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2017 South African Trade Week

Jun 22, 2017

Basic Information:

Show time: 2017/6/25 to 2017/6/27

Venue: Johannesburg, South Africa

Sponsor: Dubai MIE International Exhibition Group, Shanghai Gebo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Scope of Exhibits:

Glass and ceramic products / plastic / hardware

Glassware, glassware, glassware, glassware, crystal ornament vase, crystal ornaments, heat-resistant glass tableware, cooking utensils, tea sets, goblet, crystal decorative painting; modern life porcelain, decorative art porcelain Life with plastic products, lighting lamps, decorative use

Lights, LED lights, hardware tools, and so on

Household appliances and consumer electronics

TV, audio consumer electronics (mobile phones, computers, video surveillance, security), etc.; TV, audio, consumer electronics (mobile phones, computers, video surveillance, security), etc.

Home textiles / daily necessities and clothing

Home furnishings, bedding, food and kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies, household cleaning supplies, boutique furniture, outdoor furniture, leisure furniture, decorative fabrics, cutlery, carpets, tapestries, decorative paintings, clothing

Gift stationery / toys and sporting goods

Gifts, accessories, electronic gifts, jewelry, watches and clocks, smoking utensils, beauty care products; stationery and office supplies, stationery, toys, theme parks, recreational equipment, sports equipment, travel goods

Food & Beverage

Tableware, beverages, napkins, disposable lunch boxes, cutlery, etc.

Plastic Products

Woven bags, heavy duty bags, heat-resistant bags, turnover boxes, trays, boards, partitions, shelves, containers, indoor and outdoor partitions, decorative pieces, furniture panels, tables and chairs, garden fences, decorative doors and windows, pipe, Materials, etc., film, shopping bags, garbage bags, trash cans, fruit trees and other bags

Medical machinery

China Trade Week (China Trade Week), is the MIE Group in China, "a way along the" strategic context, the integration of international resources to "quality goods" as the theme of trade fairs. As a brand exhibition for the promotion of Chinese goods in the Middle East and Africa, the exhibition has successfully settled in the United Arab Emirates, Kenya and Iran. More than 5,000 Chinese and foreign enterprises and governments participating in China Trade Week are the leading Chinese goods in the Middle East and Africa region. Display platform.

June 29, 2016 to July 1, China Trade Week in Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya International Convention Center held a grand exhibition, exhibitors and exhibitors alike. In addition, the exhibition is the "African Union (African Union)" official support, and known as the "African Canton Fair." Under the call of the "African Union", in order to further implement the "China-Africa 10 Cooperation Program" to strengthen pragmatic cooperation in the field of economic and trade in China and Africa to help Chinese enterprises in-depth understanding of the African countries market, help our advantage " China Trade Week will enter South Africa, Ghana, and Ethiopia and other African markets, the Chinese high-quality goods in depth to more Middle East markets, and jointly promote China's economic and trade development in Africa.

South Africa SAITEX International Trade Show is South Africa's largest integrated trade exhibition, attracting more than 600 exhibitors from around the world each year, the number of visitors more than 12,000 people. Since the first session in 1993 has been held 23 sessions. In 2016, the original Organizing Committee EMS Exhibition Company merged with Dubai DMG Exhibition Company, which was hosted by DMG EMS Africa, DMG South Africa.

The 24th South Korea SAITEX International Trade Fair in 2017 will be jointly organized with CTW China Trade Week. The exhibition will be divided into five major themes: hardware building materials, hotel supplies, food and beverage, and other comprehensive categories. South Africa SAITEX International Trade Show has been a large number of high-quality professional audience. Enterprises and exhibits from China are very popular at the show, the number of professional visitors, companies have said to achieve the desired results.

2016 South Africa SAITEX International Trade Show attracted 342 countries and regions from 652 exhibitors, the number of visitors reached 12,480 people. The audience comes from 72 countries and regions. 89% of the audience for professional buyers, wholesalers and agents. 81% of the audience said the show "not to be missed", at the show on the harvest. The audience have said they will continue to participate in the next exhibition. The last exhibition exhibited a net area of more than 2000 square meters, enterprises from Zhejiang, Hebei, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong and other provinces, of which more than 70% of enterprises more than 2 consecutive exhibitors.

Organizing Committee

DMG International Exhibition is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is an exhibition in the exhibition has a wealth of experience in the international exhibition company. Organize exhibitions around the world, each year more than 1,000 market leading trade fairs, such as consumer goods, hotel supplies and other trade shows, published more than 60 kinds of newspapers and magazines, catalogs and market reports. The company's global network is located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Britain, Canada, Brazil, France, China, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East and other 38 countries with offices in various regions.

