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Micro LED market prospects for multi-country manufacturers competing to invest

Jun 30, 2017

LED factory estimates Micro LED is expected to 3 to 5 years into mass production, photoelectric Association (PIDA) industry analyst Chen Yimin also predicted that Sony test Micro LED with 6 million LED chips, high Density packaging, if the advanced to 4K / 8K resolution field, is bound to face a higher threshold, so Micro LED should be small and medium-sized focus, it is estimated that in 2020 have the opportunity to enter the commercial production.


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Although the distance from the commercial production is still some distance, but optimistic about the future of Micro LED, still attract domestic and foreign manufacturers competing bet, according to the photoelectric Association of statistics, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, France, Ireland and other countries have The company invested Micro LED development, in addition to front-line manufacturers Apple, Sony, according to the photoelectric Association of data, a panel industry origin Chen Liyi founder Mikro Mesa, has begun to apply for Micro LED related patents, and set up in Chongqing, Sichuan development laboratory The


Chen Yimin pointed out that the LED as a light-emitting components in addition to excellent function and stability, in recent years, rapid decline in chip prices and technological development progress has gradually become practical application on the product, but the technical threshold is still quite high.


Chen Yimin analysis, blue and green LED chip is gallium nitride (GaN) epitaxy on the sapphire substrate, and red LED chip is gallium arsenide (GaAs) as the substrate, to RGB chip integration is not easy The


He took Sony's CLED as an example, in order to achieve high-quality (Full HD) effect, the use of individual manufacturing LED chip, the 2 million group of RGB chips, a total of 6 million LED chips for high-density packaging, which is difficult process , Advanced to 4K / 8K, in addition to high-density packaging technology, if a single chip bad situation, you can expect to show the results. Therefore, the current Micro LED focus on small and medium-sized panel of the higher opportunities.


Chen Yimin estimates, Micro LED display technology at least until 2020 have the opportunity to start commercial applications.


LED factory and panel factory will focus on the mass production of Micro LED key equipment, a huge amount of transfer equipment is not mature, testing equipment is also a big problem to 40-inch LCD TV size, for example, crystal power needs 2,400 Million LED, how to pick out the dead pixels, repair, equipment manufacturers is a big challenge.

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