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2017 Australian Electricity & Lighting Exhibition

Jun 21, 2017

Basic Information:

Show time: 2017/6/28 to 2017/6/29

Venue: Melbourne, Australia Exhibition Center

Organizer: Australia Orvis Exhibition Group

Organizer: Australia Orvis Exhibition Group

Scope of Exhibits:

Electricity: transmission and distribution equipment; power generation equipment; solar energy, wind power and other power generation equipment; power dispatching system equipment;


And testing of electrical equipment and equipment; power communications equipment; power / electrical products production equipment; building electrical and mechanical


Electric power equipment; power transmission; electrical and electronic; wire and cable;


Lighting: LED lighting; LED display; LED advertising light source; lighting control, management system; decorative lighting; professional


Lighting; hotel engineering lighting and so on

LED Linear high bay .jpg


2016 has been successfully held, to Germany, Japan, New Zealand, India, China, more than 10 countries such as the Senate


Exhibitors and 1,500 professional visitors to participate in this event, has become Australia's largest lighting exhibition.

2017 Australian Electricity and Lighting Exhibition is Australia's most watched professional industry event, then hosted


Will invite the Australian National Electricity and Telecommunications Association (NECA), the Australian Energy Market Authority (AEMO),


Association of Australian Lighting Industry Association (ALIA) and other relevant units and member units to participate in the exhibition, held a forum


With display products.




In the early days of the reform of the Australian Electricity Market (NEM), power industry restructuring, power generation and electricity sales were introduced.


, The privatization of state-owned power generation and transmission and distribution assets, the promotion and expansion of regional interconnection and other basic principles. Australian national electricity


Force Market (NEM) has more than 200 large power generation companies, five state power grids and 14 major distribution networks, 900


Yu million users to provide electricity services, accounting for about 89% of the total electricity.


Australian lighting market in recent years, sudden emergence. From 2010 onwards, Australia on chandeliers, ceilings and walls


Wall electrical lighting device import demand, the annual rate of 30% continued to rise to 2013 has reached 364 million


The dollar. In the first half of 2013, Australia's imports of luminous signs and nameplate and other related products totaled $ 100 million


, An increase of 56.9%, the most important thing is that China's share of the market share continues to grow, has now become Australia


The main source of lighting for the country.


The organizers will invite the Australian National Electricity and Telecommunications Association (NECA), the Australian Energy Market Authority


(AEMO), the Australian Lighting Industry Association (ALIA) and other institutions of the relevant person in charge and member units to participate in the exhibition,


Hold the forum and display products. The Australian Electric and Lighting Show in 2015 attracted a total of from Germany, Japan, New West


Blue, India, China and other 15 countries, nearly 100 exhibitors and 1,200 professional visitors. 2016 Australian electricity


Force lighting exhibition and the Australian solar energy and energy storage exhibition held in conjunction with the Solar, in the new session of the show,


The scale of the exhibition has been further expanded, and the theme of lighting has been added. With the strength of the organizers, I believe must


To attract lighting exhibitors from all over the world to participate in the exhibition, so that the exhibition will be a deeper level of improvement;

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