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Focus on the Japanese Tokyo International Lighting Fair on the good lighting

Jun 30, 2017

The Tokyo International Lighting Fair LIGHTING FAIR, organized by the Japan Lighting Association, is Japan's largest LED lighting exhibition, 2 years, in March 7-10 this year, at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center). I have been very interested in the application of lighting in Japan, so this time to arrange the trip to observe the Japanese lighting exhibition and visit the Japanese Museum of Art Museum lighting applications.


Although it is Japan's largest LED lighting exhibition, but from the scale, and Frankfurt, Guangzhou Lighting Fair, Hong Kong Lighting Fair is quite different. Fortunately, the exhibition is small but fine, and mostly Japanese local brands, these brands are usually difficult to show in other areas, so this time LIGHTING FAIR, Japan is also a brand awareness of the lighting process.

LED lamps.png

ENDO: playing the "light of the anatomy"

Speaking of Japanese lighting brand, probably everyone is most familiar with the ENDO. ENDO this time the exhibition area to create a "light of the anatomical exhibition", impressive.


At the entrance, one left and right is set to two different programs, the left is the light tank indirect lighting and white line curtain; the right is a deep embedded spotlights with black line curtain.


Came in after the first show is a variety of indirect lighting bracket, rich color temperature, and have different angles and forms, because the exhibition space is too small, so can not shoot the panoramic view of the wall, but from the following plane picture, We can manage the glimpse of this series of products probably.


The Japanese lighting business, not only the product is done in detail, it is the application guide to do a look to understand. For example, this a diffuse light distribution of the bracket, the application diagram on the installation location, size, effect of hand-painted are marked very clearly.


And the hotel tube spotlight has been ENDO's strengths of the product, this time also made the corresponding display.


This all-dark space, using an embedded lamp projection, because the lamp reflector special black coating technology, so to achieve the light see the light effect, the lights hidden very well.


This series has a variety of reflectors, manufacturers have done a corresponding simulation and calculation for customers to choose.


And the hotel downlight there are other models on display, such as the hole 50mm mini-products, large-size large shading angle polarizing products, etc., and the exhibition wall of light-type signal, but also more innovative, but the space is too Narrow, can not shoot panoramic.


Of course, in the intelligent lighting applications are very popular today, ENDO naturally also have intelligent application display, such as through such a mini scene to show dimming color. Although the dimming color is a very common technology, but its display is characterized by the lowest adjustable to 1900K, very close to incandescent light color, creating a comfortable atmosphere.


In addition to the actual scene to show its intelligent control and application, it is common, so do not introduce. But ENDO is also emphasizing the sense of space sense of light, that is, as early as 2011, the proposed Feu value of Panasonic, interested designers pots friends, you can pay more attention to understand.


LED Linear lights.png

Panasonic Panasonic: main push light type indirect lighting products

Panasonic has been Japan's old lighting brand, in the country, especially the home lighting market also occupies a certain share. The exhibition, also divided into several scene modules, such as the overall control of home applications, commercial lighting for the color of the field and color subdivision, as well as industrial lighting field lamp, as well as projection lamp. I would like to select the impressive and special product focus on it.


The real "projection lamp", mounted on the track, to achieve the same effect of the projector, bringing a dynamic image projection, lighting a large, visual diameter of 180mm-200mm. This kind of lighting in the country should still not, although the function is very powerful, but think about Panasonic itself in the projector and video technology, to make such a lamp is not surprising.


I believe that the light guide plate indirect lighting products, may be the future use of a large number of revolutionary products (if the price is appropriate). Because the conventional indirect lighting of the light belt, there are often construction trouble, the space requirements, and there may be dark areas, if the surface material is bright, but also may reflect the LED light pearl point of these problems. The light guide plate products, thin, you can paste the use of the size can be customized length and width, no connection dark area, the perfect solution to the problems of conventional light belt.


Yamada: display products give people small, refined, the ultimate experience

Yamada in the country may not be known other high home, but in Japan is well-known big brands, and its various lamps are also a lot of sea Amoy recommended products. This exhibition is the first time I come into contact with their kind, really Yamada amazing one, the exhibition is very small (Japan high cost of land, whether it is the hotel, or booth, are really very mini), a bit cramped, plus Look at a lot of people, so even more crowded.


Yamada this exhibition on the product, to the author's greatest feeling is the miniaturization, exquisite, the ultimate. Wall of the product description shows that the main display aperture 50mm embedded lighting, 16mm wide linear lighting products, 40mm size of the multi-light group control floor lamp and wireless intelligent control.


First of all, the diameter of 50mm embedded spotlights series, this series are under the type, wash wall type, as well as with acrylic luminous column type, boundless, embedded type and so on.


And its linear lighting products, but also to achieve the ultimate. Extreme is that only 16mm width, but made the upper and lower cast light mode, soft type, projection type (anti-glare is very good) and other light form.


And this year's new floor lamp, is also super-handsome design, four light mode: A-top projection to create a secondary reflection, B-on the light, C-adjustable light, D-lower acrylic soft light.


Where the light is there, it is already very handsome (the designer of this light is a young boy, has been very warm to introduce our products, when we express the appreciation of this floor lamp, he was very shy and proud Said that the lamp was designed by him.


Of course, Yamada outdoor lighting products are remarkable, such as the following figure in the ultra-narrow angle outdoor projection lamps, there are a series of 35mm diameter cast light and lighting lamps are very praise.


After the exhibition, the author also went to visit the Yamada business exhibition hall, but also feel the spirit of the Japanese craftsmen and the ultimate pursuit of the product.

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