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2017 India New Delhi LED Expo International Lighting Exhibition

Jun 28, 2017

Basic Information:

Show time: 2017/12/2 to 2017/12/4

Venue: Pragati Maidan, India

Sponsor: Frankfurt, Germany, the exhibition company in India

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Scope of Exhibits:

LED / LED products / LED lighting products

LED components / LED chips, accessories, raw materials

LED lights and display

LED production equipment / machine / fixed and connected products

LED applications and lighting

Research institutes and test laboratories

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India International LED Expo lighting exhibition is one of the most influential professional lighting products and technology exhibition, organized by the International Exhibition Organization Frankfurt exhibition, involving residential lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting and so on. Since its launch in 2009, LED Expo has been held in New Delhi and Mumbai. The annual exhibition scale and number of exhibitors are increasing year by year. The industry enjoys high praise. Since 2014, the exhibition will be transferred to the exhibition company in Frankfurt, both from the number of professional visitors or government support for the exhibition will bring great development. Some of the lighting industry in the LED industry influential lighting business for the sake of India's consumers, business users and industry buyers for a very successful business opportunities and trading platform, but also brought their energy-efficient lighting products And solutions.

A total of 228 exhibitors from China, Finland, India, Korea, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan and other places. The exhibition is divided into four exhibition halls, the total exhibition area of 9,100 square meters, attracted from around the world 16,195 professional view exhibitors. Well-known exhibitors include Philips Lumileds, Donex Industries, FIEM Industries, Everlight, Nihon Garter, Hublit Lighting and Sigma Lighting Industries. The Chinese exhibitors who participated in the show reflected that the show was out of their expectation, much better than they expected, and they were more satisfied with the professionalism of the audience and the continuous flow of people. 

TheList of Exhibitors: Andslite Pvt Ltd., Autonix Auto India Pvt Ltd., Donex Industries Ltd., Everlight Electronics India Pvt Ltd., FIEM Industries Ltd., Hublit Lighting Pvt Ltd., Jupiter Illumination Private Ltd. and Sigma Lighting Industries, Sampada Electronics, Khatod Optoelectronic, Renesola India Pvt. Ltd, Regnant Lighting, Ramdev Enterprises, Arham Electronics & Electricals, Quantam, Pyrotech Electronics Pvt Ltd, Rabyte Electronics and Kwality Photonics. In addition to local well-known enterprises, this exhibition also attracted many international exhibitors from China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore and other countries such as Osram, Edison Opto Corporation, NPG, B & M Optics, Epistar Corporation, Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI), Energyled Corporation, Hanvor Lighting, Kennede Electronics Mfg

Audience Category: Architects / Interior Designers Lighting Engineers / Lighting Designers • Experts from hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, offices and business establishments • Construction and real estate companies • Construction contractors and project management consultants • Automotive industry Energy (PWW), the central municipal engineering department (CPWD) and the municipal government • Electricity sector, the new energy renewable energy sector, the environmental and urban development and railway sector officials

Raj Manek, general manager of Frankfurt India, said: "The show is expected to grow 20% to 30% in the next year, we are also trying to introduce more foreign representatives to show them the domestic industry in India." Indian Minister of Urban Development Parmod Kumar said: The Indian government has also taken a series of measures to enhance the application of LED, we have asked the government and municipal agencies to gradually replace the traditional LED lights, and in the municipal office to increase the application of LED. The government is committed to investing in electricity and railways to boost the Indian economy and plans to use indoor lighting for every household within five years. This will open up business opportunities for LED and solar energy.


market background

National energy conservation implementation

India to push the country's energy-saving, in March from Delhi electricity users to receive the first subsidy to each 10 rupees (LED bulb in the Indian market price of 350 to 600 rupees between the price) to buy two LED bulbs. Electric lamps with LED bulbs to replace two incandescent lamp, the monthly savings of about 30 to 40 degrees of electricity; each LED bulb for each household electricity savings of about 162 rupees. Delhi power demand to 8% to 10% annual growth rate, the summer peak electricity from 6200 to 6400 million watts (MW), but the power generation did not significantly improve the new power plant due to lack of gas and power generation plummeted. Policy If the implementation of all electricity users, Delhi can save 250 million per month to 250 million kWh, equivalent to 1% of the total market electricity consumption.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also promoted the National Energy Conservation Campaign known as the "Prakash Path" in the capital, replacing the Prime Minister's office with a light-emitting diode (LED) light bulb. If the central government office building south (South Block) lighting for the LED lights, the monthly estimate of energy to 7000 degrees. Modi yesterday also put two LED bulbs to the first to complete the registration of the people of Delhi, a symbol of energy-saving movement starting from Delhi.

India to open the LED to replace the tide of the proposed 100% of the country to replace the street lights

At the same time, in the 100 cities across the city to push LED residential and LED street lights movement, the goal completed by March 2016. It is expected that 27.5 million street lamps will be replaced with LED lights, which will cut India's electricity consumption by more than 5,000 megawatts in three years. The demand was made following an investigation by the Energy Efficiency Agency (BEE), which showed that the installation of 80% street lights in India was unqualified. The Government of India has appointed EESL to fund and install LED systems. These lights will be replaced in stages. EESL has started to develop qualified supplier qualification to ensure good quality LED lights.

The most promising emerging market

India's LED market will be the world's most promising LED market, one of the emerging market, and for the LED lighting industry, is also a golden opportunity. And with the rapid urbanization and industrialization of India, a surge in demand for electricity, the Indian government is considering the traditional lighting system into environmentally friendly energy-saving LED lighting system. India is the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance "small and medium enterprises to open up the international market funds subsidies" key support areas, enterprises can declare "small and medium enterprises to develop international market funds subsidies."

Philips is the market leader in lighting, with a market share of more than 30% and double-digit growth over the past nine years. The company has been operating in India for as long as 80 years and its products are sold at more than one million retail outlets. Philips Lighting CEO EricRondolat said that in the 2017-18 fiscal year, 45% of its revenue will come from the Indian LED market segment.

India's demand for LED products mainly rely on imports, of which 80% of lighting products imported from China. China in India, whether it is word of mouth or sales channels have a certain advantage. April 2, the International Semiconductor Lighting Alliance (ISA) in Frankfurt, Germany, "Global Semiconductors Lighting City Application Seminar", Valley Hill. Agger pointed out that India's lighting power consumption accounts for 20% of the country's electricity consumption, LED lighting market 2015 will reach 470 million US dollars.

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