire feeder, cutting machine, color separation / spectrophotometer, spectrum detector, etc.), fluorescent lamp manufacturing equipment, Rod molding equipment, accessories processing equipment.

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