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Beijing Oriental Plant: monthly production of up to 80,000 living vegetables

Jul 05, 2017

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Sesame flavor, mustard, cream flavor ... These flavours come from the rows of green vegetables in the Beijing Oriental plant. In particular, these flavors are not the result of late processing, but the "odor" of the vegetables themselves. This magical plant factory is located in the watermelon town of Daxing Panggezhuang, area of 4500 square meters, in the factory, you can not see the soil, flying insects, smell the pungent taste of all kinds of fertilizers, panoramic view is a row of green vegetables, feel is high-tech planting technology and fun eating experience.

♦ In the factory, you can not see the soil, flying insects, panoramic view is a row of green vegetables


How does Beijing Oriental, as a High-tech enterprise with a semiconductor display, involve the modern agricultural sector? This is because Jingdong based on its own technological advantages and technology accumulation, in product quality and stable supply has a greater advantage, has built a unique "plant factory."


♦ Vegetable shed has been transformed into a High-tech factory


LED plant illumination to make up for the "vacant period" of vegetable natural growth state


"Before planting, we have their own nursery room, the seeds here through the special preparation of the infiltration of nutrients and LED lighting, 3 days or so can germinate, and then 10 days, to grow to have 3-4 leaves, and then transplant it to a special growth base bed. "Beijing East senior vice President Li introduced that if the traditional farming method, it will take about one months to emerge." The optimal illumination time of seedling growth is 14 hours per day, and the traditional agriculture can not photosynthesis after the sun goes down.

♦ Imitate the sunlight LED light source, lets the plant growth efficiency to maximize enhances


And Beijing Oriental through led plant lighting to make up for this period of no light "vacant period", so that the plant's growth efficiency can be optimized to improve. "LED lights open 14 hours a day, so after 30 days of cultivation and growth, fresh vegetables grow."

Li Introduction, the factory has artificial light area, natural light area and mixed optical region, can achieve the year-round production, monthly production of up to 80,000 live vegetables, is the common soil culture field production 5 times times, because of the use of NFT (new soilless culture Technology) cultivation methods, compared to traditional soil-culture agricultural water-saving nearly 90%.

♦ Staff are seeding plants


Special nutrient solution to ensure 30 days to eat high nutrition "live vegetables"


In the shed, all the vegetables were planted with hydroponic technology. Unlike general hydroponic technology, the water here is a special "nutrient solution" for the development of the Beijing Oriental Plant Division, which satisfies all the nutrients needed for the growth of vegetables.

The nutrient solution replaces the soil, allowing the plant not only to be plentiful in the growing process, but also to prevent the infiltration of harmful substances from natural soil into the plant


"The nutrient solution is transported through the base bed to the root of the plant. "Li Introduction," The base bed body has a certain tilt, so as to facilitate the plant bottom nutrient liquid circulation, and the temperature of the nutrient solution to maintain at about 18-25 degrees, vegetable roots in shallow liquid flow stimulation can better grow. "Vegetables in such a" attack "state, 20 days or so can grow into a vegetable. In other words, after 30 days, you can eat fresh vegetables.

When the plant has three or four leaves, the staff transplant it to a specially grown base bed to continue to cultivate


What is the concept of such a growth cycle, take lettuce as an example, in the greenhouse to be 76 days to become a vegetable, and in Beijing East plant plants only 30 days, and not affected by the seasons, can eat fresh vegetables throughout the year.


At present, the plant vegetables are grown in butter lettuce, Roman lettuce, Rosa Red, Rosa Green, Cantonese cabbage heart, red amaranth, mint, green basil, purple basil, bitter lettuce and other varieties up to more than 30 kinds, and through the authority of the detection certification, nutritional value more than the soil field vegetables, such as: 100g butter lettuce in the potassium content is 100g banana 1.5 times times, dietary fiber is 3 times times the ordinary vegetables. Because vegetables grow in clean space, and the whole process does not use any pesticides, so long as simple rinse can be eaten.


Li introduced, at present the factory is planting leafy vegetables, other fruits of vegetable planting technology has already been in Beijing.


Sensor automatic sensing of vegetables


Reporter in plant factory basically don't see the staff, Li see the reporter's doubts: "We have only 3 staff in the factory, because our nutrient solution ratio and delivery system is automated, through the set of 8, 9 kinds of sensors, they will be the plant during the growth of the nutrient liquid level and the growth of the situation in a timely manner to our control room, to achieve our remote monitoring plant plants, at any time to know the growth of vegetables. ”

and want to enter the interior of the factory, must undergo a rigorous disinfection work, wearing dust caps, footwear sets, but also to carry out the wind. "This disinfection process, is to maximize the protection of vegetable growth environment clean, do not give bacteria and pests access to vegetables." Li said.

Jingdong also made a family of this vegetable-growing model, and introduced a miniature plant plant--"fun garden"--to grow three of vegetables at home. "We have introduced this interesting vegetable garden, more is to the family with the science popularization education use, lets the family and the child perceive the plant factory the production idea." Li said. Consumers can now learn more about the "Fun garden" and plant plants by paying attention to the "little faith" public number, the BoE.


Jingdong also pioneered the concept of "live vegetables" to provide "straight root" to ensure that the vegetables in the best state to reach consumers. This concept is proposed, benefiting from the cultivation of vegetable substrates can keep the vegetable moisture, to ensure that vegetables in the transport process of freshness. At the same time, the substrate has a rapid degradation function, but also makes the vegetable planting process more environmentally friendly.

♦ Vegetable substrates with the cultivation of the substrate to keep the vegetable moisture, to ensure that vegetables in the transport process of fresh


Of course this is only vegetables in the transport process to keep alive part of the reason, another important reason is that vegetables in the factory before, will be placed in the freezer for 2 hours or so, so that vegetables into the "shallow sleep", then will be put into the incubator to the destination.

Vegetables direct for several restaurants


Walk into the place will be too no two Oriental Plaza shop, you can see the east of Beijing to provide a 1.6-meter x1.6 meters of mini plant breeding system, butter lettuce, Cantonese food heart, Roman lettuce and so on, planting varieties can reach more than 10 species, monthly output of 260. Romecchi said: "From the December 2015 cooperation with the East, customers will be able to see the Beijing Oriental Mini Plant culture system, understand the system, have been asked to taste the system to cultivate vegetables, sometimes really in short supply." ”


At present, with the Beijing-Oriental cooperation in catering enterprises will be too no two, seabed fishing, courtyard private dishes and other well-known catering enterprises under the several façade shop.

"The mini plant culture system in the restaurant is more for consumers to understand the principle of the growth of their vegetables, the amount of food produced is not up to the supply demand." Li says more demand is being transported from plant plants. "Every month, we regularly provide food supplies for these cooperative façade shops."


Li introduced, at present, with the change of people's Way of life, the demand for salad vegetables is increasing.

The Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development of China Academy of Agricultural Sciences "Research on the production technology of intelligent plant plants" has been included in the National 863 project. This is the first of its kind in domestic projects. Over the years, plant plants have been internationally recognized as the highest development stage of the facility agriculture, is one of the important indicators to measure a country's agricultural high-tech level, but also the 21st century to solve the population, resources, environmental issues, as well as the future space engineering, the Moon and other planetary exploration process to achieve food self-sufficiency important means.


Beijing Oriental Seize the opportunity, enhance innovative research and development capabilities, expand the plant business of intelligent plants, the development of 7 related topics, including plant factory led energy-saving light source, intelligent cultivation, intelligent environmental control, nutrient solution control, network intelligent management and artificial light, natural lighting mixed plant demonstration, will form a highly competitive high-tech planting technology and industrial advantages.

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