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Talking about the reliability of LED display from rocket launch failure

Jul 06, 2017

July 23 at 19:23, China's China Wenchang space launch site organized the implementation of the Long March five remote rocket mission, rocket flight anomalies, launch mission failure.

The body equipment over 1000 Taiwan, more than 100,000 electronic components, equipment, cable length if the line with a single line up 100 km. The use of liquid hydrogen liquid oxygen core engine, the use of liquid oxygen kerosene boost engine, with the Chinese launch vehicle "green" new business card. "Fat five" launch mission is lost, but we do not lose confidence in the Chinese space!


On the rocket, under the LED display. Rocket and LED display is between the same. Rocket launch, LED screen long-term use should be reliable. "Fat five" in order to achieve the launch mission, then more than 100,000 electronic components will achieve "zero fault", with the seamless, this is a high demand for reliability. Similarly, LED display in order to achieve long-term use, driven surface patch to QC test a whole process, each device is essential, a screw may be the key to success.


Reliability refers to the ability of the product to perform its specified functions within the specified conditions and within the specified time. Which means that the product should not only meet its performance requirements, but also "durable". Therefore, reliability has become an important factor in reflecting product quality. In 1982 the establishment of the "National Electrotechnical Electronic Reliability and Maintenance Standardization Technical Committee", from the beginning of our reliability work of the new era. January 1, 1998 the formal implementation of "LED display universal norms."


So, LED display focus on the reasons for reliability? LED display as an engineering, intensive products, the use of the process often have a variety of problems, in the maintenance, the need for professional maintenance, and maintenance The cost is not a small number can be resolved, which one of the human and material resources is undoubtedly the burden of LED display owners, which is LED display can not be one of the reasons. If the LED display technology staff to improve product reliability, the product, the higher the reliability the better, high reliability products, you can work for a long time (which is what all consumers need to get); from Professional terms, that is, the higher the reliability of the product, the longer the product can work without trouble. Therefore, to a certain extent, improve the reliability of LED display, LED display to reduce the use of cost, no doubt make LED display more and more popular.


In the LED display industry, LED display overall life, which has no clear standard, and in the actual use of the process and the difference between the theory is very large. Therefore, the reliability of the LED display of the road is the so-called "Guan Shan difficult", "Road resistance and long", and this road, not a business can be achieved alone, but between the middle and lower reaches of the combination, then , LED display and how to achieve high reliability? Reliability evaluation can use the probability of indicators or time indicators, these indicators are: reliability, failure rate, the average trouble-free working hours, the average time before failure, validity, etc. The LED display the entire industry chain enterprises can do enough effort in these indicators, all aspects can reach the target, then, I believe that the reliability of LED display is not just talk about it, but the real realization.

Reliability standards and implementation of the through, will greatly improve the praise of China's LED display industry, LED display industry to promote the standardization of the work carried out. To ensure that LED display product development, production, manufacturing under the guidance of technical standards, in a controlled, stable state. So that the LED display industry to a healthy development, but also the majority of the LED display users benefit. LED display reliability of the realization of the enterprise long way to go!

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