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Traced to the source to improve the quality of LED products

Jun 29, 2017


LED semiconductor lighting Network to improve the quality and reliability of LED products, better serve the LED industry, Guangdong Small and medium-sized Enterprises in the public Service demonstration platform of the LED products and engineering small and medium-sized enterprises public technical services platform, relying on the Electronic Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, from LED devices to LED modules, from LED modules to led machines and systems, from product development to scrap the entire life cycle, from security and EMC to performance and energy saving, From the environment adaptability to the reliability and the life analysis, from the laboratory performance appraisal to the demonstration road or the demonstration project quality assurance and so on, provides the "one-stop" service for the small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry.


Testing certification, comprehensive service to ensure product quality. Platform for LED lighting and display production enterprises to provide security testing, performance testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, reliability testing, environmental adaptability testing, such as commissioning test projects. At the same time has covered the LED lighting and display products of the national Compulsory Product certification (CCC), energy-saving certification (CQC), energy efficiency indicators, and the power of the star and CE certification services, each year for hundreds of production enterprises issued thousands test reports and certificates. Platform for a large number of small and medium-sized services, accumulated a wealth of technical experience, the development of LED small and medium-sized enterprises and technical services need to understand thoroughly, and continuously expand the scope of experimental testing and analysis, to meet the national LED products industry development needs.


Tracing to the root, design improvement to improve product quality. For the LED product quality problem frequently the customer, the platform not only provides the postmortem examination service, but through the on-the-spot technical diagnosis, including the interview Enterprise is responsible for the research and development management and the implementation, the quality assurance, the test appraisal, fault analysis of the relevant personnel, access to research and development of normative documents and information forms, to explore the enterprise in research and development, test evaluation, process, material management of the improvement points, from the source to find the product quality problems, put forward the improvement plan, technology innovation to lift product quality, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises Platform also through a large number of quality and reliability adjustment to improve the overall implementation of the solution, based on the result-oriented and problem-tracing methods, we have built advanced and scientific technical specifications for the reliability design and management, test and evaluation, failure and analysis of LED small and medium-sized enterprises, and saved the enterprise development cost, thus helping enterprises to realize faster and better development.


In the new normal economy, consumers more and more rational, enterprises want to strive for more competitive advantage, Shou customers and the market, we must find a place in the upstream of the industrial chain. Enterprises also only from low-end to high-end transition to quality to win, in order to be competitive in the international market, while creating a Chinese national brand.

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