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The industry's first D-optic LED headlamps

Jun 26, 2017

To improve the driver's forward vision, recently, Magna launched the D-optic LED headlights, and for the major vehicle manufacturers to provide customized models to choose from.

To improve the driver's forward vision, recently, Magna launched the D-optic LED headlights, and for the major vehicle manufacturers to provide customized models to choose from. The D-optic lamp is the industry's first, it integrates a number of high-power LED lights and injection molding high-precision prism in one, fully demonstrated the next generation LED headlamps high performance, low energy consumption advantage.

In the field of automotive application development, D-optic headlamps appear to be different, not only have a wide range of size adaptability, and can be customized according to the specific shape of the vehicle. In addition, the LED light source and the number of prisms can also be seen in the specific design appropriate increase or decrease. The former headlamps are expected to be on the market in 2018 with the new Chevrolet Traverse.

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John O ' Hara, chief executive of the Magna Lock-in and mirroring system, said: "The vehicle manufacturers have been looking for ways to revolutionize car models and improve car performance and efficiency." Our headlights team is delighted to work closely with the Chevrolet vehicle team to carry D-optic headlights on the all-new Chevrolet Traverse with a customised solution. ”

According to the introduction, the D-optic prism has four kinds of preselection configuration, each configuration corresponds to a performance focus, so the vehicle manufacturers can customize the overall lamp performance according to their preference, whether it is near-distance lighting, "soft light" lighting or lighting distance maximization can be achieved. Magna can meet all user performance requirements through multiple D-optics prism combinations.

The traditional headlight optical system is usually composed of many parts, and the geometrical shape and assembly position of each part is very high, and the D-optics Prism is composed of a single component. The prism's material uses high temperature resistant acrylic resins, and after the injection molding, transparency meets the requirements of high performance optical headlamps.

This high-precision prism is used in close coupling with 1x1 LEDs, with a spacing of only 300 microns (equivalent to the needle size). Through the close coupling between the light source and the prism, the optimal balance between the performance and the energy efficiency of the lamp is achieved by combining it into a specific illumination mode. In addition, the 1x1 LED headlights do not require active cooling, thus providing an additional advantage over other headlights in the market.

D-optic headlights also have the advantage of saving energy. LEDs have the highest energy efficiency and longer life spans than other light sources. Compared to the high brightness gas discharge lamp, LED lamp energy saving 40%, compared to halogen bulbs, LED lamp energy-saving effect can be increased by nearly 60%.

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