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June Global LED light bulb price slightly rise, smart bulb by manufacturers sought after

Jul 06, 2017

In June 2017, the global price of LED bulbs rose slightly, replacing the 40-watt incandescent LED bulb retail average by 1.1% to $6.6; the LED bulb, which replaces the 60-watt incandescent, has a flat retail average of $8.1.


Ledinside analyst Yu Bin said that in June, Japan and Germany, the price rise is more obvious, some products due to the promotion of the end of the price correction, another part of the price of higher intelligence led bulb new products listed, driving the overall average prices up.


China led packaging price stability, international manufacturers will push new products


China led packaging, because the new production capacity of Chinese chip manufacturers have not been fully released, coupled with market demand is still strong, in the case of chip supply continues to tighten, making the chip or device prices can be supported. and 0.2W and 0.5W 2835 product prices have not changed for months, and EMC 3030 product prices are also gradually stabilizing. In addition, some international manufacturers in the Chinese market to launch new products, including the sharp Ultra high density XD LED series, and LG Innotek Flip Chip 5630 series, is expected to be released in the third quarter of the official production.


June LED light bulb price slightly rise, smart bulb by manufacturers sought after


Instead of 40 watts, Japan's regional price rose 4.8%, the biggest increase, in addition to the original part of the product sales due to the end of the price callback, there are a variety of higher prices of intelligent new products, such as Alice Ohyama introduced a 5.1W 485LM Smart Bulb, priced at $11.57, above market average. German regional prices rose 3.5%, some products due to the end of promotional activities, the price correction is obvious, such as Osram 4W 470lm led filament bulb, price callback to 4.87 U.S. dollars, up 45%. China's regional price increase slightly 1%, most of the product prices remain stable, small parts of the product prices slightly upward. In other regions, the UK slipped 1.1%, the US rose 0.5%, China's Taiwan region slipped 1% and South Korea slipped 0.8%.


Instead of the 60-watt portion, Japan's regional price rose 1.2%, and some products were returned to normal levels as a result of earlier promotions, such as Hitachi 6.8W 810lm Bulb Lamp, price callback to $16.19, up 20%. German regional prices rose 2.4%, some of the product price correction is obvious, such as Osram 10w 810lm bulb lamp, price callback to 13.34 U.S. dollars, up 47%. South Korea's regional prices fell 2.7%, some international brand products due to promotional, the price fell significantly, such as Philips 9W 806LM bulb Lamp, the price dropped to 12.4 U.S. dollars, the decline of 18%. In other regions, China's micro-amplitude rose 1.1%, the United States remained stable, the UK slipped 1.2%, and China's Taiwan region fell 1.9%.

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