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2017 Thailand Bangkok LED lighting lighting exhibition

Jun 28, 2017

Basic Information:

Time: 2017/11/16 to 2017/11/18

Venue: BITEC Bangkok International Convention and Exhibition Center

Sponsor: Guangzhou Yongong Exhibition Co., Ltd

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Range of exhibition

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2017 Thailand (Bangkok) International Lighting Exhibition Thailand Lighting Fair

BITEC Bangkok International Convention and Exhibition Center

Market Overview

With the Thai government to promote energy-efficient lighting and LED lighting prices gradually decline, LED lighting demand is increasing. According to statistics, the total value of the Thai lighting market in 2014 amounted to 800 million US dollars, up 12% over 2013, while the LED product growth rate of up to 50%. Thai lighting market potential is infinite, and Thailand International Lighting Fair is your best platform to enter the Thai market! Thailand Lighting Fair Looking forward to you! Thailand is an important Asian economy, but also ASEAN member states, "The Wall Street Journal" as its second largest economy in Southeast Asia, second only to Indonesia. With the strong economic growth in Thailand, sports venues, municipal plaza, road traffic, airports, schools, supermarkets, banks and other construction and transformation in full swing, Thailand has a great demand for LED lighting equipment. In recent years, Thailand's GDP continued to grow, but Thailand's industrial base is weak, most of the industrial products need to import, China is an important importer of Thailand, and was increasing year by year, including lighting and LED imports is an important component. 2010 China and ASEAN Free Trade Area open, both sides have 1.9 billion population and 6 trillion US dollars of gross domestic product, the world's largest, Chinese enterprises to enter ASEAN to enjoy zero tariffs, and Thailand as an important member of ASEAN, Chinese enterprises to develop ASEAN market Of the first choice. Bilateral trade volume in 2011 reached a record $ 362.85 billion.



Thailand International Lighting Fair is Thailand's most influential international professional lighting exhibition. With the German Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition and the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition of high-quality exhibitors and audience resources, coupled with local and overseas partners in Thailand, the close contact between the organizers will work together to create a world-class event, Qi Li to build the preferred regional business platform in Thailand. The total exhibition area in 2016 reached 10,000 square meters, an increase of 43% over the previous year. Attracted 198 exhibitors from mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, the United States, South Korea and Malaysia. Among them, the industry's leading exhibitors such as Philips, LED Korea, NEX Inotec, TP HALO, K. Bright, LED Spectrum, Eve Lighting and other debut show.

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