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Philips Lighting launched the "dandelion plan", together with distributors to deepen the Chinese consumer market

Jul 05, 2017

as we Global Lighting Instructor Philips Lighting (Amsterdam, European Securities and Exchange Code: LIGHT) has recently launched the "Dandelion Program" to expand China's consumer lighting market, together with one of the 100 largest growth potential elite distributors, optimize the consumption channel planning, further promotion End consumer experience.


"Dandelion program" is a win-win move, distribution channels, consumers and brands can be affected. "Philips lighting consumer channel manager Xia Xiaojun said:" Philips lighting on the channel investment, not only to help us The level of distributors will do business bigger and stronger, but also to promote users in the terminal store consumer experience, so that they buy Philips lighting quality products at the same time, but also to enjoy the original level of professional services.


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Philips Lighting "Dandelion" is designed to provide distributors with a range of market support and enhance communication and collaboration in China's major consumer channels. The program is also Philips Lighting side by side cooperation partner, rooted in the Chinese market is another major commitment. This 100 elite dealer and the store will become Philips lighting listening to the Chinese market practice needs invalid window, which help Philips lighting foreign innovation, better lead the traditional light source to the LED light source transformation, promote the popularity of intelligent Internet lighting, Slow down the establishment of smart home.


The program includes a larger, more powerful stores to implement material delivery, different themes, differences in product range of terminal marketing campaign, ll as enhance product knowledge and sales skills training and other sales support. Elite distributors companions will also be involved in governance and operating courses, store success stories to share and other operational guidance campaign. Elite distributors can be involved in the store abstract and display competition and the current business sharing and other sports, give priority to Philips store new or promotion of the relevant market sports support, and Philips lighting with the future look forward to business

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