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Small power has been the Red Sea market, high power will be entering the Red Sea

Jun 26, 2017

In recent years, the LED industry reshuffle has always been visible, the industry price war is round and round, constantly rolling small scale, product cost-effective enterprises, which in the LED drive industry is also the most thoroughly.

 Compared to the chip package, the Driving power field is presented by the large and constant, but also the characteristics of the rookie constantly in. Although all in the LED industry, but the shape of the LED-driven field appears somewhat different. Old-scale enterprises in the past after the IPO, transformation and upgrading into other emerging areas than the LED other links are much easier.

 Small power has been the Red Sea market, high power will be entering the Red Sea

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has been led drive and its function, is to make the behind the bright side of the supporters, the industry's attention to the power supply is not like the LED chip packaging lighting such attention to the heat, so the LED ring for the power market understanding and not like packaging, chip end so familiar.


About the current led driving power in the entire led industry into a big shuffle stage, the current status of the power supply. Ming Jinxiang said, "LED drive power has been a large power and small power division, the current two mainly presented as high-power participation in the enterprise, and small power entrants continue." Because high-power relative to small power regardless of capital or technical threshold is relatively high, so many new entrants in the past are in the field of small power. ”


But Jinxiang also said that although the current led power market is not as strong as small power so fierce, but has seen a lot of enterprises began to cut into the high-power field, the expected future of high-power market will be more and more fierce. On the contrary, small power market may slowly gradually concentrated, and finally developed to put some weak, product line is not wide enough small enterprises to eliminate out.

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This market change, for the Ming-weft power supply, because the past advantage has been in the high-power market, this will certainly bring a little impact, but Jinxiang said that Ming's performance as always in maintaining a stable growth, as long as the company adhere to good product development direction and control quality, the future market will not be too big impact.


Because of this, in the past large-scale reshuffle of the market environment, still billion lighting or continue to maintain a stable growth, according to the survey body published data show that Ming current power sales are the second world, the company led part of the contribution of more than 40%.


To power the DOB, the final application is biased to the small power market


DOB began to "go to power" debut, as the name implies is not directly connected to power supply, which is revolutionary for power enterprises, but also because DOB products have been in the led behind the drive power on the stage. Now dob in the LED is not a strange noun, in recent years, whether domestic or foreign enterprises are in the layout, and the product also began to penetrate into some markets slowly, replace some small power supply market.


In this regard, Jinxiang said that still pay close attention to the trend of the industry's development, and that in a short period of time DOB will not form a mass market size, but the future is likely to become mainstream.


Intelligent lighting upgrade, but no batch trend in the short term


With the increasingly extensive application of Internet technology, the international lighting giant Philips Lighting, Osram, GE have moved to the intelligent lighting market, intelligent lighting has become the main battlefield of the era of LED lighting.


The Guangya exhibition Many manufacturers have exhibited intelligent lighting products, although the three giants did not come to the exhibition but the 2017 since the smart lighting layout is obvious. Where are the opportunities for power producers as smart lighting begins to mount?


In this respect, Jinxiang said that the intelligent lighting is a trend will eventually go to what situation and how the market development, because the current different schemes have different manufacturers have different concepts, there is no unified standard, more applications have not been promoted, but slowly will form a trend.

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