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2017 Italy International Security, Industrial Electronics and Emergency Lighting Products Technology Exhibition (SICUREZZA 2017)

Jun 28, 2017

Basic Information:

Time: 2017/11/15 to 2017/11/17

Venue: Milan International Exhibition Center, Italy

Sponsor: Italy International Security, Industrial Electronics Industry Association

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Scope of Exhibits:

  1. Security and Fire Protection Products: Anti-theft systems, monitors, detectors, satellite positioning systems, vehicle safety devices, locks and systems, radioactivity measurement, network security, authentication systems, time and attendance systems, luggage inspection systems, data recovery, data acquisition Fire prevention, fire prevention, smart card system, fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher, electromagnetic safety door, fire retardant materials, paint, tips and equipment, fire engines, fire hydrants, fire cabinets, gas and water control systems, building automation.

2. Industrial electronic products: Transmission cables, batteries, motors, gear motors, lightning protection devices, varistors, capacitors, rectifiers, switches, sensors, relays, semiconductor technology and applications, circuit board manufacturing, measuring instruments, LCD liquid crystal display , Industrial displays, televisions, safes, microwave technology, signal transmitting / receiving devices, radio equipment, antennas, uninterruptible power supplies, electronic image processing, video recorders, drug testing equipment, disk management, bar code printers, POS machines, scanners , Fire-resistant cables, insulation materials, waterproof phones, sound insulation equipment, sound insulation materials, industrial automation products, remote control, file shredders, security manufacturing.

3. Emergency products: anti-theft lighting, LED emergency lighting, alarm systems, explosion-proof products, emergency doors, emergency door handles, emergency lighting, explosion-proof telephone, gas explosion-proof system, safety signs, protective clothing, smoke alarm, Electronic doors and control systems, home automation products, care and disability for the elderly, secret key management, personal protective equipment, anti-virus filters, air filters, body protection products, labor insurance

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Italy International Security, Industrial Electronics and Emergency Lighting Products Technology Exhibition is the world's leading security protection, electronics industry exhibition, to become the development trend of the security industry benchmark.

The exhibition was held in 1982, two years. In 2016, 333 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions participated in 18,955 trade visitors from 65 countries and regions, and 130 buyers from 31 countries and regions came to the scene. During the exhibition, held 67 industry forums and trade activities. Security protection, electronic information, emergency products supporting the three major themes of the exhibition. Exhibitors are very satisfied with the exhibition trade, most exhibitors said they will continue to exhibit in 2017.

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