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Solar Energy UK & Clean Energy Show in 2017

Jun 28, 2017

Basic Information:

Time: 2017/10/3 to 2017/10/5

Location: Birmingham NEC International Exhibition Center

Organizer: Ying Shang Lihua International Exhibition

Range of exhibition

Solar panels, solar panels, solar panels, inverters, photovoltaic systems cabling, solar power systems, photovoltaic films. Solar lamps, solar panels and roofs, lighting systems, products and related production Equipment, measurement and control systems, solar air conditioning, batteries, ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Solar photovoltaic power generation system engineering, solar water pump drip irrigation project, solar heating system engineering and renewable energy products and applications, solar engineering design, solar system control software, etc.

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Introduction to the exhibition

The UK renewable energy market is growing rapidly. The Scottish Executive Yuan plans to achieve 18 percent of its total renewable energy in Scotland in 2010, and to increase it to 40 percent by 2020, both of which will be twice as high and Other European countries. Renewable energy has become the largest proportion of growth in Europe, the British market in 2020 will attract hundreds of billions of pounds of investment, the British government has officially set the target power accounted for 30%, 12% heat, transport 10%.

The organizers hosted the "doing solar business in the UK" forum at the Munich Photovoltaic Industry Association Epia and the Renewable Energy Association Pea and the UK's official Micropower and Solar Group, with the close cooperation and support, Will be solar power exhibition from a simple meeting, extended to the meeting and exhibition of an all-round solar event. The exhibition attracted the world's leading energy companies to participate.

2016 exhibition attracted more than 250 exhibitors and more than 5,000 spectators involved, unprecedented, and get everyone's praise and affirmation.

After five years of experience, the British Birmingham Solar Exhibition has become the UK's top and most professional solar exhibition, during the exhibition of solar energy experts in the field of lectures also attracted a large number of listeners, received a high rating.

The British International Solar Show is hosted by Solar Media, a well-known solar marketing agency. Exhibition organizers show the most influential solar magazines, has held a number of new energy and environmental protection exhibitions and forums, magazines, is the leader in the new energy marketing media in Europe. The General Assembly will use their own media advantages for exhibitors to create a variety of promotional opportunities.

Show advantage

British Solar Show was founded in 2010 is the UK's largest and most professional solar industry exhibition, but also industry and enterprises in the UK to release new products, looking for new technology, the only platform for the development of new trade opportunities.

2015 UK Solar Show, the exhibition part of a total of nearly 60 countries from around the world more than 300 exhibitors. The forum is from the United Kingdom and the global solar energy industry to participate in the speech to speak, to discuss the development of solar energy industry in the UK.

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