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Philips Lighting - Break the traditional boundaries of lighting

Jul 05, 2017

Tomorrow, all the LED lighting practitioners in fact face a larger market, which is not just lighting, many industries are doing such a break, or only face more and more intense competition with the industry. Competition in the same industry will be comfort and innovation, and innovation can make the whole industry to open up new areas, the cake to do big, this is a benign cycle.

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According to Philips Lighting's commitment, "light, beyond what" is to discuss this concept of taking the boundaries of traditional lighting. If the light is only to illuminate a situation, it is confined to sight, the value of light is only the central light. But the lighting brings you the value is far from the central lighting so complicated. These values in the traditional light and lighting of the cognitive side is not.

"We progress as an industry guide, can drive the whole industry to think about the existing technology support, how can we better use lighting to pass more value, not complicated to light the situation." Shen Xiaohui said.

An accurate interpretation of cross - border

Indeed, cross-border in previous years is more and more, the most clearly see the traditional lighting companies and IT companies are from time to time to cross the LED lighting industry outside.

On the one hand is the traditional lighting business, on the other hand is the traditional platform to do intelligent control, but more of the platform is to use tomorrow's wireless network to integrate into the platform to go outside. These two aspects are the needs of the industry to do their own lighting to understand the Internet, under the Internet thinking to give us what kind of lighting to bring the ability, and how can the form of innovation.

However, for the IT industry, they also need more understanding of the essence of lighting is what, because if we do not understand the fundamental thinking of lighting, then, can be the first, only blindly pursue the lighting control, and did not understand the lighting Why is it done?

Philips Lighting has a very deep outside of the lighting experts, engage in lighting research, use and products, in addition to these in the lighting industry are very influential experts, we also have a very senior experts from the IT industry in the past, including I also have IT Industry experience. Our excellent cross-team team from the people, from the product development, from the product of the channel, from the product market together to review the lighting industry. Better smart lighting industry is the need for the integration of various areas, rather than go it alone.

Today's cross-border is not only the craft on the cross-border, due to cross-border in the technology we have with Huawei, millet, China moved a deeper co-operation. Such as cross-border, is based on the lighting technology itself, is in the lighting results of their own under the transformation of some of the following with the use of innovation.

We would like to see the cross-border is with the lighting outside of the enterprises and channels, you can have more outside the industry did not touch the form. Today's lighting is more and more clever, has been out of touch the traditional boundaries, we have dealt with the transformation of the lighting technology itself, on the other hand because of the Internet technology to bring us a lot of sex, which we have more inspiration for lighting companies.

The level of open platform is also very important, because the intelligent Internet lighting is a very big concept, a large range of Fugu to prevent there are many different areas of the manufacturers together, this time must have an open platform.

For example, Philips Hue smart home system with access to Apple's platform, Google platform, and so different platforms, different hardware manufacturers can be connected together, each of their own strengths. In the outdoor smart city is so, for example, how to connect with the public transport traffic together, which requires us to fit a consistent specification. Today is the use of 2G mobile network interconnection, then connected to the narrowband Internet, these are common open platform, adhere to openness is very important.

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What is the real intelligent lighting

In recent years, around the smart lighting market controversy from time to time. From the earliest light source of its own dimming, to manufacturers from time to time to launch mobile phones and other mobile terminal APP control, but these are not always the end users just need.

Philips Lighting is more focused on the interconnection between intelligent lighting platform, the lighting with the database, with the Internet, Internet of things together, so that front-end information can be used in the back-end as a platform for use. Of course, including the dimming, color, and how to camp your mood, you are doing the sport. For example, you are watching TV, you are playing games, home lighting is not the joint venture of these parts, you can build a better atmosphere and the results.

From the micro perspective, intelligent lighting is the main component of the smart city. In the interior through the lighting method can be perceived to the outside of the indoor positioning, which can do indoor navigation. After the indoor lighting, you can do data collection, after analyzing the data can determine the consumer's habits, you can recommend how to optimize the planning of shopping malls, which can be intelligent Internet lighting to bring business and user benefits.

Dimming, toning is the use of entry level. Borrowing a kind of dimming and toning style, of course, is a real and intelligent, but then the tone after finishing the goal is what is busy with the results of the lighting as the goal of the same progress, And the mission situation to bring better results to the same time the progress of the progress of the dimming after the arrival of the data collection, so that the data used to take deeper deeper use of the use, to reach a best trade innovation in the form of busy

"Do not be confined to the lighting technology itself below." Shen Xiaohui view, in terms of lighting design itself, we can still pursue the original LED lighting energy, pay attention to light efficiency, etc., of course, must have a fixed open, you can supply interface , So that lamps can access the background of the data network. For example, you can access the SIM card, through the SIM card into a mobile interconnection of the terminal, the terminal can detect the timely transmission of data to the background.

From the lighting technology itself, we from the traditional lighting to the LED lighting, this overturned iteration is actually not just a few years time, and tomorrow to the intelligent interconnection lighting change time shorter. In the process of the emergence of a small number of cross-border instruments, blending the device, a small amount of new technology in the two carry out.

As a traditional lighting industry, there are new IT industry, the company, we have been confrontation lighting must be for the people, for all the people of all cities to provide the best service. After the lighting are interconnected, we progress so that the lighting is more energy efficient, more animal. In fact, this is the reconciliation of the results, not just people and lighting reconciliation, as well as the reconciliation of light and the situation, lighting and civilization to reconcile.

We need a new process of seeing light.

The earliest traditional lighting is that we have been through the lighting equipment to try to imitate the natural light, in the absence of natural light conditions, we come to build natural light, in order to help people career. After leaving the LED era, because the LED as a light source, in all aspects of energy-saving life has a greater advantage, but the pursuit of light efficiency, the pursuit of natural light is not changed, regardless of the use of LED to do with the traditional style To be done.

