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LED illuminates the Shanghai World Expo

Jul 05, 2017

2010 China Shanghai World Expo, the large-scale use of LED to create a beautiful landscape, so that LED once again become a hot topic of common concern.



In the 1 km long Expo axis more than 200 million LED, more than 90,000 sets of different types of full-color lamps and lights with colorful. Walk in the Expo Square side, on the wall, everywhere left the LED display beautiful It is clear that she has shown the form of changeable, colorful colors become the biggest highlight of the Expo.According to statistics, the Expo area using 1.03 billion LED chips; Expo venues indoor lighting about 80% of the use of LED green Light source, compared to ordinary incandescent power of about 90% of the beautiful dazzling also fully embodies the concept of low-carbon environmental protection. Expo also for the LED display industry has brought a huge market space.



The concept of future urban development advocated by the Shanghai World Expo is "low-carbon life, digital city", and LED debut, just to meet the concept, which also for its own industrial development and future urban life to broaden the new ideas. Leading enterprises to strengthen product quality at the same time, has gradually to the energy-saving, personalized design and even 3D video, multimedia, intelligent interactive technology and functional areas of expansion.



The theme of the Shanghai World Expo is "Better City, Better Life", solar power, new energy vehicles, smart grid, TD-LTE applications, etc., the World Expo all kinds of energy-saving low-carbon measures so that we clearly see how the city to live Become a better.LED lighting large-scale application is one of the important move, in pursuing a "low-carbon environmental protection" "energy-saving emission reduction" concept today, the large-scale application of the Expo LED will be people's future life and industrial production Activities have a huge role in demonstrating and guiding significance, a great expansion of the LED market potential and development space, coupled with LED lighting, energy saving and environmental protection advantages for all to see, it is foreseeable, the Expo will set off a new round of LED industry development boom.

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