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Seoul Semiconductor with Toshiba to develop new LED technology

Jul 03, 2017

Seoul, South Korea Semiconductor developed a new type of LED technology, which produces light close to natural light spectrum. June 26, 2017, Seoul Semiconductor in Frankfurt, Germany, held a press conference on this published, the new SunLike series of natural spectrum LED technology by the Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba Materials jointly developed from.


SunLike series of LED technology close to the human thousands of years to enjoy the natural light spectrum, it will maximize the advantages of natural light, the shortcomings of artificial light source to minimize the light generated more like natural light. The natural light spectrum is achieved by combining Seoul's world-class LED chip technology with Toshiba Materials TRI-R technology (the world's leading phosphor technology).


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Mr. Kumpei Kobayashi, CEO of Toshiba Materials, said he was very pleased to be working with leading global LED manufacturers such as Seoul Semiconductor to launch the SunLike Series Natural Spectrum LEDs, which represents an advanced technology that creates a more intimate and natural lighting environment.


Seoul Semiconductor CEO Mr. Li Zhenxun also said that it is a great honor to introduce another innovative Korean LED technology - SunLike series of LED lighting technology, resulting in light close to the natural light spectrum. Just like our free package WICOP series completely change the LED packaging process, our SunLike series represents a new revolution to create a natural light LED lighting. He added that the SunLike series of LEDs will be used in the lighting field to provide a better and more healthy life for humans. They also apply to gardening lighting, creating an ideal environment to help plant grow, which is safer than using genetically modified.


"We are pleased to work with Toshiba Materials to provide customers with a light source that delivers natural light - from the first rays of the morning sunshine to the vibrant daylight and the evening sunset, and we believe that the SunLike series of LEDs will improve The quality of human life, by promoting the arrival of people-centered lighting of the new era.


The SunLike LED design is designed to deliver light close to the natural spectrum, so they provide an optimized light source for people-centered lighting, maximizing the benefits of natural light while minimizing the negative effects of the artificial light source.


Some recent studies by Harvard University and some other major universities have shown that Blu-ray LED chips used in most commercial lighting produce visible light, which will give the eye a positive stimulus during the day, increasing alertness and boosting emotions. However, these blue LED in the light output will produce blue light "peak", long time to watch it, it will interfere with the natural human biological rhythm have a negative impact. SunLike Series Natural Spectroscopy LED technology uses a violet LED, combined with TRI-R phosphor technology, to minimize Blu-ray "peak" (which is a typical LED light source characteristics), so that the resulting light close to the natural light spectrum, Bring a more healthy light experience.


Excessive blue light will over-stimulate retinal cells in the eye, which can lead to eye fatigue and inattention. However, because the SunLike series of LEDs achieves the closest spectrum to natural light, they are more accurate to show the color and structure of objects in natural light, and avoid excessive blue light on the eye or human biological rhythm has a negative impact.


SunLike will be used primarily in commercial facilities such as department stores, fine jewels, horticultural facilities for indoor plantation, exhibition facilities such as museums, exhibition halls, beauty facilities such as dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc., which need to be identified or displayed in the sun. The


The global lighting market is estimated at $ 87 billion, with LED lighting accounting for $ 35 billion. LED market, the application of SunLike LED series of the overall share of 17 billion US dollars. SunLike series of natural spectrum LED is expected to be used in the need for high-quality lighting fixtures, and ultimately to the general lighting market.

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