We continue to emphasize the light effect, even to the intelligent Internet lighting this era, we see the lighting have more time to start, you can make it better serve the general public, but we still progress to apply our knowledge of light, how Make light better serve people.

For example, how the hospital how to do the lighting in the ward, we even developed a set of light formula, the light recipe outside the ward to help patients better rehabilitation. If you leave this dimension from time to time, maybe you will not care about my lamp is the traditional light still LED lights, still in front of there is no intelligent interconnection, technology is ultimately for the people.

Philips in the smart Internet era to do any trouble

On the Philips Lighting, we continue to promote the development of intelligent lighting in China, from the product level, from the use of the level, are actively involved in the development of norms to go ahead, progress can promote the views of intelligent lighting, so that customers can view it The main.

From the industry standard, tomorrow we are on the use of all the norms of lighting, such as the different industries outside the final lighting needs of what kind of results, the demand for what kind of lighting quality, which have been very clear.

With the rapid development of LED, we are also from time to time the perfect product specifications. In the control of intelligent lighting, we can be related to the control of the interface, platform, peace talks, etc., there will be a lot of flourishing technology war out of Taiwan, if the short term, more is the most fundamental platform for the development.

In today's flourishing era, it is difficult in a short time to China's such a large market to a consistent norm. If there is such a consistent intelligent control platform specifications, the development of our market will be very helpful.

However, we also see the ideal situation of the market tomorrow, not only the IT industry intervention, in the craft itself, there are many differences between the communication and so on, so that we first guarantee is the final lighting results, the final platform, As for what kind of technology to go, still need to do some time to do the integration. Allow us to spend some time, and then integrated together.

Philips Lighting in recent years is also with China Mobile, Huawei and other IT equipment manufacturers to establish intelligent lighting ecological chain.

"Talking about the ecological chain, I would like to try a return to the root of the idea of the idea, the director of the show, but have to co-operate with each other, as the lighting industry guide, we will do the best lighting, and then to ensure that we This part of the external interface to meet the norms, through the open platform and interface with the city's other capital integration time, rather than the blockade of the system can not be integrated. "Shen Xiaohui, for example, we now do research and development of lamps, Embedded in the intelligent chip, whether to do on the drive to do what kind of improvement.

And on the choice of collaboration companion, Philips Lighting also has its own unique insight.

We are fixing a collaboration time, not in accordance with the refrigerator, air conditioning, such as to stop the category. For example, millet, we do not pay attention to its mobile phone, but millet I am also doing intelligence, it also has its ecological system, the two ecology has a lot of inorganic links can be part of the local, so we set up a cooperation.

And we cooperate with the establishment of a partnership, the partnership from the beginning of the lamp to start, and then one after another will launch intelligent lights, intelligent ceiling lamps and a series of products. Because now millet is also creating a similar to the smart home of the system, we progress these two pieces can be linked, other companies are similar, do not sweep with some of the other home appliances business to pursue some collaboration.

In the smart home, the beginning of 2014 there is Philips Hue this smart home platform, Philips Hue launched at the beginning there are light, light and other light source products. Last year, Philips launched a full range of home lighting, including ceiling lamps, chandeliers, table lights, and now Philips Hue has a whole family of intelligent products.

In office lighting, Philips Lighting POE (Ethernet-powered) lamps are initially deployed in more and more offices and shopping malls.

In the smart city, we are in Los Angeles to do the whole city of smart street lighting innovation, street lighting network more integrated urban front more monitoring function. Such a set of pieces also just listed in the Chinese market. This system is called Philips CityTouch, compared to China's local needs to optimize and launch the Philips CityTouch flex.

Through the phone to control the lights at home, into the house to find a mobile phone to open to use lights, in fact, these functions are not real sense of intelligence.

"For example, the boss sent me an email, the home of the Philips Hue Go portable magic light will flash red light, this is not a remote control switch can do the work, like we can easily complete." Shen Xiaohui view , These intelligent use of the scene will give practitioners some considerations, in fact, this is the real progress of our progress to the intelligent lighting.

Philips Hue smart home system and online video site collaboration is a very detailed example, when consumers play online video with the time, Philips Hue lights and lights, you can build video content color different lighting, such as television Is the blue sea, the light is to respond to the blue, if the screen is a flame will show the white lighting atmosphere.

There are examples of Tetris, you only need to operate the Tablet PC, the walls of the Russian box will flip down, looks very complicated, in fact, requires many integration. Now the smart speaker is also a very hot topic, we and some consumer smart speakers IT manufacturers also have cooperation, Apple has just out of Home Pod, because we had a seamless connection with HomeKit, I believe will soon be popular with voice recognition Style box called the speaker to help you turn on the lights off the lights.

In the Philips lighting view, whether it is smart city, smart space, still smart home, can not forget the essence of lighting is to serve people, we progress for our tomorrow the best supply of the city, for our popularity Supply the best lighting, which is Philips Lighting has always been in the confrontation of the central.

Philips Lighting in China

At present, Philips Lighting in the international business accounted for a large proportion of the same through the dealer, whether it is still home lighting professional lighting, we have to go through the dealer, because the dealer has a greater cover network.

"We think that China is a foreign market." Shen Xiaohui leak, Philips lighting Chengdu factory consumption of lighting products from the western China to Europe, such as the general market, the whole area of the market all the way the supply of professional lamps are Chengdu factory consumption.

In addition, today's global lighting are LED as the foundation, and Philips Lighting 90% of the global LED R & D in Shanghai, so we focus on the Chinese market and investment in the lighting industry to such a level of investment, precisely because we continue to think China is the second home of Philips Lighting, at least from our beginning to enter the first day of China until tomorrow, are constantly in the last resort.

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