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2017 Seattle Electric and Lighting Show

Jun 27, 2017

Basic Information:

Time: 2017/10/7 to 2017/10/10

Venue: Seattle Exhibition Center, USA

Sponsor: American Electrical Contractors Association

Undertaker: American Electrical Contractor Association

Range of exhibition:

Professional lighting: interior lighting, outdoor lighting, street lighting, public places lighting, architectural lighting, advertising lighting, engineering lighting,


Factory lighting, mining lighting, emergency lighting, solar lights.

Decorative lighting: chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, crystal and so on.

LED lighting and applications: LED semiconductor lighting, LED package / module, LED components and materials, LED manufacturing / testing equipment.

Professional lighting: neon lights, stage, movies, TV lights and so on.

Light source: incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, gas discharge lamp, fluorescent lamp and so on.

Lighting accessories: shades, reflectors, switches, sockets, ballasts, capacitors, wires, cables, lamp holders, lampholders, electronic components, Light plate, bracket, line with the device.

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Exhibition Overview:

The October 2017 American Lighting and Electricity Fair is one of the exhibitions in the US lighting industry. Held in 2012 for the first time


5412 professional buyers come to the scene, and showed a rising trend year by year. The show has been hailed as "to the world to provide light and electricity"


Exhibition. The exhibition is held every year in the United States. In 2014 the exhibition was held in Chicago, a total of more than 300 participants


Exhibitors, of which more than 50 exhibitors for the professional lighting companies, including some of the internationally renowned brands such as GE, and lighting production


The product accounted for more than 50% of the exhibits. In 2014, a total of 6626 professional buyers were received.

The exhibition has no previous Chinese lighting business exhibitors, can be said to be a bare hand to hot virgin land. Exhibition demand for lighting products continue


Rise, the number of professional buyers continue to rise, you will enter the North American market choice! American Seattle International Electric Lighting Show every


Year tour in different cities (Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles).


Warm tips, Chinese exhibitors must have UL certification. Commitment to the development of the North American market as soon as possible to join our team!

Market introduction:

China as the world's energy-saving lamps manufacturing country, nearly 80% of exports, the United States has become the main export market for Chinese products.

US imports of LED products in the country, the proportion of China reached 70.50%, the amount of about 420 million US dollars, the United States procurement of LED


Lighting and display mainly from China, as well as Mexico, South Korea, Canada and other countries, but the proportion of less.

US energy ministry on January 14 report released, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting demand increased by 7.4% per year.


As one of the global lighting market, the huge potential of the US LED market size may be clear that the entire overseas LED market is welcome


To the rapid expansion period. US Department of Energy report is expected in 2016, the overall size of the US lighting market will reach 25.1 billion US dollars. United States


The market for Chinese companies is the overseas market, comparable to the whole of Europe. Beginning in January 2012, the United States to phase out incandescent


Bubble, replace the replacement with energy-saving light bulbs. The United States as a global energy consumer, the international energy supply long-term tension, the US economy


Health important impact, energy conservation has become an important national policy of the United States.

New led products:

LED Panel Light With Daylight Sensor Function By White Profile 18W/36W/40W/48W/60W TUV CE

White Aluminum Profile LED Microwave Motion Sensor Panels 18W/6W/40W/48W Light With TUV CE& RoHs

IP67 Waterproof LED Panel Light