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Intelligent lighting new applications: communication, positioning, people due to lighting

Jul 06, 2017

Intelligent lighting is associated with the birth of a new industry, is the impact of the Internet under the influence of a subdivision reflected. Intelligent lighting not only has the traditional lighting function, but also to achieve automatic interaction, to provide more convenient, more secure, more comfortable experience.


The traditional lighting supply chain system in a very long period of self-contained, and other types of intersection is not too much to the development of today's Internet of Things, intelligent lighting systems and other intelligent devices need to build a whole system, and other equipment linkage. The traditional lighting industry chain, already do not apply to the need for a high degree of system integration of intelligent lighting industry. The future of traditional lighting should be developed by the current lighting business model, transformation and upgrading to the system business type.


Downstream LED lighting business will focus on intelligent lighting, the upstream enterprises naturally keep up with the future of intelligent lighting needs to meet the requirements of more environmental scenarios, in terms of size, cost are put forward higher requirements. In the lighting system volume constraints, LED driver chip and packaging industry has integrated drive circuit and light source of the photoelectric integrated LED design as the focus of the layout, in full swing to develop new LED driver IC, and DOB (DriveronBoard) and COB (ChiponBoard), etc. Encapsulation scheme.


Lighting into the Internet after the new application, in addition to lighting, intelligent lighting can also be used in communications, positioning. In the era of wireless communication is not yet popular, the ship docked, the crew had to manually through the lights to play Moss password, to the port staff to send messages, can be called visible light communication, modern visible light can use electronic circuit help , The speed faster than the traditional way 100 million times, that is, in the same time, can pass more than 100 million times the amount of information.


To communicate with intelligent lighting, and do not have to open, off the LED lights, as long as the bulb brightness changes in the sensor can be sensed, technically, only need to control the current strength, technology is not difficult. At present, due to intelligent lighting is not commonly used in communications, dimming, communication function is divided into two wafers, the future will be expected to be integrated into 1, the volume, cost little effect.


Only in the wireless communications, intelligent lighting competitors quite common, such as WiFi, vulnerable to the exclusion of existing technology, and later came very difficult. Therefore, for the extension of intelligent lighting applications, the preferred positioning, especially indoor positioning, research and development of indoor positioning system.


Outdoor positioning has been quite popular, the accuracy is also increasing, the highest penetration rate for the GPS, but the indoor positioning has just started, and poor precision. The most commonly used in indoor positioning technology, when it is WiFi, but its accuracy is only 5 to 10 meters; intelligent lighting can be the principle of indoor positioning, is that each lamp has an address, the accuracy will be raised to 1 meter, significantly reduce the probability of error.


In addition to lighting, communication, positioning, intelligent lighting, another function, it is applied to health care, treatment, also known as people due to lighting, or "light treatment." In the past, the direction of lighting technology is bright, the future, the direction is to make the user feel comfortable, and can promote its health, people due to lighting, focus on emotional disorders, sleep disorders treatment, osteoporosis treatment and other fields, the future hope Can be cut into the commercial, home market at the same time.

 LED linear high bay.jpg

To light for treatment, since ancient times, such as infant jaundice, sun, light can be cured. Early years, people only know it, I do not know why, by scientists, found that blue light is the natural enemies of jaundice. At present, the baby suffering from jaundice do not have to light exposure to moderate amount of blue light, that has the same effect, no longer need to endure the light caused by the discomfort.


Emotional disorders, sleep disorders, osteoporosis and other three diseases, are through the sunshine can relieve the disease, but now do not know what kind of light for the critical treatment. The key point is that through scientific methods to find the treatment of these three kinds of disease light, in order to adjust the LED lights, "light treatment" the biggest advantage is that the treatment and stay indoors, and can be under the guidance of physicians, Self-implementation at home, the patient accepted a high degree.


Emotional disorders are very complicated, the number of patients is more unabated, in the United States, its dosage has leapt to many times the disease of the second; In addition, the lack of sufficient sunshine for many years the Nordic countries, the prevalence is much higher than other countries The Philips has targeted the Nordic market, launched with the sun near the white light bulb, try to provide new treatment options.


International manufacturers are actively involved in research and development of new applications of intelligent lighting, the main battlefield in addition to the hospital, the future will also lock the school and home, can be sure that, after a few years, intelligent lighting new applications will mushroom, become lighting industry, ICT Industry advance and profit the new engine!


More and more intelligent lighting applications have been explored, such as the use of lighting in the museum tour, to provide indoor navigation, indoor maps and so on. Combined with the application of business intelligence more and more fire, more and more grounding.


For example, for a certain shop, the use of lighting data networking, analysis and optimization can improve the store operating efficiency, yield and return on investment, improve marketing effectiveness.


1. To master the activities of consumers trajectories and consumer preferences, easy to accurate, personalized marketing, enhance the user experience;


2. To improve the reliability of forecasting (event holding, marketing, advertising) and so on, to better allocate resources;


3. Monitor sales performance, customer satisfaction, sales trends and employee utilization;


4. make the sales plan and business strategy, customer needs consistent;


5. Performance evaluation of departments, stores, goods and employees;


6. According to the season, cycle and other factors, adjust resources and activities, optimize the profit operation mode.


These are the lighting things can be done and achieve the effect.

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