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2017 Turkey International LED and LED lighting exhibition

Jun 23, 2017

Exhibition date 2017-10-06 to 2017-10-09

Exhibition of the city of Istanbul

Exhibit at the Istanbul IFM Exhibition Center

Hall name Istanbul IFM Exhibition Center



MARMARA is one of the leading organizers of the exhibition in Turkey. Its well-known brand exhibition --- Led & Lighting has been supported by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. It is the only professional LED exhibition in Turkey and the most influential local Force of the lighting exhibition.

Last exhibition: 10.1-4 in 2015, at the IFM exhibition center in Istanbul 9,10,11 exhibition hall successfully exhibited, this exhibition a total of nearly 300 exhibitors on display, of which 122 international manufacturers, they were from 18 Countries and regions of the United States, Italy, Germany, Finland, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Egypt, Canada, Slovenia, Greece and other countries, 4 days of the show a total of 21236 professional visitors, There are 78 exhibitors in China this year, exhibitors show debut, compared to more than 60 in 2014, a substantial increase of 25%, many exhibitors have said that the next year will continue to exhibit, very optimistic about this market, Chinese enterprises exhibitors, and high quality The huge market demand for the audience is inseparable.

I as the Organizing Committee designated as the official agent, has been exhibiting for three consecutive years, in the Chinese special equipment exhibitors, of which three exhibitors through the Division I exhibitors, exhibitors will be provided to the Division I booth location and exhibitors Reception service are very satisfied, 16 years we will continue to tour exhibitors.

Range of exhibition:

LED lighting: LED lights / tunnel lights, LED outdoor / indoor lighting, LED traffic / car lights, LED lamps; LED chips, LED power, LED drivers, epitaxial wafers, Lei wafer and related substrate

LED display: outdoor / indoor display, full color / color / monochrome display, control system, LED / LCD TV;

LED advertising light source: luminous characters, logo, signs, modules, light boxes, light bar, guardrail tube, neon lights, controllers, etc .;

LED package and supporting materials: SMD LED, high power LED, digital tube, dot matrix module, silicone, epoxy glue, phosphor, substrate, IC

LED backlight: (cell phone, MP3, DVD, LCD, computer, etc.) backlight;

LED manufacturing equipment and test equipment: Dianjiao Ji, solid crystal machine, wire bonders, color separation / splitter machine, cut foot machine, spectrum detector, purification equipment;

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), LD (Laser Diode), EL (Cold Light Source), Laser Sensor, and the like.

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