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Energy - saving emission reduction lighting industry needs innovation and change

Jun 30, 2017

5% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions are due to lighting. In China, lighting accounts for 13% of electricity consumption, accounting for about 15% of the world. Breakthrough LED technology is efficient and high quality lighting system, through innovation can reduce energy consumption. Mark Radka, Director of the Energy Department of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), said that the semiconductor lighting industry, through its technological innovation, said that the semiconductor lighting industry, at the eighth Ministerial Conference on Clean Energy and the Second Ministerial Conference on Innovation, To produce high quality and low price products available to the poor in Africa to use.We hope that through the application of high quality and efficient lighting products to improve energy efficiency and response to climate change.

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The Global Lighting Challenge Forum is held as one of the ministerial meetings. Vice Minister of Science and Technology, International Semiconductor Lighting Alliance Chairman Cao Jianlin said that since 2003, China has become the largest LED or SSL production applications and exporting countries. In 2016, LED lighting output industry scale has reached 521.6 billion yuan, an increase of 22.8%; LED light effect from 2003 lumens to 160 lumens last year, chip localization rate of 75%, 2016 domestic LED domestic production of 8 billion, 42% of the market is LED lighting.


Cao Jianlin believes that in the era of globalization, response to lighting challenges should be national consensus and concerted action, international coordination and cooperation is necessary, LED and new technology integration, new applications and new business models are to be discussed. "The general industry from the budding growth to maturity to the recession, but we hope that the semiconductor lighting industry can continue to develop the next step will go to the direction of demand lighting, high power, control drive convenience, detection sensor, digital, Internet, multimedia, Large data, and optical, optoelectronics better combination of development. "Cao said, LED technology development is a typical demand for traction, the future development of semiconductor lighting is divided into three directions - energy, high quality, digital and intelligent city Contact, etc. beyond the lighting content.


The combination of Internet and lighting technology to become the next phase of the development of semiconductor lighting an important trend. Peking University School of physics vice president Shen Bo believes that the semiconductor lighting really into the tens of thousands of households need to solve two important issues: First, the light source of light quality, including color rendering index, color temperature and so still need to do a lot of improvement; Is the lighting of the light source shape, with the family life there are all aspects of closely together, with the Internet to connect to reflect the lighting brought about by the improvement of living standards.


It is reported that the "13th Five-Year" period in further promoting the deployment of semiconductor lighting industry, China will strengthen the top design, promote the core technology of high-end product development and industrialization, accelerate the promotion of intellectual property LED lighting technology and product applications, and promote Industry to high-end product transformation and upgrading. At the same time, will also promote the integration of system development, strengthen the industry and the depth of integration of the Internet to promote the development of social lighting products and industrialization, and guide LED lighting enterprises to carry out international cooperation and exchanges.


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