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Analysis of future commercial lighting design trends

Jun 29, 2017

The environment created by the commercial display design is the main factor of the urban landscape composition, a dazzling array of shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, restaurants, business casual bars, etc., is to achieve commodity exchange, meet human consumption needs, experience the forefront of the commodity economy, its colorful, row by row of characteristics, in order to form, color, sound, light composition to adapt to the human sensory function of the pleasure space

Today, what are the characteristics of the most popular business space that most people want to stay in? This issue, let us and a few designers and friends to explore.

Contemporary Frontier Commercial Space design


Modern commercial "society" is wide and complex, and the types of commercial space we see are very many. Business owners, all want to create their own unique brand space design, from the perspective of the designer, what are the things they see and feel?

Elle. Wu

What I am interested in at the moment is the completion of the beta test last year in the Nevada desert in the United States, May 2017 to August at the Sonicrunway Sound and Light Art Boulevard at the IFS International Financial Center in Chengdu.

Robert Jensen and Warrentrezevant, a two-bit Pixar animator and Sonic Runway, have been developed by two people over 15 years. Robert said: "In our lives around the light waves and sound waves are always there, but we have no way to notice it." "Based on the speed difference between sound waves and light waves, Sonic Runway uses the art of light to" visualize the sound.

Perfect lighting and System mode allows you to see the vagaries of the "sound". With different voice frequencies with real-time feedback and interactive lighting effects and visual experience. This art device is open to the public, attracting a large number of people into the experience, interaction and visual expression through the sound of light connection, in my opinion, this is a commercial IP derivative show.

Commercial space toward the forefront of design, often means that commercial space high-end, luxurious, have visibility. From this point of view, individuals prefer the design of W Hotel. W Hotel is Starwood's global modern luxury lifestyle brand, its target customer base is the creator of those fashion trends, its design is full of space every corner, whether it is the overall appearance or interior decoration, can do want to let people slowly to explore, slowly. It will mirror, stainless steel, soft hard bag, acrylic, wood finishes, marble, such as the quality and never outdated elements to play to the Acme, and in the world's W Hotel, can do the design is not repeated, everywhere have wonderful, this for designers, every a W hotel is enough as a design book, it is worth a long time to read.

W Hotel

Contemporary Consumer Concepts

It has been said that consumers ' emphasis on time value is increasing, and many people believe that time is a luxury. This is a kind of thinking and research to consumers.

Elle. Wu

Business seems to be a battle for consumers, and in fact more and more people realize that we are fighting for the customer's time, because he is in the dining time to go to the restaurant can not go to the dumpling shop at the same time. In this way, the consumer's time becomes the concept often referred to in economics-scarce resources. Therefore, the brand's terminal stores are in the products, services, shopping processes, space experience and so on, to fight for the consumer's time.

With the social environment changing well, the aesthetic of consumers is also increasing. Today's consumers are increasingly receptive to paying for the environment, where the consumer environment is not necessarily the decoration of a particularly luxurious environment, but it must be to make consumers feel comfortable, clean and special environment. So it's a boon for the designer industry.

Future commercial space Design trends

The design of commercial space should have the mission of times, innovation, and foresight. Social progress, the improvement of living standards, but also let people on the business environment such as space design such as shopping malls design, department stores design, etc. put forward higher requirements. What is the point of the future commercial space design?

Elle. Wu

I think the core of the future business store design is three points: enter, stay, seduce.

The first entry, to think about your brand terminal shop in the process of attracting customers, what obstacles exist. For example, whether the lighting settings in the surrounding environment, the shape of the window is in line with the mainstream of the current consumption guidance, the design of the shop is not enough to express the color of the brand unique value ...

The second stop, is to rob the consumer in my brand time, spend more, brand premium rate higher, brand value greater. So whether the scene of the brand shop, shopping process, interactive experience, space atmosphere, the creation of light environment and so on to allow customers to stay in the attraction point, is the key to commercial space design.

The third seduction, to have the hook that attracts consumers to patronize again, is the attraction that will give you the time. Any part of the brand terminal store can be the hook, so as I mentioned before, the interactive lighting device like Sonic Runway will be the visual highlight of the future store, in addition to the various contests in appearance and material, the innovative lighting methods brought by digital technology will bring new sensory experience to the public, which will attract you to give your own time to it.

The future of commercial shops, regardless of size, I think the more tend to be refined, designers have to seize the characteristics of the store itself, to play the relationship between the elements, the design of the store into the shop's products, but also to create each store's exclusive temperament connotation, to create a unique quality. But through the design to build temperament and connotation is a big test of designers, need designers racked their brains out ideas, but only this intention to do the design, to win the review of consumers, stop.

I personally think that the shop is the most cutting-edge business design, is through the, color, lighting and venues to show a pleasant atmosphere, the combination of static and dynamic use of light and holographic projection, multimedia and other modern skills, so that static exhibits lively, the atmosphere is strongly like immersive effect. The future commercial store design trend for the atmosphere, high-grade, the future consumers are mostly 90 after 00, to seize their aesthetic views, with lighting to create a climate, highlighting the fashion, high-end.

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