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2017 Argentina International Lighting Fair

Jun 21, 2017

Basic Information:

Time: 2017/9/12 to 2017/9/16

Venue: La Rural Exhibition Center in Buenos Aires

Sponsor: Frankfurt, Germany Exhibition Group

Sponsor: Messe Frankfurt, Germany

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Scope of Exhibits:

Lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures and components, control parts, fixed parts, emergency lights, industrial lights, outdoor lighting, lighting, fittings, Lamps, stage and entertainment lights, rectifiers, measuring instruments, design software.


2017 Argentina International Lighting and Building Technology Exhibition (BIEL light + building Buenos Aires) began in 1987, two years, has been successfully held 15 sessions. As the largest international lighting and lighting products exhibition in South America, the exhibition merged with the original Buenos Aires International Electronics and Lighting Fair, entered the capacity and connotation of the Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Exhibition, as South Korea's important exhibition The Argentina is the second largest country in South America, Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the political, economic and cultural center, known as "South America Paris" reputation, is South America's largest and most prosperous business and industrial center, but also The country's transportation center and external sea and air ports, focusing on Argentina's two-thirds of the country's industrial output and nearly half of the gross national product.

2010 Argentina International Lighting and Building Technology Exhibition exhibition area of more than 40,000 square meters, more than 50,000 professional visitors. Gathered in 403 exhibitors, Germany, the United States, Spain and Italy and other countries are exhibiting in the form of pavilions, which come from Germany's well-known brands are Oslang, ABB, Schneider, Philips, fully demonstrated the German exhibitors of the exhibition The attention. The audience from 34 countries and regions, a total of 40,709 Chinese and foreign professional visitors to visit. During the exhibition, the exhibition atmosphere was warm, exhibitors and customers to discuss enthusiastic, significant effect of the transaction, the show was widely praised. Welcome to register as early as possible or visit the most competitive international exhibition in South America.

best selling products:

LED Panel Light With Daylight Sensor Function By White Profile 18W/36W/40W/48W/60W TUV CE

600x600 2'x2' 40W UL LED Panel Light

600x1200 2'x4' 72W UL LED Panel Light GL-PL6012 (600x1200 2'x4'UL LED Panel Light)

IP65 Waterproof LED Panel Light

IP67 Waterproof LED Panel Light