MIE Group is a professional service in the Middle East market institutions, mainly engaged in overseas international exhibition organization and service work of professional exhibition company. The company operates all kinds of top exhibitions and conferences in the Middle East, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, South Africa and North Africa, and has established close ties with the local government and organizing committee And good long-term relationship. MIE Group is committed to the CTW project, has successfully held Kenya, Iran Trade Week, and in the local access to a very large response, in the two exhibition companies under the powerful combination, 2017 SAITEX @ CTW International Exhibition is bound to become you can not Missed platform.


Show highlights

  1. The largest in southern Africa: The 24th South Korea SAITEX International Trade Show in 2017 will be divided into five categories: hardware building materials, hotel supplies, food and beverage, and other integrated four main themes, jointly organized by CTW China Trade Week. And the whole of Africa's largest integrated trade show, Gallagher International Convention and Exhibition Center 5 all the opening of the exhibition hall, exhibition area of 25,000 square meters. Four major themes on display, is bound to produce economies of scale, to create the southern region of the annual international trade event event.

2. The exhibition has a long history and rich accumulation: South Africa SAITEX International Trade Exhibition began in 1993, so far has been 23, has accumulated a wealth of buyers resources, has been deeply rooted in the local people, with high visibility. With the development of the times, the exhibition continues to introduce new and expand the breadth and depth of the exhibition content. In 2016, the Organizing Committee merged with Dubai DMG Exhibition Company to make the historic SAITEX International Trade Show in South Africa.

3. Professional buyers a large number: Exhibition Organizing Committee focus on the invitation of professional merchants, each year gathered a large number of professional wholesalers, buyers and agents to visit, which hotel supplies sector will debut in 2017, South Africa is the only Professional hotel supplies exhibition activities, the organizing committee will be a large number of channels through a large number of local and neighboring countries to invite buyers to attend, in 2017 is expected to more than 13,000 professional visitors.

4. Professional support activities to help enterprises to find business opportunities: the organizing committee will be held during the exhibition a number of supporting activities to help exhibitors and buyers to obtain more detailed and accurate information, to establish contact. Activities include buyers clubs: the most powerful buyers in Africa; retail forums: organizing exhibitors and buyers forums to explore industry frontier information, grasp the future trends and opportunities; entrepreneur awards ceremony: organize business competition, encourage and Found the most competitive local business in South Africa. In addition, CTW China Trade Week Organizing Committee will also be exhibitors to do buyers in advance to match, to ensure that the number of high-quality buyers on-site, so as to bring more business opportunities for exhibitors.

5. Chinese enterprises special match: the same time, "China - South Africa business exchange matchmaking", for the South African exhibitors to the Chinese enterprises, invited the local buyers, traders and distributors to negotiate trade cooperation , To achieve effective resources docking.

Country Introduction

South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, east of the Indian Ocean, west of the Atlantic Ocean, north of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland, and Lesotho is surrounded by South African territory. The coastline is 3000 kilometers long. Most of the country is a tropical grassland climate. South Africa is a middle-income developing country and the most economically developed country in Africa. Nationals have a higher standard of living, and the economy is relatively stable compared to other African countries. Natural resources are very rich. Financial, legal system is relatively perfect, communications, transportation, energy and other infrastructure is good. Mining, manufacturing, agriculture and services are more developed, is the four pillars of the economy, deep well mining and other technologies in the world's leading position, gold, diamond production accounted for the world's first. But the national economy departments, regional development is uneven, urban and rural, black and white dual economic characteristics. As of 2012, South Africa has a total population of 51.77 million. South Africa has a free trade system and is a founding member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The EU and the United States are traditional trading partners in South Africa, but in recent years with Asia, the Middle East and other regions of the trade is also growing. According to the South African Bureau of Taxation statistics, 2013 imports and exports of goods amounted to 990 million US dollars, of which exports 95.1 billion US dollars, imports 102.8 billion US dollars, the trade deficit of 7.7 billion US dollars. Unique geographical environment: east of the Indian Ocean, South Africa is the only natural harbor, the largest comprehensive harbor, is also the world's 14 largest busiest port.

Why Johannesburg?

South Africa's largest city: Johannesburg area of about 269 square kilometers, is South Africa's largest city and economic center, is also the largest city in southern Africa, is the world's largest gold center. More than half of the population is black. Population of about 115 million.

Economic center: In the Enghini language, Johannesburg is called "Iraq high than", meaning "gold". It forms the center of economic activity in South Africa together with other areas of the Gauteng province (the "golden land" of the Soto language). Located in the heart of the world's largest gold mining area and the economic center of South Africa. There are more than 60 gold mines in the vicinity of the 240-kilometer area, and there are many industrial and mining cities around, accounting for about half of South Africa's total industrial output.

