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What is the Decorative lighting

Jul 05, 2017

Decorative lighting, also known as atmospheric lighting, mainly through a number of color and dynamic changes, as well as intelligent lighting control system, in the case of basic lighting, to be some lighting to decorate, so that the environment add atmosphere. Decorative lighting can produce a lot of effects and atmosphere, giving people a different visual enjoyment.

Building decoration lighting is different from the general lighting, it is artistic, functional requirements are higher. In lighting engineering design, usually the factory floor, schools, classrooms, offices, laboratories and sports venues, the function of the main lighting system, known as ordinary lighting or general lighting. And the hotel, hotels, advertising, windows, dance halls, restaurants, etc. called decoration and art lighting (referred to as decorative lighting).




With the progress of society, the improvement of people's living standards, the role of lighting in the construction environment


Increasingly, lighting design has become an important part of architectural design. Regardless of lighting design concept or lighting equipment have undergone great changes. The new design idea emphasizes the people-oriented humanized design, in order to meet the people put forward the beautiful environment, the brightness is suitable, the spatial level is comfortable, the three-dimensional rich and so on many levels request. While focusing on artistic, cultural taste and characteristics.

Lighting is no longer the traditional sense of the light alone, but to use the light of this special "language" to create pleasing artistic atmosphere. Lighting all-round development, changed people's past ideas, such as the past years of reflective lighting has been considered inefficient, not energy and was abandoned, in recent years, the rapid development of foreign reflective lighting, in a new form, Beautiful and beautiful, light and reasonable lighting, and reflects the characteristics of modern, it is widely used, which is the result of the development of new lighting concept, it changed the face of lighting projects.


Design range

Outdoor lighting: 1, the building facade lighting; 2, courtyard lighting; 3, square road lighting; 4, fountain and modeling lighting.

Interior decoration lighting: 1, lobby, rooms, restaurants, cafes, bar banquet hall, fitness and entertainment, dance halls, conference rooms, etc .; 2, art ornaments lighting (such as sculpture, relief, tapestry, murals, etc.) and key purpose of lighting 3, office, kitchen and so on.


Color environment

1, the hotel room is rest-based, should use low-light and soft light lighting to form a quiet, comfortable atmosphere. Taking into account the guests need to work or study, usually with a wall lamp, table lamp floor lamp, bedside lamp is best coupled with the dimming device, the color and shape of the lampshade should also be suitable for the environment and room decoration design coordination.

2, restaurants and banquet rooms need warm and high illumination, and more use of more rich red and yellow components of the light and good color performance, so that food color and delicious, help to enhance appetite.

3, cafes, bars need easy, quiet atmosphere, should use low-light plus dimmer switch lighting, in each table on the point if the dark if the dark candles, will make the environment more intimate reverie feelings.

4, the ballroom lighting requires a strong light contrast, a variety of bright colors coupled with rotating flicker and other special effects, more expressive excitement warm atmosphere.


Professional expression

Hotel decorative lighting is a comprehensive professional and technical, in the design we have to fully consider:

1, energy-saving: the use of natural lighting and top lighting should be suitable for hotel use, energy-saving effect of better lighting and materials to achieve better design results.

LED decorative lighting

2, coordination: according to the use of functional design of different luminosity to keep the activities freely, so that lighting design and decorative design results in harmony, more in line with the needs of the hotel.

3, the purpose of: in accordance with the decorative design of the special indoor decoration such as murals, works of art and green plants, water, etc. to focus on lighting.

4, technical: decorative lighting in the hotel design, the use of new lighting technology, in accordance with the relevant national technical standards and norms to meet the hotel's service requirements.

The hotel lighting design should fully mobilize all the features of the light, combined with the hotel's various functions and hotel design concepts, to create an ideal light of the world, an artistic world in order to achieve comfort, artistic, uniformity, safety design .


Lamp principle

Choose decorative lamps should pay attention to follow some basic principles:

First, should be based on the height of the room to choose. When the height of the room is less than 3 meters, it is not advisable to use a long chandelier and a high crystal lamp with a long boom.

Second, should be based on the room area to choose. Lighting area is not greater than the room area of 2% -3%, such as lack of lighting, can increase the number, otherwise it will affect the decorative effect.

Third, according to their choice of decoration style to choose. Chinese, Japanese, European-style lamps and the surrounding decoration style to harmonize in order to avoid giving people the feeling of messy.

Fourth, pay attention to the room environment to choose. For example, the bathroom, kitchen and other special environment, should choose a moisture, waterproof special features of the lamps to ensure the normal 


Fifth, a kind of ceiling lighting according to the room to withstand the ability to choose the top. Especially to do the top of the ceiling, there must be enough load to install the appropriate lighting.

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