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The 2nd Hangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Jun 29, 2017

Exhibition date 2017-11-03 to 2016-11-05

Exhibition of the city of Zhejiang

Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center

Organizer Electrical and Mechanical home network

Undertake unit of mechanical and electrical home network


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Exhibition description

The Hangzhou International Lighting Exhibition aims to promote the city's internationalization, boost the economic transformation and development, and enhance the energy saving by promoting the brand promotion plan, deepening the project cooperation, industrial cooperation, setting up the online and offline industrial platform and active lighting trading market. Environmental protection, "the exhibition objectives, and continuously enhance the Hangzhou International Lighting Fair brand and industrial value, specific goals and positioning are as follows:

(A) exhibition positioning

1, industrial trading platform

2, the window of international dialogue

3, lighting industry event

4, East China lighting market benchmark


"Energy saving and environmental protection intelligent lighting into life"

Energy-saving, environmental protection is far from enough, intelligent and very popular modern, lighting companies need to understand the combination of light and intelligent control, the use of advanced networking technology to inspire the lighting industry's new impetus, portray the details, so that this unique Traditional industries can also become a "Internet +" era of a member of the background. With the rapid development of the Internet, businesses from all walks of life have stood up for their own businesses to find the most effective breakthrough, these new ideas at the same time stimulate the technological innovation, leading the industry forward. The future is full of opportunities and challenges, the lighting industry is experiencing an unprecedented change.

The development of the times gives new energy energy saving and environmental protection social responsibility and historical significance, at the same time need to constantly change and promote urban development. "Hangzhou International Lighting Exhibition" focused on energy-saving industries, bringing together international enterprises, build brand exhibitors, invites global procurement, is committed to promoting the most advanced energy-saving equipment and technology for energy-saving enterprises and energy-saving enterprises to build energy-saving equipment procurement platform, energy- Energy - saving service docking platform, energy - saving integrated system integration platform.

In recent years, China's projects in full swing, the value of millions of dollars, for the lighting industry to bring unlimited business opportunities, including East China, Central China, the demand for lighting projects is particularly significant. In view of this, the Hangzhou International Lighting Exhibition to "energy saving and environmental protection and intelligent lighting into life" as the theme, a comprehensive display of innovative technology, but also encourage the industry to innovative thinking, the company has a long history of innovation, From the technical, market and design point of view to rethink the future direction of development of lighting, so as to cope with the rapidly changing market environment.

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