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LED lighting exhibition in South Africa

Jun 29, 2017

Basic Information:

Time: 2017/9/13 to 2017/9/15

Venue: Johannesburg, South Africa


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Scope of Exhibits:

home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, solar lighting, environmental lighting, urban energy-efficient lighting, lighting accessories and switches, lighting control systems, installation technology and protection systems, lighting products, electronic components.

LED lighting, LED applications, LED signs and displays, LED components / accessories and raw materials, LED manufacturing equipment / machinery and related products, LED drivers and power supplies, LED-related products.

Audience categories: architecture; lighting design; business investors; electrical engineers; advertising agency; hotel industry; game industry; lighting professional



Africa LED exhibition is the only professional LED lighting exhibition in Africa, bringing together all the latest products and technologies of LED lighting lighting industry, with FESPA Africa, South Africa advertising Sign Africa three exhibitions held in the same period. 2016 South Africa LED exhibition and FESPA Africa, South Africa Sign Sign area of 15,000 square meters, the exhibition attracted 150 companies from 18 countries exhibitors, an increase of 10% over the previous. Three days of the exhibition time attracted a total of 9,752 visitors came to discuss the procurement. Ten thousand visitors, buyers, agents from African countries, also shows that the exhibition is Africa's most influential exhibition.

Market analysis

South Africa is the most economically developed country in the African continent, and foreign trade plays an important role in the economy of South Africa, with the total import and export in Africa. South Africa, with more than 40 million people in South Africa, is an open market with the core of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which has 14 member states, 180 million people and GDP of $ 170 billion.

South Africa officially joined the BRIC countries, the world economic status steadily improved, South Africa has become the next 10 years the world's new economic growth point. In the African region, South Africa is the leader of the economy "leader". South Africa, known as the African economic engine, created 39% of the economic output of Africa with 6% of the population. South Africa is Africa's largest economy, but also in the most influential economies in Africa, representing more than 40 countries on the African continent, so South Africa into the "BRIC countries" deserved. In terms of political influence, the BRIC countries are the major powers of the region and have a certain degree of influence in the international community. South African companies in Africa, finance, electricity, telecommunications, transportation and other industries have a pivotal position. South Africa occupies an important place in African affairs and grows itself as a "spokesperson" for the African continent.

"The lighting industry in Africa is facing innovation, a revolution from gas to electrical lighting," said Greg Marcia, chairman of the South African Lighting Association (IESSA). South Africa Philips Philips Lighting Company Henk Rotman said South Africa's LED market will be very great!

[South Africa: open up the African market "bridgehead"]

Since the end of 2011, becoming the first African country to eliminate incandescent, South Africa has been committed to the development of sustainable lighting programs to reduce energy consumption, the global low-carbon trend to promote South Africa LED market demand increased year by year. With Philips, OSRAM, GE and other global well-known LED lighting companies throw heavily in the layout of the South African market, domestic LED companies are also increasing efforts to expand the South African market.

South Korea to become the first batch of factories, according to the "Seoul Economic Daily" reported that Samsung optimistic about the local economic development strength, estimated in 2015 in Africa, the South African government in Durban near the free zone, planning the establishment of special economic zones, to local investment, Samsung has become the first batch of manufacturers, according to "Seoul Economic Daily" reported that Samsung optimistic about the local economic development, Of revenue of up to 10 billion US dollars.

2013, Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. and APPLO ILLUMINATION AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES (SA) (PTY) LTD, related party SVA Electronics (Pty) Ltd co-funded in South Africa to set up Inesa Lighting Co., Ltd, Inesa Lighting; As well as the surrounding areas of the market, to expand the share of Yaming brand sales in Africa.

In the development of LED, South Africa to pursue standards first. Shenzhen Bell Southern Lighting Testing Center Director Tao Jiuxiang introduced at this stage, South Africa to adopt international IEC or CIE system. Therefore, LED products exported to South Africa as long as they meet the IEC, CIE European system standards or CB report, you can meet the requirements of South Africa, access to IEC report to the South African SASB institutions apply for SABS certification. Recently, the South African National Bureau of Standards has also developed a room lighting, street lamps, cast light SANS 475, SANS1277, SANS1279 and other performance standards.

South Africa is not only the locomotive of the African economy, but also to open up the African market enterprises have to capture a "bridgehead." With 15% of the world's population, Africa's basic and municipal lighting is one of the most promising markets in the world. At present, the African market is still in the low-end application of the lighting market, the product performance is not high, with basic lighting, reliable and durable, to ensure that 3 years without replacement of products to meet market demand. Chinese companies can rely on its relatively mature LED technology and strong cost control through South Africa quickly cut into the African market.

New products:

60cm 100W LED Linear High Bay

90cm 150W LED Linear High Bay

120cm 300W LED Linear High Bay

120cm 240W LED Linear High Bay