Johannesburg ranks the world's most powerful city: Johannesburg was named the world's 33 most economically strong city, but also Africa's most economic strength of the city first. The top three are London, New York and Hong Kong.

Rich natural resources: Johannesburg mineral rich, gold, platinum, antimony, diamond, asbestos production and uranium, manganese, chromium, fluorite reserves rank the forefront of the world, as well as coal, iron, copper, aluminum, zinc and so on. The mining industry is the main pillar of national income. The main industrial sectors are food, leather, textile, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy and so on.

China - Africa economic exchanges

The People's Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa established diplomatic relations on January 1, 1998. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the bilateral trade in bilateral relations has increased rapidly. China is South Africa's largest trading partner, South Africa is China's largest trading partner in Africa. Bilateral trade volume in 2011 was US $ 59.9 billion, up by 31.8% year-on-year. As of the end of 2012, I invested $ 4.23 billion in South Africa and $ 640 million in South China. China mainly exports electrical and electronic products to the south, textile products and metal products, mainly from the south of imported mineral products.

South Africa, South Africa cooperation has become China's "one way along the way" an important part of the strategy!

Li Keqiang: Encourage enterprises to participate in the investment and construction of the South African Special Economic Zone, energy infrastructure enterprises benefit.

Sino-South cooperation has become an important part of China's strategy along the way, the South African market will become an important export capacity of China's domestic exports. The future cooperation with China and South Africa continued to increase, Chinese enterprises are expected to fully involved in South Africa's marine economy, energy, manufacturing and other areas of development and special economic zones in the construction work, and is expected to open up its African market constitutes a strong support. Benefit from this, the domestic foreign contracted engineering enterprises, machinery and equipment export enterprises are expected to get a broad space for development.

Benefit from the continuous deepening of Sino-South cooperation, China's energy, infrastructure and other related industries are expected to get a new market space.

1, Fuxing Xiao Cheng in 2014 successfully entered the South African market, and many successful bidder local power grid equipment, power generation and water supply and other areas of the project.

2, China Railway China and the largest bank in South Africa Standard Bank to discuss 30 billion US dollars of high-speed rail project signed a memorandum of understanding, will be in the African railway and infrastructure projects to cooperate.


South African market

"We have many advantages: good infrastructure, cheap electricity and labor, and our agreements with other markets in the world." The South African government hopes and encourages Chinese companies, "the South African Trade and Industry Minister said at the China-Africa Cooperation Forum. In the textile technology, textile equipment and other light industry and other areas of cooperation.

Rich tourism resources: tourism is currently one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa, the output value of 8.7% of GDP, employing 1.4 million people. Rich in tourism resources, facilities. There are more than 700 hotels, more than 2800 large and small hotels, hotels and more than 10,000 restaurants. The main tourist spots are concentrated in the northeastern part of the east and the south coast. Ecotourism and folk tourism are the two most important growth points in South Africa's tourism industry. June 11, 2010 to July 11, the 19th World Cup finals race held in South Africa, a strong pull of the South African tourism industry. There were 9.11 million foreign tourists traveling to South Africa in 2012.

Policy support: South Africa is a politically stable open market, the United States and the European Union in the textile and garment exports to give preferential treatment in South Africa, according to the GSP to the United States duty-free exports of 460 kinds of goods, and five of which can be duty-free, quota-free. If the production and export of textiles in South Africa, China's textile market share of Europe and the United States will be further expanded for China's textile industry in Europe and the United States market opportunities.

Light industry market potential unlimited: At present, many of China's light industrial enterprises product backlog, overcapacity, some due to product obsolescence, can not meet the needs of today's Chinese consumer market, and just by the black masses warm welcome; some repeat construction, the domestic market have saturation. For China's light industrial products, has not yet developed the largest overseas market seems only the African continent.

Huge building materials market: the South African government to invest heavily in infrastructure construction, construction of civil engineering, expansion of the building materials industry to bring a huge market demand, and in the past, South Africa, most of the building materials imported from Europe and the United States, but the price is generally more expensive; In other words, Chinese products have a lot of space, whether it is from the product variety, grade, or price, China's building materials, production equipment and construction machinery are highly competitive market, with great trade potential.

Durban construction projects, driven by Durban furniture, home decoration and hotel development, the prospects for optimism: the North invested 1.4 billion on the Mocheer project, including the Gatwick integrated shopping malls and the surrounding parking, industrial plants, residential buildings, Trade malls and tourist facilities;

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